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Have you ever wanted to read all my spiritual poems in one place? This is the first time I’m able to find all my poems, read them, process them, and organize them into this Spiritual Poems Collection called #PoemsFromGod. May my heartfelt poetry encourage your faith and empower your spirit.

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3 #PoemsFromGod Collection by Anna Szabo
Enjoy 100 Spiritual Poems for Christian Women by Anna Szabo, including love poems, depression poems, poems from Conversations with God, prayer poems, and many more: Poems from God #PoemsFromGod

Introduction to #PoemsFromGod

On May 14th, 2016 I married an amazing Christian man who quoted Bible verses left and right and had a very deceiving persona, which of course I didn’t know because I was deceived. After our wedding, he dropped the mask and began manipulating me mentally, threatening me, and practicing very cruel tactics ought to make me lose my mind, which I did. His clever game plan resulted in my suicidal depression.

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Four months after our wedding, he filed for divorce. He then asked me to reconcile a few months into our divorce, which he dismissed, and five weeks later, he filed for divorce again. The impact of my life with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was very damaging, not only on my psyche but my overall wellbeing and every aspect of my life. The Narcissist broke me.

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But God is in the business of healing, and while I was broken completely, in every aspect of my being, at 4 am the morning before our divorce mediation in March of 2017, God woke me up with a poem about my identity as His precious and perfect Princess, a daughter of the King.

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As you read my poems, you’ll witness my pain and brokenness, my desire for God, my love for the Narcissist, my confusion from being pulled into multiple realities by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and my transformation from suicidal ideation to peace and joy. That’s how this ministry, Online Discipleship For Women, was born to help alleviate suicide among women globally by sharing hope in Christ.

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I have a dream! One day, every Christian woman will have my framed poems in her prayer hallway at home. Here’s a picture of my own prayer hallway, aka my war room where I fought the spiritual warfare as Satan was trying to take me down. Thanks to my prayer hallway, I am still standing. That’s why my dream is for YOU to surround yourself with poems from God and stand strong, encouraged and empowered by the Holy Spirit who gave me #PoemsFromGod collection as the river of living waters flowing from deep within me.

Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within her.

John 7:38
Spiritual poems collection #PoemsFromGod in a Prayer Hallway of Anna Szabo - Poems from God


Enjoy my entire collection of 100+ poems about God, poems to God, inspirational poems, depression poems, love poems, Christian poems, spiritual poems, mental health poems, poems about domestic violence, poems about abuse, forgiveness poems, and positive poems.

“Poems from God” Birth Timeline

  1. “I Am Your Princess” 3/6/17
  2. “I Trust You With My Troubles” 3/6/17
  3. “Focusing on The Future” 3/7/17
  4. “Proverbs 31 Woman” 3/8/17
  5. “I’m Surrendered To Thee” 3/10/17
  6. “Failing Forward” 3/10/17
  7. “Going Into The World and Telling” 3/11/17
  8. “Prayer vs Prozac” 3/12/17
  9. “When Satan Comes at You Looking Saint” 3/20/17
  10. “Unconditional Love” 4/2/17
  11. “To Michel Szabo” 4/30/17
  12. “Knowing The Bible vs Knowing God” 5/6/17
  13. “My Husband’s Birthday” 7/11/17 
  14. “The Sunflower Day” 7/15/17
  15. “Self-Care” 7/20/17
  16. “Lord, I Need You” 7/23/17
  17. “God, I Praise You” 7/29/17
  18. “I’m Grateful for Your Special Grace” 7/30/27
  19. “I Need Your Love” 8/2/17
  20. “You’re Always Good” 8/6/17
  21. “I Love You, God” 8/6/17
  22. “God’s Peace” 8/10/17
  23. “God, I Admire You” 8/16/17
  24. “Your Plan Is Always Perfect” 8/16/17
  25. “To Believe or Not To Believe?” 8/18/17
  26. “Jesus’ Calling and Presence” 8/21/17
  27. “How To Love” 8/23/17
  28. “What Love Is” 8/23/17
  29. “Praying for My Husband” 8/23/17
  30. “Forgiveness” 8/26/17
  31. “You’re Leading My Walk” 8/27/17
  32. “Dear Stacy” 8/29/2017
  33. “Marriage” 8/30/17
  34. “The Purpose of My Life, aka Suicide” 8/30/17 
  35. “Standing on God’s Promises” 9/12/17
  36. “My Life is Such a Gift” 9/14/17
  37. “Loving My Husband” 9/15/17
  38. “My Husband for a Reason” 9/16/17
  39. “Looking Back Into The Future” 9/18/17
  40. “The Truth” 9/19/17
  41. “Feeling The Feelings” 9/24/17
  42. “God, What Do You Think About Me?” 9/28/17
  43. “Dear Anna Szabo” 9/30/17
  44. “Empowering Women” 10/14/17
  45. “Loving The Narcissist” 10/16/17
  46. “The Narcissist’s Ego Is Fragile” 10/16/17
  47. “Feelings” 10/17/17
  48. “The Narcissist Is Jealous” 10/17/17
  49. “The Narcissist Is a Chief Deceiver and Liar” 10/17/17
  50. “The Narcissist Manipulates You Intentionally” 10/18/17
  51. “The Narcissist Is Confused About His Identity” 10/19/17
  52. “The Narcissist Is Eager for Approval” 10/19/17
  53. “The Narcissist Gaslights You” 10/20/17
  54. “The Narcissist Projects His Faults On You” 10/20/17
  55. “The Narcissist’s Silent Treatment” 10/20/17
  56. “The Narcissist’s Reptilian Stare” 10/20/17
  57. “The Antidote To Narcissistic Abuse” 10/20/17
  58. “Crying Out To God” 10/25/17
  59. “Prayer for Prosperity” 11/7/17
  60. “Anxiety Relief Prayer” 11/22/17
  61. “God’s Presence Everywhere” 11/26/17
  62. “Forgiveness Affirmations” 1/26/18
  63. “Signs of Depression” 2/5/18
  64. “Depression Symptoms” 2/5/18
  65. “Am I Depressed” 2/5/18
  66. “Depression” 2/6/18
  67. “Depressed” 2/7/18
  68. “What Causes Depression?” 2/7/18
  69. “Depression and Anxiety” 2/9/18
  70. “How To Deal With Depression” 2/9/18
  71. “How To Help Someone With Depression” 2/9/18
  72. “Natural Remedies for Depression” 2/10/18
  73. “How To Not Be Depressed” 2/10/18
  74. “Scriptures for Depression” 2/10/18
  75. “Dear Emily” 2/26/18
  76. “No Aspiration, No Motivation” 3/12/18
  77. “Gratitude” 5/5/18
  78. “Blessings” 5/5/18
  79. “Mind Over Matter” 9/18/18
  80. “Joy” 9/19/18
  81. “Perseverance” 9/21/18
  82. “Narcissistic Mother” 10/6/18
  83. “Drive Safely” 10/12/18
  84. “The Lodge” 12/14/18
  85. “Leadership” 2/12/19
  86. “Career” 2/12/19
  87. “Sophisticated Marketer” 2/12/19
  88. “Failure” 4/23/19
  89. “People” 4/24/19
  90. “Domestic Violence” 4/26/19
  91. “Identity” 4/27/19
  92. “Anna Szabo Art” 5/29/19
  93. “Prayer for Organized Thinking and Personal Initiative” 6/6/19
  94. “Prayer for Relief from The Past” 6/6/19
  95. “No One Can Define You” 6/13/19
  96. “Faith” 7/13/19
  97. “Prayer for Ministry” 7/16/19
  98. “Narcissistic Mother Hates Her Daughter” 7/17/19
  99. “I’m a Poet” 7/17/19
  100. “To My Spiritual Sister” 7/24/19
  101. “Abiding In Christ vs Living In My Own Power” 7/29/19
  102. “Kindness” 2/1/20
  103. “Answered Prayers” 4/13/20
  104. “A Poem About Water Fasting” 5/3/20
  105. “Water Fasting vs Gluttony” 5/4/20
  106. “All Lives Matter” 6/12/20

#PoemsFromGod Collection by Anna Szabo

Poems from God have been a gift not only to me personally but to many people around the globe:

100 Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Including Love Poems, Depression Poems, Christian Poems, and Conversations with God

I’m excited to introduce to you my entire collection of Christian poems that provide food for thought, foundation for deepening your faith, material for your own conversations with God, free prayers for your every need, and unshakable hope in God’s good plan.

