I am healed by God - Daily devotional for women

Have you been struggling with illnesses? Me too: physical, mental, and emotional. So, I know from experience what it’s like to be in need of God’s healing. This daily devotional for women “I Am Healed” will help you focus on the source of all healing: Jesus Christ. I’ll share how the God of healing healed me and can also heal you. I’ll provide healing scriptures and a unique prayer for God’s healing.

This daily devotional focuses on the aspect of your being that is rarely talked about: you are healed by the Lord according to your faith. Complete wellness is something I thought was impossible to ever have again because I was so sick, both internally and externally, mentally and physically.

Yet, God restored me to good health. I am healed.

The format of this devotional is “self-examination.” I’ll be sharing my personal story of how I went from having poor health to having excellent health when I accepted God’s healing in my life. 

The reason why I chose the self-examination format for my devotionals is that whenever people tell me how I should think, I feel preached to, but whenever they share about their own faith journey and breakthroughs, I feel touched by their story. God uses their experiences to transform me.

I trust that sharing my afflictions, struggles, and spiritual breakthroughs with you in this Biblical devotional for women will encourage and empower you.

I am Healed by God's healing power #52devotionals by Anna Szabo

Daily Devotional for Women: “I Am Healed”

Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with poor health, and every year it got worse for over a decade. Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, C-PTSD, OCD, stomach ulcers, sinus infections, fungus, yeast infections, broken nose, teen pregnancy and miscarriage, scoliosis, neck and low back injuries, chronic adnexitis, chronic rectal bleeding, chronic bronchitis, alcoholism, smoking, sexual addiction, ear infections, and severe insomnia.

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Listed above are just some of the health problems, from which God restored my health according to my faith. That’s why I want to share with you about God’s healing power and also give you some powerful prayers for healing.

How did I experience God’s healing power?

Literally, overnight (in the spiritual realm).

Below is my story of healing described in detail.

My “issues”

I will share with you how I lost my health, how I realized that I was unhealthy, and how I reached out to God for healing. I will explain to you how God’s healing happened overnight for me and also give you some details of what happened after that in my life. I’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about our God of healing.

How I Lost My Health One Day at a Time

In this chapter, I will share with you some of the health issues I endured in my earlier years of life. I want to give you the details for perspective. It’s useless to say that God is healing without my own testimony. Testimonials of believers are the most powerful tools God uses to encourage and empower His children. So, here’s my testimony.


Growing up in Russia, living with my family, I witnessed them making and drinking their own alcohol. We were a family of drunks. Drunks were everywhere around me as neighbors, relatives, classmates, and friends. My neighbors were drunks. My cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, schoolmates – most of them were drunks. I started drinking very early, which was encouraged by my mother.

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My memories take me back to when I was 10 years old and was already drinking pure alcohol from the pharmacy with my friends in the woods. I was 11 years old when my middle cousin Julya turned 12. It was her Birthday party. My oldest cousin Vika was there. She was 13.

We were under the adult supervision of my middle aunt Sveta, Julya’s mother, my aunt who still lives with grandma in the same old condo where my entire family was born – two generations.

We were at my aunt’s home, which she surrendered to Julya when my cousin was a young teen. After that birthday party with only a few teen girls present, the trash can was filled with a dozen empty bottles from all the vodka we drank. Just us – the few young girls and my aunt… Imagine how we lived. Imagine the values passed to us by our family. I described this topic in great detail in my blog post about the things my mother said to me growing up.

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I had to be a mom to myself growing up. I realized that neither wisdom nor discipline would ever be taught to me. I was about six when I had realized it, and since then, I tried to figure out life on my own, to the best of my ability. I spent the first few decades getting and being very sick.


In addition to all the alcohol, packs of cigarettes were smoked by us – children – every day. I started smoking when I was not even a teen yet. Accompanied by all my aunts and in the presence of my very own mother, I was smoking and drinking, together with them.

It’s shocking for me to remember this now because my life is so very different today. Yet, that was my reality. That was my family. That was what I was taught. That was all I knew. Those were my habits.