These spiritual poems are the beauty God created out of my ashes. They are my tears and sorrows recorded by God in His book.

You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.

Psalm 56:8

As you make your way through the collection of my Christian poems, you’ll notice that truly these poems are the oil of joy given to me for my genuine mourning, the garment of praise that replaced my long-lasting spirit of despair, the planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.

…to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.

Isaiah 61:3

If this collection of spiritual poems speaks to your heart, share with me in the comment box below. I’ve heard people say my Christian poems changed their perspectives, deepened their faith, and even saved their lives from suicide. All glory to God if it’s true.

These are His poems. Enjoy poems from God!

I am Loving - Daily Devotional for Women by Anna Szabo of Online Discipleship for Women

I Am Your Princess

"I Am Your Princess" #PoemsFromGod 

My heart is broken
My soul is aching,
But I have hope,
Because you are still reigning.

Your mercy gifts forgiveness.
Your grace gifts blessings.
We don't deserve your goodness:
Our lives are always messy.

But you don't rate performance - 
Our heart is one that matters.
So when we fail all over,
You raise us from the deadness.

Your strength is sufficient.
Your love is enough.
I am your daughter -
A perfect princess in the fallen world.

3/6/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod I am a princess framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

I Trust You With My Troubles

"I Trust You With The Troubles In This World" #PoemsFromGod

You said we will have troubles in this world.
I would have surely preferred to avoid all my  trials.
But you also promised to defeat every sword,
And, with no battles to fight, how could I ever feel the perfect love as your special child? 

You promised protection, you promised peace.
You asked to not lean on my own comprehension.
So, as I'm standing here, crying on my knees,
I trust you still and your perfect plan for my eternal salvation. 

3/6/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod I Trust You With my Troubles framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

Focusing on The Future

"Focusing on The Future" #PoemsFromGod

A broken spirit, a broken heart,
What you joined together, no man can unone.

But you're a healer, you restore hearts.
And I am crying, running into your arms. 

You're a loving Daddy, Abba, Father -
Strong in my weakness, drawing me away from flesh further and further,
Closer to you, deeper in the Spirit,
Helping me endure this season that is so wicked. 

I'm suffering from pain and loss and trauma,
But I'm reaching for your perfect love, turning my mind away from this earthly drama...

Remembering that this world is fallen
And everything is temporary and unstable,
Till your exciting coming when we will be together forever 
And I will be redeemed for eternity, sitting with you at the celebration table.

And then there will be joy, glorification, and perfection.
And I will be never hurt again, resting forever in your loving kindness and soothing affection.

3/7/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
I am a princess dark heather Tshirt for Christian Women by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals

Proverbs 31 Woman

"Proverbs 31 Woman" #PoemsFromGod

Being a proverbs 31 woman is my goal 
But trying has not yet made me perfect at all.

Yet you love me, God, just as I am,
And your endless grace is my hope in this earthly mayhem.

Celebrating all women, a woman, me,
I think about our commitment to humanity.

Women are warriors ready to stand up
To fight for what's right
And will never give up.

Thank you for mothers, daughters, colleagues, and friends,
Sisters, grandmothers, godmothers, and all women of all grades.

Thank you for teachers and our politicians 
Who fight for women's rights
From powerful positions under pressured conditions.

Thank you for peace and vulnerability 
Women always bring with them, 
Thanks to our God-gifted ability.

Thank you for love we all spread in the world
And thanks for making me a woman,
Which is what I would have anyway preferred.

3/8/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
I am a princess Silver Tshirt for Christian Women by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals

I’m Surrendered To Thee

"I'm Surrendered To Thee" #PoemsFromGod

I am fearfully and wonderfully made
By God Almighty, the Great I Am.
Old things all past away at once,
And I am a new creation in Christ.

I die in my flesh and walk in the Spirit,
I choose kindness and humbleness.
The harder the journey, the more I grow from it.

You offer to me no condemnation 
And you provide an escape
From every temptation.

I choose to lose so I can win,
I'm prudent, not simple, following your written will.
I go through trials and learn my lessons daily but often stumble.
I know you prune me to be more fruitful, but my life I often shamble.

Please lift this heavy burden off of me,
You say your yoke is easy. I'm surrendered to Thee. 

3/10/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod I am Surrendered to Thee framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

Failing Forward

"Failing Forward" #PoemsFromGod

You give or allow adversity.
"Why?" - I  ask myself often.
To develop our character diversity - 
You love us too much, and this faith makes my heart soften.

To ensure we are more Christ-like,
To prepare us for eternity,
Though the journey can be quite a hike,
It helps to have support of our Christian fraternity.

We suffer, struggle, and hustle
But there's no failing.
We develop our faith muscle.
Though often we appear ailing.

When stumbling upon a road block,
We must remember your promises in the Word.
Even if we just stand there and gawk,
We are truly failing forward, as long as we become a dedicated Bible nerd.

On our journey to sanctification, 
We must believe that you're always good.
You sent your only son to pay for our salvation.
I wouldn't want to take His place even if I could.

Remembering what happened on the cross,
I'm in awe from your perfect love:
You endured such an unimaginable loss,
To promote me in this life beyond and above.

And in the light of your selfless sacrifice,
I'm leaving the earthly chaotic mayhem sea, walking shoreward,
My failures have been redeemed at a bloody price,
So as your special, chosen, beloved daughter, I am only failing forward

3/10/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
I am a princess Christian Merch for Women with Inspirational Poetry for women empowerment #52Devotionals by Anna Szabo

Going Into The World and Telling

 "Going Into The World and Telling" #PoemsFromGod

You asked me to go into all the world
And tell everyone about you.
I  didn't know how and I felt hurled,
But only till seeing how people drew
Closer to you, hearing my story -
Not of perfection, but of your glory.

They asked me to share about everything-
My feelings, my dreams, my pain, my divorce,
And where I thought actually was that King,
Not rescuing me from this devastating chaos.

I openly talked with everyone listening:
About my broken heart, shattered dreams, and paralyzing depression...
But also with my teary cheeks glistening,
I told them about your mercy and grace with vulnerable confession. 

I just shared everything about you, 
Who you were, 
And your perfect will,
But also I shared what I knew 
About the fall of the world 
And our own free will.

That being a good good Father,
You love us and want us to choose to love you.
But when we wonder away further and further,
You let us, 
Because you want us to get the clue...

That without you, we can't do it
But with you all things are attainable,
So that once we ourselves blew it,
We can run back to you and be more trainable.

Because ultimately you're graduating us from every season
With a better and more Christ-like character quality,
And for every adversity there's a reason -
To develop each of the nine fruits of the Spirit in us in equality.

Love, joy, peace, and patience, 
Kindness, goodness, and devotion, 
Gentleness and self-control for every nation,
Must leave Flesh and choose Spirit -
Then we get your promotion.

Anyway... on this journey of sharing,
Here's my most recent discovery:
I can effectively tell someone about you with caring,
Just by walking them through my own life of spirit-recovery...

Where I run to the cross and pray: 
God, rid me of my flesh,
Where I refocus from my flaws and obey,
And you make me new and fresh.

So, telling someone takes a master
And takes going into the world, yes,

But I don't need to be a pastor,
Just need to be vulnerable and confess.

And share what I've learned about God, why and how,
Why I love Him so much and He loves me,
And how from His mercy and grace I'm in awe,
And how He redeemed my sins for eternity. 

3/11/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
I am a Princess white Tshirt for Christian Women by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals

Prayer vs Prozac

"Prayer vs Prozac" #PoemsFromGod

This world is unpredictable.
This world is full of crap!
The culture's contradictable,
And with every sad thought you're instantly prescribed Prozac.

You're suffering from depression,
Which is a human mind's normal response to stress.
But why don't you try a humble confession?
Just speak to God on your knees and confess.

Depression is just another kind of spiritual warfare.
We are targeted by Satan every day.
And often we feel attacked in ways that are not fare.
So what? Just get on your knees and pray!

Prozac causes a chemical brain reaction
That gets you only addicted to more crap!
Prayer is your strong faith in action
That helps you escape the deadly trap.

Prozac makes you indifferent, not happier!
Prayer gives you hope and helps you believe.
Prozac makes your depression only crappier!
Prayer offers long-lasting, eternal relieve.

So, just stop running to that luring pill bottle!
Just get quiet and get on you knees.
Even if your feelings and thoughts at first scatter,
Just commit to your prayer time and you'll be receiving cleansing  peace.

The Holy Spirit will move into your body,
He will guard your mind and heart,
Offering the peace to everybody 
Who's willing to work in prayer hard.

That peace will pass all understanding.
It will be available to you for free!
No more doctor appointments or pill demanding!
Throw away that addictive Prozac  -
It's messing you up, just flee!

Run to your Heavenly Father, your Daddy,
Ask Him for healing comfort and soothing embrace.
Enjoy the sanity that's long-lasting and steady,
Reach out to your good God through prayer for His loving grace.

3/12/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
I Have peace white Tshirt for Christian Women on Amazon by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals

When Satan Comes at You Looking Saint

"When Satan Comes at You Looking Saint" #PoemsFromGod

Following Jesus, go where He's going.
He always moved toward a mess,
Never without knowing.

Being His disciple isn't easy,  
We, too, know where the mess is
But are we going there for real or just teasing? 

If you're going to serve Christ wholeheartedly, 
Make sure you're aware of Spiritual Warfare,
And I won't talk about it guardedly.

Let me share with you vulnerably 
What I've learned about it so far unexpectedly, traumatically but very clearly and undoubtedly. 

As a Christian, you are aimed at.
Satan wants you compromised, disoriented, confused...
Trust me, because only from my personal experience can I claim that.  

Paul says: "Wage the war against sin inside yourself"
Knowing that, expect Satan to dig deep into your mind like a delf.

Jesus was attacked by Devil through temptation.
Jesus was God, in our human case of earthly flesh expect escalation. 

Satan often comes at you looking Saint.
Like a dream come true you never even hoped to see attained.

He deceives you with PREMEDITATED DECEPTION, not accidentally.
You'll never even guess it's him at first,
He is a pro, he deceives you so eloquently.

But the Holy Spirit will speak to you quietly,
He will issue plenty of warning to protect you, 
Not out loud, no, but through your gut-feeling, silently. 

You'll say in your next video:
"I had so much anxiety"
What do you think God does through our feelings? He warns us.
He gave me in my spiritual warfare warnings variety.

But God won't impose Himself on us, ever.
He gave us our free will forever.

So as I was experiencing anxiety and not listening,
Satan looking Saint attacked me, with fake Christ-likeness bristling.

He lured me into his magnificent presence,
He trapped me in it with his sweet fake pleasance.

So, as I was mind-blinded and my discernment was clouded initially,
Satan looked totally Saint, and I was tricked into his PREMEDITATED DECEPTION so officially.

But once everything was set and done and the deceptive scheme was revealed,
My faith in our good good Father God was almost killed.

I felt devastated, disoriented, deceived, and confused.
I felt in doubt, in despair, traumatized and abused.

But the Bible already has for us all the answers. 
There's a Godly solution even when attacked by Satan's aces.

Paul orders us to go into the war with the Armor of God:
the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the "shoes" of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit.
These and also remember your Spiritual Warfare squad -
Your community of disciples, fellow believers,
Who can help you take a stand against Satan himself or his deceivers.

And at the end, yes, you were warned and you weren't listening, 
But God still wins because He uses all things together for your good, 
So no need for your spiritual stiffening.

Stay humble and kind, be loving,
And practice forgiveness.
Trust God, only listen next time, 
And on your tough journey just be His witness. 

Go tell everyone about His sufficient goodness and timely protection,
How much love you've received on your journey and His clear direction.

And the lessons you've learned from the Spiritual Warfare don't ever forget.
And use the Armor of God again and again every chance you get.

Remember that in the midst of a Satan's attack, 
The Holy Spirit will talk, so pay attention.
No need yet to prepare your memorial plaque,
Have hope - God will give you discernment for consideration.

Run to His Holy Word, pray and read,
And do it on your knees, 
Even if it's a new thing to you, just commit.
You'll feel so much peace.

Continue being a faithful follower of Christ,
Move toward the world's mess and be a church to His people, 
Your discipleship might come at a high price, 
But Satan can't disarm you, so don't cripple. 

Rebuke Satan in the precious name of Jesus. Flee from sin.
Christ is our Lord and Savior.

3/20/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
I Have Peace Black Long Sleeve Shirt for Christian Women with Powerful prayer for protection in Spiritual warfare #52Devotionals by Anna Szabo

Unconditional Love

"Unconditional Love" #PoemsFromGod

Unconditional love is not easy.
Unconditional love is hard work.
Unconditional love is soul-cleansing.
Unconditional love is responsibility, not a perk.

Unconditional love is the opposite of ego,
Unconditional love is a selfless gift,
Unconditional love is exciting and intriguing,
I'm always curious to see what else God enables me to give.

To love unconditionally, we must practice,
We must remember Christ and His sacrifice,
We must choose kindness when ego attacks us,
We must give without expectations - ego is love’s price. 

And when we fail at it often or seldom,
We must reach out for God's grace,
And start all over, being intentional and not random,
And just remember why we decided to love in the first place

4/2/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Unconditional Love framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

To Michel Szabo

"To Michel Szabo" #PoemsFromGod

I lived my good life until I met you,
I loved everything about it. 
But when from first sight I fell in love with you,
I felt that the love multiplied in my heart would that initial love even exceed.

God gave me time, and His mercy and grace,
And I was for long a Jesus' bride.
But when He gave me you to love and embrace,
I felt unequipped and unprepared to love you right.

You said we were two imperfect people
And that God would guide our walk.
You asked for my hand in marriage and said if we cripple,
You'll lead us closer to Christ and commit to the hard work.

I said "Yes" and "I do" and I entered the covenant,
And I wanted to love you, respect you, and honor you.
But when I saw that the world and not God in your life became dominant,
Confused, devastated, angry, and resentful toward you I grew.

Being still unequipped to love you perfectly,
Unable to practice unconditional love,
Without that promised leadership from you, I hurtfully
Blamed you, condemned you, raged at you - all of the above. 

Falling in love with you was easy.
You were the only man to always have my heart.
But when your bicycle and obsessions with medals got you busy,
That's where our marriage covenant was tested hard.

We abandoned each other and our vows,
We betrayed, deceived, and abused each another every day.
But through that pain I've learned what kind of growth God allows
When browsing inside myself seeking how to God obey.

And on my journey I've learned that you're imperfect and broken,
Your faults are many but so are mine.
And the love I feel for you in my heart, even though unspoken,
Grew to now be unconditional, compassionate, and divine.

I've learned that my expectations were too many,
Though came from your own PDF called "The Right Man,"
They were unrealistic, burdening, and excluded any
Idea that a husband is just another fallen fellow human.

You waited 11 months to even meet me, 
And only four months to file for a divorce.
You chose an IronMan medal over your covenant commitment.

But I forgive you because I understand my own imperfections of course.

I pray every day about your journey,
For God to draw you closer to Him,
To guide you to seek the truth from Jesus and not your attorney,
To heal your heart and to put in there a Godly, not worldly hymn

And though I've been away from you for a month now,
I confess that my love for you only grew.
And surely it's been an exhausting emotional rodeo.
Yet, I have been remembering only the good in you.

As God is healing my heart now, 
He's reveling my own imperfections to me,
The impatience with the IronMan addiction - our initial emotional rodeo.
The fear, the anger, and the lack of compassion toward your bicycle obsession in me.

While I couldn't see those things in the mirror,
Your faults at the time were obvious to me,
But the more I praise Jesus as my hero,
The less I focus on your sin and so He heals the sin in me.

So, after all, I can confidently say I'm so grateful:
For you, for your love, for our marriage, and even the pain.
For God's gift of breaking my heart and making me even more faithful,
For ridding me of myself, my expectations, and making my heart pure again.