Drinking and smoking became my addictions, one day at a time.


The condo we lived in was old and nasty. We had mold, mice, cockroaches everywhere. There were holes in my floors, and the mice visited often. The wallpapers were falling off the walls. The ceiling was peeling off and slowly falling. It was normal at home to get hit by a piece of the falling ceiling on the head. The environment was abusive, violent, dirty, unhealthy, and scary.

There was only one bathroom for 10 people. The bathroom walls, floors, and ceiling were covered in mold. There was no sink, only a bathtub. The bathroom was leaking, covered in mold, and smelling awful.

It was used for laundry since we had no washer and dryer. We did laundry by hand in the bathroom tub for all 10 people. It was also used to cook for and clean after the pig and the chickens we had. All the giant dirty dishes, in which the food was prepared for the pig and the chickens, was washed in the same one old rusty bathtub where we as children took a bath and did our laundry.

We had no bathroom sink, so all 10 people blew their nose into the bathtub. Often, when the one and only toilet we had was occupied, the bathtub was used for peeing. That bathtub was unsanitary. The smell there was just unbearable. Yet, it was the only one we had, so, we used it every day for all of our bath needs and beyond.

Living in those now-unimaginable conditions, I had fungus for as long as I remember myself. I had fungus on my feet, nails, toenails, and I had yeast infections regularly. I had breathing problems, sinus issues, skin issues, and I was always sick.

I lost my physical health, one day at a time.

Mental Health Issues

That was a little bit about physical illnesses. Now, I’ll give you a brief overview of my mental health conditions.

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My mother started getting me addicted to porn when I was very young. I kept my virginity till I was 16, which was too long for her and she highly encouraged me to finally just give it away. So, I did. I remember one Summer evening…

I was with my cousin Julya and her boyfriend Valik who had his friend there, too. I do not remember the friend’s name. I had never met him before and I never saw him ever again. We hang out on a lake for a little bit and drank a ton of alcohol. Just a few hours later, drunk and almost unconscious, we all were having sex: my cousin with her boyfriend and the other guy whose name I don’t remember – with me.

It was night. It was raining loudly. I remember every drop of rain till this day. There’s so much sadness to feel when thinking about that night. I was so pressured by my mom to get rid of my virginity that I did not protect it as a treasure. After that, my mother was happy and encouraged me to sleep around.

I was exposed to her daily mental propaganda that sex was love and that I was for sex. She was obsessed with sex and persuaded me that I needed it like air. She encouraged me to sleep with married men based on my patriotism: she said our country needed me! It was actually the typical and common Soviet propaganda, and I described it in detail in my article about sexual poetry in USSR (Russia).

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I slept with married men, single men, white men, black men, local men, foreign men, men of all (legal) ages and social statuses… I developed a severe sexual addiction that lasted for nearly two decades.

I lost my innocence and sanity, one day at a time.

My mother told me on a regular basis: “You’re worthless, I hate you, and I just want you dead!” She was physically violent with me on a regular basis but there are some special memories of violence I have that really stand out even today. I’ll describe them so that you understand the conditions of my mental health to help you witness God’s healing in my life.

One time, I was cooking in the kitchen. It was cold in the Fall, so I wore five-layer cotton pants. My mother stormed into the kitchen and started harassing me, she grabbed the frying pan I was using and poured the boiling oil from the hot pan all over me. If it wasn’t for the thick pants, I’d probably be left severely injured.

One of my earlier memories was my mother chasing me with a skinny black leather belt and beating the life out of me. Then, when I was barely breathing from beating and pain, she was sitting on the floor, crying, telling me how it was my fault that she abused me and how she did that out of love.

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I lost my discernment of right and wrong, one day at a time.

Recently, my mother emailed me a little blue note where a child’s handwriting reveals her very young age. The child was me. The note said: “Mama, I love you, though you are not talking to me and abusing me.” There is adult handwriting and a response: “I love you, too, that is why I abuse you. Had I not loved you, I would not have abused you.” I asked my mother why she sent me the note. She said it’s precious and she keeps all notes I wrote her with admiration. My mother was mentally ill. I never knew it until I grew up.