You said your goal was to lead me closer to Jesus.
I'm not sure about leading, but pushing - yes.
So as our divorce trial is approaching in June to free us,
You surely succeeded in that one goal, I confess.

My relationship with you did not work out,
But my relationship with Christ only grew.
And as I've learned to forgive and accept you, without a doubt, 
He drew me closer to Him, as if you just always knew. 

So, thank you for this devastating experience.
Thank you for pushing me into God's loving arms.
Thank you for the feelings of love and loss that are both serious,
Thank you for revealing to me your painful bullshit, so I don't just love you for your awesome charms

Through that I learned what unconditional love is,
And I how I did not give it to you, 
And how now I'm able to feel the love for you beyond and above this,
And, through all of that, my appreciation for God's endless grace also grew.

4/30/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Michel Szabo poem by Anna Szabo

Knowing The Bible vs Knowing God

"Knowing The Bible vs Knowing God"  #PoemsFromGod

The Bible is a God-breathed document,
The foundation of God's Holy Word to us.
As we acquire at school Business Acumen,
The Spiritual Acumen we acquire in the Bible class.

The class can be a formal community study,
Or just your quite quality time with God.
Or invite to meet up about the Bible your best buddy,
Or organize your own weekly Bible-study, home-based spiritual squad.

Reading it with all your sight focus is good for information.
You learn a lot about the history of the world and our good God.
But reading it with all your heart focus is great for deep transformation.
You become more Christ-like as you apply all the Bible has got.

The Bible teaches us that people are either simple or prudent,
Their behaviors are divided into fool and wise.
You can examine your own self as you become a Bible student.
You can choose to walk in the Spirit and apply or reject the learned advice. 

As you learn more about who God is, who you are, and how to live life,
You will feel tremendous regrets and even shame.
You may even feel stubbed by a self-condemnation and self-contempt knife.
But that's why Jesus died for us, to set us free He on earth came. 

So, studying the Bible you can gain great knowledge.
You can cite the verses and demonstrate that you've worked hard.
You can even graduate from a popular Bible college,
But to be transformed, you'll need to allow God to give you a new heart.

A heart of flesh for the future to prepare you for sanctification,
Instead of the heart of stone from the past, that was always holding you back.
Now, to have a new heart, you don't need from a Divinity School graduation,
But you do need to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and you'll be on the right track. 

You can know every page, every verse in the Bible,
But never know your Heavenly Father God.
You can even get yourself in the Bible memorizing spiral...
But instead, why don't you get yourself out of the ego mud?

Focus on the Gospel, the Good News, and how it's applicable to you.
Ask God on your knees to permanently rid you of yourself.
Reach out for His endless grace, His mercy, and get the clue
That the Bible won't help you sitting on your bookshelf. 

You need to accept the Bible truth with your whole heart,
Confess your sins, ask for forgiveness, and repent.
Now, repentance is where the Bible knowledge gets really hard,
Because repentance as an intentional, permanent change is meant.

You repent not out of shame and obligation.
You repent out of gratitude to God.
You repent because you received humbly your expensive salvation.
You repent because living in sin is unacceptable and too hard.

So, reading and knowing the Bible, after all, might be an interesting quest.
But learning to be in a relationship with God and to know Him personally is a better goal.
Of course, it will take you a lifetime to become Christ-like and fulfill His request,
But in the meantime, you'll be healed by God as you're becoming more whole. 

5/6/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
i Have Faith In God black tshirt for Christian Women by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals Inspirational Poems

My Husband’s Birthday

"My Husband's Birthday" #PoemsFromGod 

Dear God,

My husband's birthday is today,
I thank you for his life.
I ask for gifts with no delay -
Specifically these five.

Love that's eternal and unconditional,
Joy from knowing your word of truth,
Peace that's beyond understanding traditional,
Patience that helps with any distress or ruth.

Kindness is next in line for asking,
Kindness that he can receive and give,
Giving kindness from gratitude and not tasking,
Receiving kindness humbly and wanting in it to believe.

Four other gifts I'm also requesting:
Goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. 
Thank you, God, for generously investing
Into my husband's birthday gifts, his eternity, and his soul.

7/11/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
heather Grey Christian Shirts for Women I Have Faith #52Devotionals by Anna Szabo

The Sunflower Day

"The Sunflower Day" #PoemsFromGod

God, thanks to you for life of beauty.
Thanks to you for blue, clear sky.
Thanks for gifting us with duty
To honor you, follow, obey, and glorify.

Thanks for healthy air we're breathing,
Thanks for all the gorgeous trees,
Thanks for the flowers we can be admiring or seizing.
Thanks for the hard-working and all-important bees. 

Thanks for kayaks, thanks for rivers,
Thanks for trails and mountain hikes,
Thanks for all the joy sun gives us,
Thanks for running and for bikes. 

Thanks for healthy ears and vision
Thanks for moving arms and legs,
Thanks for your abundant provision,
Thanks for promoting us beyond just plebs.

Thanks for making us your special children,
Thanks for giving us your gorgeous world,
Thanks for gifting us blessings a million,
Thanks for every sunflower that today danced and whirled. 

Thanks for happiness and pleasure,
Thanks for purpose and for cheer,
Thanks for love that I so treasure,
And every smile it brings and every tear. 

Thanks for people, friendships, mentors,
Thanks for guiding us with Word,
For every person who into my life enters,
Brings wisdom and with kindness enriches my world.  

7/15/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Navy Blue Christian Apparel for Women I Have peace #52Devotionals by Anna Szabo


"Self-Care" #PoemsFromGod

Practicing self-care brings inner peace
As trials and challenges you daily bear.
Your satisfaction with life to increase,
You for yourself must proactively care.

Intentional self-care includes healthy sleep,
Nutrition and fitness and time outside,
Practicing mindfulness and breathing deep,
Helping your mind in peace to abide.

Self-care requires also remembering
Who you are, whose you are, and why you are here.
When life gets too tough and when you are trembling,
Focus on prayer and God who is near. 

Self-care includes the things you love doing: 
Cooking and reading, applying a hair mask,
Writing and journaling, comedy viewing,
Or simply completing a homemaking task.

Going to church, talking with friends,
Getting your nails done, visiting spa,
Kayaking, hiking ... list never ends!
You deserve YOU-time to sharpen your saw.

You deserve quietness. You deserve peace.
You deserve space for mindful awareness.
Your overall health will surely increase
As your mental health has an impact tremendous.

Practicing self-care, you can recharge.
You can regroup and attend to your heart.
Of your mental health you are in charge.
Make a self-care plan and practicing start.

7/20/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Self-Care framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

Lord, I Need You

"Lord, I Need You"  #PoemsFromGod

Lord, I need you every hour, every moment of every day.
I need your guidance, your mercy, hold on to me tight.
I need you to never let go of me as I pray.
I need you to lead me, to renew me, to help me stay humble and kind. 

Every morning I start with my list of gratitude, God.
Every day I realize my weakness and your strength in it.
Every moment I reach out to you because I never forgot,
That I need you... Without you I've already reached my limit. 

7/23/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Lord I Need You framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

God, I Praise You

"God, I Praise You" #PoemsFromGod

God, I praise you with my words and thoughts.
Glory to you for all your goodness! 
I'm in awe to see blessings lots!
I reach out to you for life's fullness.

Satisfaction comes from finding grace.
You reveal the path in the Bible. 
For your truth and wisdom I shout praise!
I worship you, experiencing clarity revival.

God, I praise you for the good and the bad.
For all my trials and tribulations. 
I praise you when happy and when I'm sad,
For both my accomplishments and frustrations. 

I praise you at night and when I'm eating,
When driving or walking or going to bed,
When cleaning, cooking, and when I'm reading,
And in the morning - for the day ahead.

I praise you, God, it's my act of worship.
I feel your love and I'm soaking in it.
Getting to know you is like courtship:
The closer you draw me, the more I commit. 

7/29/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod God I Praise You framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

I’m Grateful for Your Special Grace

 "I'm Grateful for Your Special Grace" #PoemsFromGod

We often ask in desperation 
If you are actually always good:
Some Bible verses cause frustration,
Their meaning is misunderstood.