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My mother robbed me of my mental health.

I lost my sense of dignity, peace, and security, one day at a time.

I tried to commit suicide when I was 11 and 12 because death seemed like a much better future than living with my insane abusive mother for another five minutes.

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These things are very hard to talk about. My life was extremely confusing and painful when I lived with my family. I am in awe how God saved and delivered me. God is healing!

To be clear, I didn’t grow up in a church.

We weren’t Christians.

I started this ministry later in life when I was in my 30s.

“Whoever Brings Blessing Will be Enriched” Proverbs 11:25

Bless Online Discipleship For Women

Online Discipleship For Women is a Christian ministry dedicated to helping alleviate suicide among women globally by sharing hope in Christ. This Bible-based content is focused on helping you create a joyful life by embracing God’s word. The topics covered on this website are the six pillars of joyful living: faith, food, fitness, finances, felicity, and fortitude.

Physical Injuries

When I turned seven, I was playing in the snow with my older cousin and her elementary school classmate. He was making fun of me in front of her, and the unpleasant experience turned into a bleeding injury: my nose was broken when I fell face-down on ice.

No one took me to the doctor.

The bones eventually grew together and I was unable to breathe. I was ordered to have sinus surgery. I did that when I was 24, in 2007, when I still lived in Russia. The operating surgeon was drunk at the time of performing my surgery. He damaged my sinuses. I had struggled with breathing problems, sinus infections, ear infections, and chronic bronchitis for many years.

I lost my respiratory health, one day at a time.

When I was seven, in the Summer, I was with my grandfather in the garage getting my bike. He was a very large man. Accidentally, he pushed me and I fell 36 feet down. As I was falling, I hit a metal ladder multiple times. I was bruised, but my grandfather was so scared of my mother that he expressed it to me. I was scared for him. So, when my mother found out, I smiled and was as pleasant as I could be in order to minimize my injuries and protect my grandfather from my mom’s explosive rage.

No one took me to a doctor despite my bruises, so my neck and spine injuries resulted in scoliosis and a reversed neck curve.

I lost my spinal health, one day at a time.

When I was still little, my mother took me to a lake. No one ever taught me how to swim, yet I was left alone in the water while my mother was playing cards with other adults. I remember seeing her as I was trying to scream for help, only water was pulling me further away and deeper in. I lost my fight and drowned.

When I was rescued and brought back to life, not only was it my fault that I drowned, from my mother’s perspective, but also she was enraged the minute I took my first breath. She raged at me and portrayed herself guilt-free. She was condemning me for drowning in a lake where I was left as a little girl without any adult supervision, and I had no swimming skills.

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I hardly ever stepped in the water until I was in my 20s. I lived a life that was as far separated from nature as one could only imagine. Swimming, exercising, walking trails, none of that was available to me. We lived in the middle of dumpsters in an old neighborhood similar to American projects, and my mother was usually enraged with me or indifferent, so we never went anywhere.

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Except for one place – the farm. We went to labor on the farm, regularly. There, mom forced me to do hard physical work, which caused so much trauma to my already-injured spine and neck. I was always in physical pain from all the heavy labor and injuries.

When I was 17, I got pregnant from a guy I couldn’t imagine building a life with. When I found out, I became so stressed out that I experienced a miscarriage. After that, the doctors ordered to clean out my uterus to ensure that the parts of the embryo didn’t stick around.

During that cleaning procedure, I had an out of body experience. It was the scariest day of my life because of my miscarriage and the physical injuries to my uterus due to that cleaning procedure.

Every six months for the next seven years after that, I was in a hospital for 21 days with the ovaries-and tubes-inflammation and vaginal-bleeding issues. The doctors wanted to remove my ovaries and tubes… I never let them. I still have all my organs intact.

I lost my uterus’ health, one day at a time.

At 17, from all that stress I shared here, I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers. I had to stay in a hospital for it several times for 21 days at a time. I practically lived in various hospitals for half of each year, for about a decade. Despite my gut-health issues, I kept drinking heavily and smoking.

I lost my gut-health, one day at a time.

Domestic Violence

When I was 24, I got married to a man from America. At 25, I moved to the United States. I arrived to Atlanta, GA, on July 31st, 2008. It’s been my home ever since. My life turned into a nightmare at first. That man was extremely abusive and beat the life out of me. 

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Eventually, after eight months of abuse and four police reports, On April 9th, 2009 I was rescued by the Dunwoody Police Department. The officers took me to a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Stone Mountain, GA.

I was homeless, hopeless, and helpless in a foreign country, without speaking the language. In the shelter, I began experiencing rectal bleeding which continued for months. At the time, I was on food stamps, had a free cell phone paid by the government, and I had free health insurance through the Grady Hospital. Grady spent a while trying to figure out if I had cancer but the rectal bleeding was caused by stress from domestic violence.

Narcissistic Abuse

In 2016, I married a kind-hearted, Bible-believing, seminary graduate (according to his words) Christian man, who treated me with love and care. That was while we were dating. As I walked down the aisle on May 14th, 2016 there stood Michel, the man I loved and adored. He had tears of happiness in his eyes. Michel declared his genuine love for me to the world that day. All our church friends were present.

Michel Szabo and Anna Stevens' wedding May 14th 2016 at Verdi in Norcross

My wedding with Michel was very happy and memorable. I became “Missis Szabo” and looked forward with a hopeful heart to spending the rest of my life with the man I loved and saw as Christ-like.

After the wedding, Michel abandoned our marriage and declared to me: “My bicycle is my other wife I cheat on you with.” He said that he wasn’t interested in me anymore and wanted to be an IronMan instead.

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We never made it to even a honeymoon. Instead, right after our wedding, we went to Chattanooga, TN for an IronMan competition on May 22nd, 2016. That day, waiting for him running, biking, and swimming, I knew I was deceived. From that point on, he wasted my paycheck on IronMan stuff, was absent from home, spent 60+ hours weekly training, and didn’t want anything to do with me.

Michel rejected me not only verbally and with his daily actions, but also sexually, screaming that he needed to save his body for IronMan training and didn’t want me to touch him.

He threatened me regularly promising that he will do something really bad to me as he did to his sister. I never found out what it was because I was scared of him. He masterfully gaslighted me and also exercised projection of his faults on me so I felt guilty for his actions. Michel filed for divorce twice in our first eight months of marriage.

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I felt disoriented, devastated, and depressed.

Suicidal Depression

I was crippled by suicidal thoughts from confusion and hopelessness. Michel was the one who triggered it all with his premeditated deception and cruel treatment. But my suicidal depression was the result of experiencing tremendous adversity over and over again.

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My severely stressful life, negligence from my early caregivers, physical and mental injuries, never-ending abuse, domestic violence, addictions, smoking, drinking, sleeping around, two sexual assaults, two suicide attempts, lack of role models and wise parenting growing up, marriages with cruel men, and a host of other traumatic experiences led to me developing obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD), depression, and multiple chronic illnesses.

I was sick in every way.

My Breakthrough About God’s Healing

I remember sitting in a women’s Bible study group at Perimeter Church, and listening to Laura Story’s explanation of the story about the “bleeding woman.”

A woman in the crowd had suffered for twelve years with constant bleeding, and she could find no cure. Coming up behind Jesus, she touched the fringe of his robe. Immediately, the bleeding stopped.

‭‭Luke‬ ‭8:43-44‬

The Bible study was in a large room.

All women were divided into small groups of few and sat around round tables. A woman at my table asked the speaker, Laura Story: “Was the “bleeding woman” healed immediately after she touched Jesus or did her healing take some time?”

That woman’s question shook my brain.

I still see fireworks when remembering that moment.

I knew that the bleeding woman was healed immediately in the spiritual realm. I started thinking about how this was applicable to me. Trusting that the Bible is God-breathed word, I believed that whatever blessings Jesus made available to those people He healed back then were also available to me now.