We wonder if a good, good Father
Who promised numbering our hair,
Protecting us, promoting further
Can actually cause us such despair.

These days I'm studying you closely,
By trials I now am refined.
On grace my mind is focused mostly -
Your common grace and special kind.

You give your common grace to many,
No matter lifestyle or belief,
By meeting basic needs of any
Policeman, president, or thief. 

But there's also special blessing
You give to some with special grace
Divorce, or cancer, or depressing
Brain tumor, or a stalking case.

The loss of child to a shooting,
Or jumping off a building top,
Or drugs addiction, prosecuting,
Or taking pills at school workshop.

Or being pregnant with dead baby,
Or being homeless for a while,
Enduring violence, rape, or maybe
Surviving workplace that's hostile.

Can really be that, God, your kindness
And goodness, tenderness, and grace 
Are all our own naive and blindness,
And other view we must embrace?
But asking this, I look back closely
On one example of my life:
Domestic Violence
, despair mostly,
Enduring beatings, threats, and strife.

It wasn't pretty at the time,
But looking back, I see your purpose - 
You drew me to you through that crime,
To my salvation that was service.

Another instance is divorce
With man who lured me into marriage
Not anything you would endorse
Yet, you worked that to my advantage.

You grew me, pruned me, rid me of
My flesh, my anger, and resentment,
Replacing them with skills to love,
With joy, with peace, and with contentment.

So, God, can actually I agree
That you are good and your will's perfect?
I know my trials you decree,
But from the pain I always profit.

I gain awareness, I gain gifts
Of faith, and hope, and perseverance,
On you rely I as life shifts.
I trust your holy interference.

I trust your word. I trust your plan. 
I trust your truth and your commitment 
To use for good my one lifespan 
And bless me with a royal treatment:

A party in your daughter’s name,
A feast with Jesus in His glory,
Saluting reasons why I came -
My messed up life and troubled story.

In mess, you drew me close to you,
Revealing purposefully your goodness,
You made me like a baby - new.
You gave me heaven and fresh pureness.

You've taught me grace, you've taught me love,
Acceptance, mercy, and forgiveness.
About you I've learned enough
To be, with Jesus, strong and fearless. 

I claim you're good. I claim you're my
Protective, loving, caring Father.
I hurt from pain, I can't deny
But through tough times you've grown me further.

I thank you for your special grace,
I thank you for each gift and blessing, 
I thank you for this broken place
From which your goodness I'm professing.  

7/30/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

I Need Your Love

"I Need Your Love" #PoemsFromGod

I'm hurt and overwhelmed, God.
I feel weak and I need your strength.
I need your help with the very basics of life.
I can't do anything on my own anymore.

I love you more than I love anyone else. 
I want to honor you more than I want anything.
I ask for peace that passes all understanding.
I need your love to comfort me with affection. 

8/2/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod i Need Your Love framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

You’re Always Good

"You're Always Good" #PoemsFromGod

I've chased many dreams turned into goals,
I've pursued many things that were labeled as "secular."

Those paths led away from you into worldly roles,
Where anxiety and fears were familiar and regular. 

You've consistently blessed me with your special grace.
And this time I've received your special lesson:
There's nothing on earth I ever need to chase,
There's no place I need to ever be to progressing. 

Right where I'm at, here in your presence,
I can tap into peace that can't be understood
And enjoy your affection, protection, and pleasance,
And declare with confidence that you're always good

8/6/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod You're Always Good framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

I Love You, God

"I Love You, God" #PoemsFromGod

I always knew you loved me, God.
I never felt by you abandoned.
I felt a range of feelings broad -
Excited, grateful, and enchanted. 

Just now, though, I'm feeling love
For you, that's deep and wide and pressing.
The more in gratitude I dove,
The more I saw my life as blessing.

I love you back. I love you much.
I love your peace and even trouble.
I love your word, I love your touch.
I love your blessing and your struggle.

I love your perfect plan for me.
I love your love that's grace and fairness.
With you I don't always agree,
But thanks for teaching me awareness...

That on your hand you hold me close
And won't let go, you've never failed me.
Your special daughter me you chose,
Your precious handiwork you made me.

You love me more, I know it, God,
But love for you is my new pleasure.
Your passion for me I never forgot,
It's my passion for you that I now so treasure. 

8/6/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod I Love You God framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

God’s Peace

"God's Peace" #PoemsFromGod

Your peace rules now in my heart,
With love and joy and full devotion.
I don't pursue or seek it hard -
From abiding in you comes this sacred emotion. 

I make every effort to live at peace
With everyone, but I fail often.
From condemnation with mercy me you release.
Through the humbling journey my heart you soften.

I cast my anxieties on you in prayer,
Because you care and your son for me you sacrificed.
I don't do wrong for wrong and evade every naysayer,
Your peace guards my mind and heart in Jesus Christ.  

8/10/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod God's peace framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

God, I Admire You

"God, I Admire You" #PoemsFromGod

God, I admire you for who you are:
A good-good father and a sovereign king.
From your perfection I'm in genuine awe -
Beauty out of ashes you always bring.

I admire your wisdom and infinite intelligence.
I admire your kindness and amazing grace.
My everyday life is of your mercy evidence:
From every suffering you propel me to a better place.   

8/6/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod God i Admire You framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

Your Plan Is Always Perfect

"Your Plan Is Always Perfect" #PoemsFromGod

You said your plan is perfect.
Can I believe it, God?
Sometimes I feel in conflict,
With scope of trials so broad.

But then I look around,
I pay attention close,
And see your grace abound
In sorrow and in loss.

I trust your every vow,
Your Holy Word I trust.
Sometimes I wonder how
Your beauty comes from dust.

Your plan for me to prosper,
Have future and the hope
Wholeheartedly I trust in
And never will I stop. 

8/16/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Your plan Is perfect framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

To Believe or Not To Believe?

 "To Believe or Not To Believe?" #PoemsFromGod

To believe? Not to believe? 
That is the mystery.
Without faith and with faith people live -
Making history.

It takes equal faith 
Either way:
Your own fate or God's plan -
You obey. 

C. S. Lewis said it best
In his last days:
"Christianity at a test may be false 
But who cares.

But if true?" - he said,
"Then it's everything!
If Jesus suffered for us and bled,
Faith will salvation bring!"

To believe, not to believe?
You decide!
Just ask yourself while you live:
Where will you go once you've died?

8/18/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Inspirational Christian Poems for Christian Women by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals heather Grey Tshirt I Have Faith

Jesus’ Calling and Presence

"Jesus' Calling and Presence" #PoemsFromGod

You called us to confess, repent, and seek forgiveness.
You called us to rejoice and go the second mile.
Of your amazing grace I've now been a witness
And want to follow you with genuine desire.

You called us not to lust and Father's law to honor,
Our enemies to love and practice self-control.
With your amazing life established you this manner,
You bled and died for me, to free from sin my soul.

You asked us to be servants, to pray in faith and sureness
That you will hear our crying and answer every time.
You asked us not to doubt and demonstrate matureness,
So others come to you observing us in prime. 

For gift of my salvation to you I'm very grateful,
I want to honor you and patiently obey.
In trials and tribulations, I am remaining faithful,
Remembering you're near and never far away. 

8/21/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod God's Presence framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

How To Love

"How To Love" #PoemsFromGod

You asked us to love one another.
You taught us the details of love.
Instructions you gave us are thorough,
But knowing them isn't enough.

To love one another with kindness
Means dying to flesh every day
And also surrendering our blindness,
While choosing in Spirit to your word obey.

To love one another with patience 
Acceptance requires and yielding,
And selfless forgiving in all situations,
In prayer each other uplifting.

You told us that love is not proud,
Not arrogant, it's rather humble,
And so you requested each other we honor,
In hope persevere we, when stumble.

Your orders of love are high-maintenance,
But trusting in you, I surrender.
I'm learning to love with kindness and patience
To glorify you in your splendor. 

8/23/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Love Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod how To Love framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

What Love Is

"What Love Is" #PoemsFromGod

Love is not a temporary feeling.
Love is a commitment and a behavior choice.
Love is a mindset of intentional healing.
Love is that kind and patient inner voice.