I knew that, while I couldn’t touch Jesus’ robe, Jesus Himself is always with me and I have His power through the Holy Spirit. I had a breakthrough: if I also reached out for Jesus, I could be healed immediately.

Jesus healed the woman according to her faith.

If I believed, if my faith was strong, big, deep, and wide enough, Jesus could heal me according to my faith as well.

“Who touched me?” Jesus asked. Everyone denied it, and Peter said, “Master, this whole crowd is pressing up against you.” But Jesus said, “Someone deliberately touched me, for I felt healing power go out from me.” When the woman realized that she could not stay hidden, she began to tremble and fell to her knees in front of him. The whole crowd heard her explain why she had touched him and that she had been immediately healed. “Daughter,” He said to her, “your faith has made you well”

‭‭Luke‬ ‭8:45-48‬

I decided to grow my faith.

I believed in the God of healing.

I trusted God’s promises of healing my afflictions.

I leaned into God’s healing, and He delivered me faithfully.

God’s Healing of My Physical Health

I began looking back at my life and seeing everything God delivered me from. My faith grew and compounded as I kept recalling the things I shared with you here. I journaled to witness God’s healing that had already taken place in my life. I recalled God’s miracles in my personal life. I made the decision to accept good health from my God of healing.

I knew that the healing power of Jesus was already mine as a gift. I just had to reach out and take the gift so I could have it. Then, I took massive action.
I began walking 10000 steps a day. Additionally, I started a daily workout that consisted of 100 abs, 100 arms, 100 squats, 3 minutes of a hula hoop, and a plank. I became a plant-based vegan, stopped eating animal products, and started eating ancient grains, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes. 

I bought a kayak and started getting on the river.

God's healing is powerful - Anna Szabo kayaking

For the first time, I decided to go underwater and fight my fears caused by the experience of drowning. At first, it was tough. I was scared, I didn’t know how to hold my breath underwater properly. My body had no balance. I had no strength.

Slowly, I built my strength and muscles, I learned to balance my body and overcome my fears, I got comfortable with the water, I increased my level of energy, and I stopped having any illnesses at all.

Today, I exercise daily, eat a lot of kale, beans, lentils, chickpeas, seeds, nuts, spinach, beets, sweet potatoes, and other organic produce. I have a homemade green smoothie every morning. I feel really great and I love the feeling! My ovaries, tubes, gut, rectal, skin, bones, sinuses – everything is healthy and whole. I’m free from any inflammation. I am not on any medications. I do not stay in any hospitals anymore.

I’m active, strong, healthy, balanced, mobile, and energized.

Jesus healed me according to my faith when I decided to believe that He could. In my bedroom, I have a wall decal that I see the moment I wake up. It’s a Bible verse that says: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

In my new home, I was able to install a heavy mirror in the entrance hallway, shelves, LED lights everywhere, under-cabinets lighting, but the most mind-blowing project was installing the 160” patio curtain rod attached to the ceiling – all by myself! I completed all those handyman projects with my $7 IKEA drill and my strong faith in Jesus.

I am healthy!

After Christ restored my physical health, I was checked by an army of doctors. I’m completely healthy. I have no issues with my ovaries or tubes. I have no fungus anywhere. My neck and spine are mobile and strong. My blood results show that my internal health is supreme. I’m energized, enthusiastic, balanced, and strong.

Jesus healed me according to my faith. 

God’s Healing of My Mental Health 

My depression is gone. I love my life. I regularly meditate on what I love about it. I have a Gratitude Journal. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I have no addictions of any kind. I run for comfort to God, not alcohol or food or sex. And He helps me every time.

When I feel anxiety, I cast it on God through prayer and I switch my focus from worldly troubles to eternity with Christ. My OCD and C-PTSD are present but I’m using effective tools to cope, such as Christian Guided Meditation, journaling, daily walks outside, reading 12 books in 12 months, and deep breathing.

Refusing to take any drugs, I maintain my mental health through healthy daily habits. I’ve learned that we first build our habits and then our habits build us.


  1. Wake up, smile, and make the bed
  2. Drink a full glass of water with lemon
  3. Visualize a great day ahead
  4. Write down what you’re grateful for
  5. Work out while repeating affirmations

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.

John Dryden

Smiling when I first wake up sets my attitude for the day and keeps me in control of my emotional state instead of letting my emotions control my day.

Making the bed helps me feel accomplished first thing in the morning and tells my brain that it’s time to get going with my beautiful day. Sleepytime is over and it’s time to be productive. In the evening, unmaking the bed tells my brain that productive time is over and it’s time for a goodnight sleep.

Drinking water with lemon first thing in the morning pushes the start button on my digestive system, hydrates my brain and body, and helps me poop, which is the key to healthy weight, glowing skin, and cancer prevention.

Gratitude sets my mental focus on what works in life. It ensures the overflow of joy. It’s the secret of felicity and fortitude.

Working out in the morning helps take care of my body, build muscle, improve mobility, and generate energy. Active motion promotes positive emotion!

Living a Healthy Life with The God of Healing

My morning routine has been the key to my strong mental and physical health. I also take a cold shower every morning, even in the winter. It makes me laugh and switches my brain on quickly so I can be productive.
In addition to exercise, I prioritize journaling, reading, and writing.

Journaling helps me gain clarity of mind and process my thinking. Reading helps me learn and grow because I apply the wisdom from good books to my daily life. Writing is how I capture what God speaks into my life. It’s also how I share my ideas. My Christian blog for women has 1,000,000 words of content on it.

Sleep is another critical component of maintaining my mental health. I go to bed early and wake up early. My bedtime routine includes no blue light exposure, a cup of hot green tea with honey, a warm shower, unmaking of my bed, and a heart-to-heart conversation with God as I reflect back on all the happenings of that day.

And, finally, here’s something I learned I must maintain no matter what: a clean and organized living environment. When floors are dirty, the spider web is everywhere, mold is taking over, rugs are staffed with hair and dirt, laundry is piling up, dirty dishes are taking over the kitchen, and furniture is covered in dust, I can’t be healthy. It’s simply impossible.

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If I can’t find the things I need quickly, I waste my precious mental energy on looking and trying to remember where those things may be. That’s not how I want to allocate my brainpower. To avoid clutter, dust, mold, bugs, and misplaced things that waste time, I keep my home organized and clean.

I minimized the destruction in my environment. I created dedicated space for everything I need to have and I got rid of all other things. My home promotes relaxation. I view my home as a sanctuary where peace reigns.

Anna Szabo's master bedroom - organized home
Organized home bathroom by Anna Szabo
Organized home dining room by Anna Szabo
Organized home living room by Anna Szabo
Anna Szabo's guest bedroom - organized home

I live a healthy life enjoying my healthy body, mind, home, and relationships. This gift was available to me since I fell on my knees in April of 2014 and invited Jesus to come into my heart, take over, make me new, and heal me from my addictions.

I am healed according to with my faith by God’s healing power. The gift of healing is ours if we are in Christ. We just need to read out and take the gift. Here are some questions I’m asked frequently about God’s healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Bible define healing?

Jesus told the “bleeding woman”: “your faith has made you well” and “she had been immediately healed” says Luke 8:43-48.

What are the healing foods from the Bible?

The healing food in the Bible are vegetables and water.

Daniel 1:8-16

Daniel decided not to eat the king’s food or drink his wine because that would make him unclean. So he asked Ashpenaz for permission not to make himself unclean in this way. God made Ashpenaz, the chief officer, want to be kind and merciful to Daniel, but Ashpenaz said to Daniel, “I am afraid of my master, the king. He ordered me to give you this food and drink. If you begin to look worse than other young men your age, the king will see this. Then he will cut off my head because of you.” 

Ashpenaz had ordered a guard to watch Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. Daniel said to the guard, “Please give us this test for ten days: Don’t give us anything but vegetables to eat and water to drink. After ten days compare how we look with how the other young men look who eat the king’s food. See for yourself and then decide how you want to treat us, your servants.” So the guard agreed to test them for ten days. After ten days they looked healthier and better fed than all the young men who ate the king’s food.