Love allows for acceptance and forgiveness.
Love allows for plenty of mistakes.
Love is an action, it's courageous and fearless.
Love never fails and never forsakes.

Love always honors and does good to others.
Love is selfless and expects nothing in return.
Love perseveres, even when it suffers.
Love is a skillset we perfect as we learn.

Love is a privilege for those who experience it.
Love is a journey and a special pursuit.
Love is challenging but it is resilient.
Love is the first and foremost of the Spirit fruit. 

8/23/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Love Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod What Love Is framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

Praying for My Husband

"Praying for My Husband"  #PoemsFromGod

God, I'm praying for my husband,
Thanking you for him at first
And confessing him I love, and
Asking you to fill his thirst...

To be Christ-like and a leader,
Sober-minded and steadfast,
Sacrificial and truth-seeker,
Dignified, with sound faith...

Self-controlling be and loving,
Peaceful and understanding,
To be honoring, churchgoing,
And provider outstanding. 

Thank you, God, again for him,
Thank you for his precious life,
Bless him, Father, and redeem,
In Jesus' name - his loving wife.

8/23/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Love Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Praying For My Husband framed poetry for Prayer Hallway


"Forgiveness" #PoemsFromGod 

Forgiveness is a lifelong journey.
It's a decision to set people free
From the debt of offense they owe you,
Issuing them an intentional debt-free decree.

The beneficiary of that decree though is not them -
It's your heart that experiences liberation
From anger and bitterness as you no longer condemn,
So issue people the forgiveness decree with no hesitation. 

Forgive people often or daily or even hourly.
Decide to quit taking the resentment poison.
Commit to letting go of grudges sincerely 
And move light-heartedly toward your new horizon. 

8/26/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Forgiveness Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

You’re Leading My Walk

"You’re Leading My Walk" #PoemsFromGod

You came near when I called you, 
And you said to me: “Do not fear.” 
You took my right hand and walked with me,
And though all my trials you've always been near. 

You comforted me and encouraged,
You gave me discernment and wisdom,
You showed me your infinite mercy and grace,
While leading my walk through your kingdom. 

8/27/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Poems to God by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod you're leading My Walk framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

Dear Stacy

 "Dear Stacy" #PoemsFromGod

You've worked really hard to be here today,
The value you've added will always be remembered,
"Retirement" for you isn't equal to "going away" - 
It only means the new season of life you've entered.

The season in which the woman you are
Will exercise her character and mental ability
To make an even bigger difference, raising the bar,
To add more wisdom and beauty into this world and more stability.

Congratulations, Stacy, on all your future accomplishments 
That are invaluable to the young women like me!
For your mentorship you already deserve many compliments,
And I'm excited to see what your future contribution will be.

You are a woman I look up to daily,
I admire who you are and highly respect.
In your future accomplishments I'm confident greatly
And in this new season your new success I already suspect.

8/29/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Red Hoodie for Christian Women with Spiritual Poems #52Devotionals by Anna Szabo


"Marriage" #PoemsFromGod

Marriage is a covenant and a forever-union,
Made by God to last for eternity.
It's a creation of an ongoing communion,
Where each is led by God to achieve maturity.

Marriage is a daily hard-work commitment 
That requires selflessness and intentional sacrifice,
Challenges us to give each other Biblical treatment,
Encourage one another at our own ego price.

Marriage calls us to love unconditionally,
To give continuously and not to expect anything,
To be close friends it calls us, additionally, 
And in the process - to God cling.

Marriage is a journey toward Godly holiness,
It's a pursuit of one another along with Christ.
And because marriage daily exposes our brokenness,
We can't do it without remembering Jesus' sacrifice.

8/30/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Love Poems about Marriage by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

The Purpose of My Life

"The Purpose of My Life, aka Suicide"  #PoemsFromGod

Suicide.org was once created.
Why would we ever need such a website?
Because, just in 2016, it stated,
43,000 Americans by suicide died.

90% of them had a psychiatric disorder.
But what about the other 10%?
Was their life so out of order?
Or was the decision as a temporary solution to problems meant? 

Did they consider that suicide is a permanent resolution?
Did they think about the other side of things?
Or was their pain intolerable and they needed a quick solution?
The issue is that suicide no relief brings.

No relief for sure for the person doing it,
Because they're dead, meaning there's nothing to relieve.
But, worst of all, those pursuing it
Don't consider people who in them believe.

An American dies by suicide every 12.3 minutes.
1.1 Million Americans annually suicide attempt.
Has each of them simply reached their limits?
Or was it just the famous 1st-world discontent?

I'm an American who experiences suicidal thoughts daily,
Wondering why and what's the purpose of my life.
Why am I here and why am I so insanely 
Contemplating no longer being alive?

My life has been such a struggle and a very painful journey.
I am really tired and I have almost no enthusiasm.
It's been like a game, like an aimless tourney,
Where all I get is rejection, manipulation, abuse, and sarcasm.

I'm so hurt but, most importantly, I'm so hopeless.
I don't see a reason to be around here at all.
There's no passion in my life, there's no closeness,
And every day I struggle to out of bed crawl.

No one ever loved me and no one loves me.
No one cares if I am alive or dead.
If I am no more tomorrow, they won't even notice,
Everyone will just move on with their own life instead.

I think it's all the issues of mattering and making a difference,
None of which is applicable to me,
That's what's causing my lack of enthusiasm and complete indifference,
That's why every day I'm contemplating: to be or not to be.

But then I think about it over and over
And decide that maybe the purpose of living is life itself...
And then I give my brain with Biblical affirmations a makeover,
And pull out of this vicious thought cycle myself.

I focus on the fact that God Himself made me.
He created me - for whatever reason - to be.
He didn't make a mistake nor did He ever betray me.
He sent Jesus to die so I am set free.

Free from depression, anxiety, self-doubt.
Free from gossip, rejection, and abandonment.
So when suicidal thoughts my mind cloud,
I focus on God's eternal commandment...

To not fear, to not worry, and to not doubt,
To lean not on what I can and cannot understand,
To trust His direction, even if I don't find out
The purpose of my one life and how He everything planned.

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America.
What am I going to do about it?
While I don't have any issues medical,
I do need to help myself with a spiritual shift.

I love God so much, but do I actually trust Him?
This I'm asking daily, even though He never failed.
There were times I was angry at God and even cussed Him
And I just wished that my purpose and future He'd unveiled.

So, is it actually uncertainty that drives me to suicide?
Am I simply scared of living not knowing what's ahead?
What if to stick around and see for myself I decide?
Is it not a better solution than being dead?

By the way, I'm talking to myself. I know it.
Am I crazy? Am I normal? Who decides?
This poem is my thought download. I own it.
It clarity and understanding of myself provides.

I'm scared of my own thoughts often,
But so are others, they just don't talk about this.
Through openness and vulnerability, I know, my heart will soften,
And from the burden of these thoughts Christ will allow my release.

8/31/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

Standing on God’s Promises

"Standing on God’s Promises" #PoemsFromGod

Life is a series of seasons,
With moments of sorrow followed by happy moments.
To question God we have many reasons,
Especially, when facing some devastating disappointments.

Sometimes, we question God's very existence,
Or just His presence in our lives.
We may confront the idea of God's goodness with resistance,
Especially when grief our daily emotions drives.

Our emotions are not a very reliable source of information.
How we feel changes often too randomly.
That's why to confidently walk toward our destination,
We need to immerse ourselves in truth extendedly.

We need to understand and believe God's faithfulness.
We need to embrace His eternal promises.
We don't need to make them up or guess -
Reading His word is what confidence encompasses.

In the Bible, there are 3573 promises,
The word "promise" itself occurs 50 times.
End of suffering, protection, and forgiveness,
Peace and joy are guaranteed to us always and not just sometimes.

God's promises are the only solid ground to stand on.
Everything else is unstable and temporary.
His word is the truth for us to lean on, 
So that our lives can be for His glory and extraordinary.