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How do I activate God’s healing power?

You activate God’s healing power through prayer.

How do you pray for healing in Jesus name?

Dear God,
You say the Lord is my healer.
You say your word has the power to heal and deliver me.
You say the Lord will keep me free from every disease.
I am struggling and suffering right now, Father God.
I am weak, but you are strong.
Your power is made perfect in my weakness.
I am leaning on the power of your holy word for healing.
I am leaning on the Lord for strength.
May Christ’s power rest on me.
Deliver me and set me free from this affliction.
In Jesus’ name I pray.

How do you pray for complete healing?

Father God,
I thank you for my body, my health, my every limb, eye, hair, and tooth. Thank you for giving me this temple that allows me to function.
I appreciate having my organs working properly. I value the health of my bones and the quality of my blood that is essential for my brain and the entire complex mechanism powering up my heart.
God, you are a miracle-worker.
You made me in your own image, and you blessed me with this body that I appreciate so much. Teach me how to take care of it properly.
Father, you gave me this complicated and comprehensive temple but it now come with an operational manual. So, teach me, father God.
What should I eat and how much?
How long should I rest everyday?
What activities must I prioritize to care for my body?
My physical health is the foundation of my energy, functioning, productivity, and service to you. I am here to be used by you, God.
Just like my car needs a maintenance routine, my body needs a maintenance routine, as well.
What is the optimal routine to care for my body, God?
Teach me, God, speak to me about food and fitness to ensure my longevity, fortitude, and felicity.
God, I know my body is sacred, and I am holy because your Holy Spirit lives in my scared body. Let me not destroy my body, your temple, but protect it in every way.
Show me, God, how I need to protect my physical health. Whether I eat or drink, let me do it in the way that will glorify you and ensure the physical health of my body, which is your sacred and holy temple.
In Jesus’ name I pray.

Healing Scriptures

He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

James 5:16

“Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.

Mark 10:52

When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak, because she thought, “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.” Immediately her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering.

He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

Mark 5:27-29, Mark 5:34

I Am Healed According With My Faith

I am healed according to with my faith by God’s healing power. Praying to Jesus for healing and reaching out for His divine and miraculous strength did not rid me of my every affliction instantly. It took some time, in the natural. But in the spiritual realm, I was healed instantly because I believed.

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!

1 John‬ ‭3:1

‭‭Believing that I’m a child of God, standing on God’s Promises, and growing my faith by surrendering to God completely – all these for me were the fundamentals of becoming healthy. 

I had to accept where I was to get to where I wanted to be. I was sick, addicted, and bind. I had bad habits. I reached out for Jesus. He made me new. In Christ, I am healed. Below are the three lessons I learned.

Three Secrets of Experiencing God’s Healing Power

  1. Accepting my afflictions produced as many miracles in my life as when Jesus healed the “bleeding woman”
  1. Accepting my need for Jesus in my afflictions has helped my faith grow, which activated God’s healing power.
  1. Accepting that faith is a journey and a process and there’s a purpose for everything in life has helped my anxieties reduce in frequency and intensity. It’s helped my dark long season of depression end, and my suicidal thoughts don’t have a stronghold on me anymore. I understand and have compassion for my C-PTSD and OCD and, because of it, I don’t deny having those afflictions. I don’t resist their effects on me. Instead, I diminish their influence by applying my growing faith in Jesus. God’s healing power conquers my afflictions.

Lessons Learned from Accepting God’s Healing Power

I’ve learned so many lessons in the last few years since experiencing God’s healing power. I want to share them with you to help you consider God’s gift of healing, which is already yours in you are in Christ.

“But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and, by his wounds, we are healed.”

Isaiah 53:5

I take it to heart. Jesus suffered and died for me. I don’t have to suffer unnecessarily. I believe in Christ. I believe in His resurrection. I believe in His power over my afflictions. I accept God’s healing power.

I may have afflictions, from which I must learn and then help others, but I don’t need to create more suffering in my afflictions. My growing faith is also improving my health, one day at a time, in the natural realm, after it improved instantly in the spiritual realm.