9/12/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Poems about God by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod God's Promises framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

My Life Is Such a Gift

"My Life Is Such a Gift" #PoemsFromGod

My life is such a gift.
My life is such a blessing.
I'm grateful for each day,
Which I'm with joy professing.

I'm grateful for the peace,
I'm grateful that I'm healthy,
For joy that may not cease,
And being friendships-wealthy.

I'm grateful for abundance 
Of food and drinking water,
And clothing choices hundreds,
And being God's own daughter.

I'm grateful for each mentor
Who time invests and wisdom
To ground me and center
In Gospel and God's kingdom.

I'm grateful for awareness
Of who I am in Jesus
And for my journey's rareness.
To love it I have reasons.

My life is very special,
And I am special also -
I have a high potential,
With Scriptures armed, I know so.

9/14/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Inspirational Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod My Life Is Such a Gift framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

Loving My Husband

"Loving My Husband" #PoemsFromGod

Dear God,

My husband is imperfect man -
With flaws and faults and failures.
While be like Christ he often can,
Mundane are his behaviors. 

He strives to do his very best,
Yet things don't always go as planned.
To have his love I'm very blessed.
His humanness I understand. 

While to be Christ-like, God, he's called,
My husband is not Jesus.
So when he has apparent fault,
I call on grace to seize us.

I love my husband as a whole -
His wickedness and goodness.
Accepting him is my main goal,
To show him grace in fullness.

9/15/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Love Poems about Marriage and Husband by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Loving My Husband framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

My Husband for a Reason

 "My Husband for a Reason" #PoemsFromGod

God, I'm praying for my husband:
Can you please renew his mind?
Give him heart that's made of flesh and
Make him faithful, wise, and kind.

God, I pray that you draw close him -
To disciple be of Jesus,
Trusting that you truly chose him
To my husband be for reasons. 

For salvation his I'm praying
And for healing of his wounds.
At your feet my love I'm laying -
His uprising me eludes. 

Bless him, Father, give him peace.
He's been suffering too long.
From his past please him release
And fill his heart with joyful song.

9/16/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Love Poems about Marriage and Husband by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod My Husband for a Reason framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

Looking Back Into the Future

"Looking Back Into the Future" #PoemsFromGod

I look back and all I'm thinking is "Wow!"
How so much goodness from pain do you even allow?
How are you actually making beauty out of dust, God?
By your mercy, grace, and faithfulness I am truly awed.

You delivered me from so much adversity in life.
You restored me and healed me after removing me from a dangerous strife.
Looking back, I feel only excitement about what's coming,
As the person you created me to be I'm becoming. 

9/18/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Inspirational Poems about Failure by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Looking Into The Futureframed poetry for Prayer Hallway

The Truth

"The Truth" #PoemsFromGod

Dear God,

I am trying to hold it together
And persuade myself that I'm ok,
But the truth is I am not sure whether
Or not I can live with this pain another day.

"I accept this divorce and I forgive Michel" -
That's what I say to myself daily when I wake up,
But the truth is I'm going around a vicious cycle
With sadness and grief about this eternal breakup.

I'm in pain. I am sad. I am grieving, and I am angry.
I'm condemning myself and Michel for our mistakes.
My emotions from grace and love to hopelessness vary,
And I can't believe how much time and effort my healing takes. 

Please help me move on from here, Father.
Please lead my walk and protect my mind and heart.
I don't know if my emotional ups and downs you actually bother,
But I am bothered by them and need to moving on finally start.

God, I trust in your goodness and your perfect plan for me.
I trust that you'll deliver me from this pain.
Humble, kind, and God-glorifying I want to be.
Please make my life productive and joyful once again. 

9/19/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

Feeling The Feelings

"Feeling The Feelings" #PoemsFromGod

Do you know how to feel sadness and grieve appropriately?
Like sitting down with your sad thoughts and allowing yourself to cry?
Like writing heartfelt entries in your journal openly,
Without pretending and without saying a lie?

And just really pouring your heart out,
Just putting out all your emotions in the universe,
Just being open and vulnerable, without a doubt,
Just being yourself, who you really are, without any rehearse?

Please take the time to be still and feel uncomfortable.
Please make it your priority to focus your mind 
On the important intention of being vulnerable,
So you can that special place of humanness within yourself find.

It will feel odd at first. Don’t worry. It's normal.
Self-pity is a skill like learning to ride a  bike.
Keep feeling, keep grieving; the process is very informal.
This is how you can get to know yourself and actually like. 

9/24/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems on pink Hoodie for Christian Women by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals I am Powerful in Christ

God, What Do You Think About Me?

"God, What Do You Think About Me?" #PoemsFromGod

God, I'm thinking negative thoughts again:
That I'm unworthy, unloved, unwanted, and unimportant.
They paralyze me, depress me, and really drain
All my energy out of me, even being inadvertent.

God, what do you think about me? 
What words do you use to describe me?
What future for my life can you see? 
And after you created me, do you actually like me?  

9/28/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: What Does God Say About Me?
I am a princess Purple Hoodie by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals Christian Poems for women

Dear Anna Szabo

"Dear Anna Szabo" #PoemsFromGod

I'm looking at you - a child of God
And think how sad that so often
Your mind is too clouded with negative mud
And hope that your heart will soon soften.

No plans for the future is not a good thing,
Especially, with all your awareness
Of who you are, whose you are, and your father King
Who gave you this life of true rareness.

I do understand that your journey has been
Not easy, demanding, laborious...
But looking at you, I ask that you cling
To God, who is always victorious.

He loves you. He has real plan for you life.
It's just that you can't fully see it.
You've been through so much. And you're going to thrive,
I promise, you have to believe it.

Stop thinking those damaging thoughts from your past.
They're not even yours, they're inheritance.

You're now an heiress of God, because Christ
His life sacrificed as love evidence

You're loved. You're accepted. You're precious. You're blessed.
You're special and chosen. You're gifted.
I do understand: you can get depressed,
So what? Even Paul was afflicted!

Be sad and be quiet, experience pain,
But don't let your mind get too clouded. 
When life gets too tough, you still can stay sane,
If you just in Scriptures stay grounded.

Do you understand that your life is a gift
From God who created you purposefully?
Keep working on making this spiritual shift,
You've made so much progress, fortunately.

Continue to study the Bible and God,
Continue to build a relationship 
With Jesus Himself, who never forgot
To carry you through with His leadership

Continue to pray. Continue to grow.
Continue to ask for God's guidance.
The fact that He's good you very well know.
With Him, you can face all these giants.

9/30/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Inspirational Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals Orange Hoodie I Have Faith

Empowering Women

"Empowering Women" #PoemsFromGod

Empowerment is a concept of persevering,
No matter what life offers to you at times.
It's a decision to refuse fearing
Narcissists, abusers, and executors of other crimes.

Empowerment is the antidote to violence.
It's a way of saying: "No more from now on!"
It's the path to get you beyond survivance 
To where you can thrive and finally move on.

I myself need empowerment daily. 
And I support other women to share empowerment.
Sometimes, from abuse we can even think barely...
And no one can help us, not even the government.

Police, courts, judges, jurors, and attorneys
Get deceived by our abusers often times.

When there's no help on our survival journeys,
Empowerment is the only way to confront crimes.

Get empowered from knowing who you are in Christ!
He loves and accepts you. He made you a masterpiece.
To liberate you, His life was sacrificed.
He set you free so you can be from abuse released. 

Raise up! Speak up! Stand up for yourself!
Get empowered and empower others!
You are worthy of the love of Jesus Himself!
So, take no more of this abuse nonsense!

10/14/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Empowering Women Inspirational Poems

Loving The Narcissist

 "Loving The Narcissist" #PoemsFromGod

Loving the Narcissist is like taking poison and dying slowly.
He is miserable, and he can't stand that you are not.
He hates you for your joy and wants to make you feel so lonely
That you forget anything good or positive you ever thought.

The Narcissist has a very fragile ego.
He is full of insecurities, self-hatred, and shame.
For him, to manipulate you into darkness is very intriguing,
And to make you feel confused and doubtful is his primary aim.

"The Narcissist wants you dead" - my trauma counselor told me.
I didn't believe her at first but later saw that is was true.
With his narcissistic gaslighting and projection, the Narcissist sold me
On the idea that of his own abuse he genuinely had no clue.