What have I learned on my journey of accepting and experiencing God’s healing power? I have been healed and I am being healed. It was an event and it’s a process, too. My faith is growing and increasing. God is working in me and on me. He helps me see the things unseen. He teaches me new ways of living. He helped me adopt new healthy habits. My faith is getting stronger every day.

The stronger my faith, the more healing it brings to me. My suffering is decreasing as I lean on God and not on my own understanding.

“Bless the Lord, o my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with good.”

Psalm 103:2-5

I had a hard time seeing my afflictions as good. But I decided to trust God and started learning Hid lessons in my suffering, and He started healing my suffering. I had to focus on God’s commands and not on my fears. God’s healing power and His commands teach me how to trust Him and to not lean on my own comprehension, how to pray without ceasing, and how to be thankful.

On this journey, I’ve learned to abide in Christ instead of walking in my own power. Every morning, I pray on my knees to surrender my health and life to God. This allows me to continue experiencing God’s healing power daily.

But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus – the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.

Acts of the Apostles‬ ‭20:24

Being committed to my faith journey makes my healing possible. Extracting the lessons of God’s healing power, grace, love, mercy, and goodness, while still in my afflictions, and sharing those lessons with you helped my faith grow and healing continue.

I want to encourage you to accept the gift of God’s healing.

Coronavirus Pandemic Relief Prayer by Anna Szabo - God's healing power

Prayer for God’s Healing Power

Father God,

You're always good. I trust your 3573 promises. I believe in your sovereignty and goodness. I know you can heal me and redeem me. God, please bless me with your divine healing.

Abba, I am here on my knees with my heart open and my everythyng surrendered to your will and your perfect plan. Overwhelm me right now with your healing power. Consume me with your unconditional love. Astonish me with your amazing grace.

Daddy, please reveal yourself to me.

Heal me, Father God. In Jesus' name.


Trust God for Healing

I trust God for healing. I believe that Jesus heals me according to my faith. I started by trusting God in my afflictions. Can you trust God in your afflictions? Can you accept your health in its current state and decide to trust God’s healing power? Can you commit to growing your faith in your affliction while being healed by God? 

Are you ready to allow your faith to determine your daily priorities and redeem you from distractions as you focus on your health and healing?

If so, memorize the Biblical affirmation below and practice it often while working out and cooking healthy meals to remember that you are healed by Jesus according to your faith.

I Am Healed

"I Am Healed" #52Devotionals

I am healed by the Lord,
And my life is redeemed from destructions.
I am healthy and whole,
Following His commands and instructions.  

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How does it make you feel to know that you are healed by God according to your faith in Jesus? Share with me in the comments below so I can cheer you on. If this devotional was helpful, download all #52Devotionals now.

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You and I both have experienced plenty of illnesses in life. Yet, God’s healing power is available to each of His children at all times. Simply reaching out to God for His divine healing is the first step to accepting the gift and experiencing the strength and the power of Jesus Christ in you.

Jesus healed me. He can heal you as well.

I created a meditation for you, filled with positive Biblical Affirmations to uplift your spirit, help you relax, encourage you, and help you believe in God’s healing power.

Accepting God’s healing gave me a new life. It all started on my knees in 2014, and the foundation of this miracle has been my identity. I had to accept what God says about me. I had to embrace who I am in Christ. I had to learn to view myself as God views me. It’s been the key to my healing.

Today, I help women see themselves the way God sees them. I’ve specifically been focusing on identity in Christ. From the Bible, I discovered 52 incredibly-positive things God says about us as His daughters. Those 52 precious discoveries turned into 52 Biblical affirmations I created to encourage and empower Christian women. 

To help share this life-changing information with you, I created an ebook called #52Devotionals. Download it now for free

My free ebook helps you understand who God says you are. Don’t be vulnerable to identity attacks from the mainstream media, relatives, coworkers, your boss, society, culture, and the voices in your head. 

Stand firm and know what God says about you.

Experience God’s healing power!

Anna Szabo Ebook Devotionals for Women #52Devotionals

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