The Narcissist won't leave you alone, ever.
You are his Narcissistic Supply needed to survive.
He is fueled my the idea of making you suffer forever.
He is pleased knowing that, abused by him, you can't thrive.

You can't help the Narcissist by loving him,
Because he doesn't just feel by you unloved -
From his childhood, he feels fundamentally unlovable.
That's not anything you can get for him resolved.

To be targeted and attacked by the evil Narcissist,
All you need to do is to breathe and be.
For him to hate you, it's enough that you simply exist
But if you're happy and joyful, he won't ever set you free.

He will continue to devastate you relentlessly.
He wants you to be drained and miserable like him.
To ensure that you feel hopeless, he will work restlessly,
Until he witnesses with pleasure that being depressed you begin.

Loving the Narcissist leads you not just to deadend -
It takes you quickly to the real hell on earth.
And as long as to genuinely care you tend,
The Narcissist will hate you vigorously and intensely for all he's worth. 

10/16/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

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Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Loving The Narcissist poems about abuse

The Narcissist’s Ego Is Fragile

"The Narcissist's Ego Is Fragile" #PoemsFromGod
The Narcissist's ego is fragile like a bomb,
Because his identity is rooted in nothing solid.
He will be charming, cherishing, and very calm,
As long as toward him you are admiring and torrid.
But if you say to him anything other than praise,
He will explode toward you with long-lasting anger and hatred.
He will meticulously manipulate you into complete haze
Where from your sanity and dignity you become separated.
The Narcissist has no concern for you at all,
Except he needs you to feed his ego with admiration.
So, when you refuse to be his Narcissistic Supply anymore,
The Narcissist will instantly want you dead with no hesitation. 

10/16/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

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Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Narcissistic Abuse and Narcissistic Victim


"Feelings" #PoemsFromGod

Feelings are interesting and intriguing. 
It's not easy to differentiate what you feel.
Sometimes, you think you're angry but it's just your ego.
Other times, you think you're indifferent but everyone sees your true zeal.

So, how do you understand and embrace your feelings?
It takes practice and it takes willingness to feel.
To differentiate between mere sadness or true depression dealings,
You need to study emotions, so you can process them and heal.  

10/17/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

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Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals I am powerful green mug for Christian Women

The Narcissist Is Jealous

"The Narcissist Is Jealous"  #PoemsFromGod

The Narcissist is jealous of your accomplishments.
He targeted you for your beauty and smarts -
Because for having you he loves getting compliments;
But that is also where his hatred toward you starts.

The Narcissist lives in the world of scarcity.
Your success to him means that he doesn't measure up.
He hates on you with laser-focused clarity,
Aiming to completely empty your emotional cup.

He drains your energy and hope out of you
By gaslighting you to make you feel crazy.
He also meticulously projects his every fault on you,
So that it looks like your mind is confused and hazy.

To intentionally devalue you and to make you feel worthless,
The Narcissist exercises another clever technique.
It's called Narcissistic Silent Abuse and it's a very painful nonsense,
Because he completely ignores you and for months with you doesn't speak.

He doesn't acknowledge your existence or presence,
He makes sure you feel useless and worthless,
Unless he needs money from you or presents,
Then, he will be nice until his next nonsense.

In the Narcissist's make-believe universe,
He is the All-Mighty All-Powered Superior.
Even if for months his erratic behavior toward you is adverse,
He easily continues to maintain with others a pleasant exterior.

But you are his survival-essential Narcissist Supply,
So prepare to be attacked with long-lasting mental cruelty.
Get ready, because the Narcissist wants you to die
And he won't tolerate your success continuity.

In his own head, the Narcissist constantly competes with you.
For him to feel better about himself, you must fail.
So, with his well-thought cruel techniques, he confuses you.
And you get so depressed that you can no longer avail

10/17/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

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Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Narcissist is Jealous poems about abuse

The Narcissist Is a Chief Deceiver and Liar

"The Narcissist Is a Chief Deceiver and Liar" #PoemsFromGod

The Narcissist's primary agenda in life
Is to sneakingly get away with something.
He can even set out to get himself a whole new wife,
If in an ego boost for him resolves that hunting.

He can also get himself a new last name,
Searching for a new victim and running away from past shame.
He will lie to you about who he is and honesty claim.
Overall, he will do anything to get you involved in his make-believe love game. 

The Narcissist is a Chief Deceiver and Liar.
To lure you into his premeditated deception, he will go to a great length.
Narc needs desperately for someone him to admire.
Without praise, admiration, and compliments, he has no strength.

It's because the Narcissist has a very fragile ego.
No one and nothing is important to him but praise.
When the Narcissist is pursuing you, it can be very intriguing,
But only until he quickly ends that short-term happy phase.

After the Narcissist had successfully lured you,
He resorts to just being himself and eating you alive. 
His mistakes and faults start being projected by him on you.
And at that point, he wants nothing less than your very life.  

10/17/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Narcissistic Victim poems about abuse

The Narcissist Manipulates You Intentionally

"The Narcissist Manipulates You Intentionally" #PoemsFromGod

Verbal trickery is the Narcissist's preferred method of manipulation.
He has a talent for saying the right thing to confuse and degrade you.
The Narcissist wants of your mind complete and total domination,
And in your worthlessness and uselessness his goal is to persuade you.

The unrelenting mind games of the Narcissist are incredibly damaging.
You are left traumatized with emotional pain that has no end
You become mentally crippled with inability to be managing
Even of your own mind and sanity command.

In the midst of it, you are not understanding what is happening.
You feel crazy, confused, and paralyzed by self-doubt all the time.
You don't know how to escape from the manipulation that's so saddening
That all you do daily is just try to out of depression climb.

The "you have misunderstood what I was saying" and "stop assuming" are his favorite phrases.
He has no explanation for anything, except these two.
He made you believe he had heart and soul in the relationship's earlier phases,
So now about the cause of his emptiness you're puzzled and seek a breakthrough.

Don't. The answer is there's nothing there, just emptiness.
Everything else you saw before was a clever pretense to deceive you. 
Don't feel for the Narcissist compassion or pittiness,
Because he will gladly use those feelings to further manipulate and mislead you. 

10/18/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

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Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Narcissistic Manipulation poems about abuse

The Narcissist Is Confused About His Identity

"The Narcissist Is Confused About His Identity" #PoemsFromGod

The Narcissist grew up unable to bond with his primary caregiver.
He possibly had even multiple caregivers he was passed to.
As a child, he was of confusing messages about himself receiver,
So today to survive, his ego to constantly puff up he has to. 

He hates his story and pretends to be someone different.
He goes to a great length to coverup his true identity.
To the impact of his deception he is absolutely indifferent,
Because even he himself doesn't have of who he is any clarity. 

As an example, let's just say he was born a Latino or Hispanic,
But in his documents he intentionally and consistently checks "I'm not
Hispanic or Latino - I am white
It's because he carries so much embarrassment and shame that he has a panic,
Even thinking that anyone his true self find out might. 

Another example, let's say, he changes his last name
And creates out of the blue brand-new Facebook profiles.
It's because to his community he tries to no longer pertain,
Since they know about his shame from his previous trials.

The shame-filled and confused Narcissist needs you desperately.
As his Narcissistic Supply, you provide validation and admiration.
From praise his fragile, flimsy ego can't survive separately.
So, the Narcissist with cruelty manipulates you into his insanity with no hesitation. 

10/19/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Narcissistic abuse poems

The Narcissist Is Eager for Approval

"The Narcissist Is Eager for Approval" #PoemsFromGod

Why can so many people hardly believe 
The cruel treatment you've endured from the Narcissist?
Because exceptional deception he is able to achieve
And, in light of his charm, his cruel intentions are by people either unnoticed or just dismissed. 

The Narcissist is very skilled at pretending to be a People Pleaser.
His plan to persuade everyone in it is very clever.
He works overtime to conquer people's minds and opinions like Caesar.
Of being real, the Narcissist thinks never.

Being liked by people is how the Narcissist gets praise.
Praise is his food vital for survival.
The Narcissist must obsessively others' approval constantly chase.
Otherwise, of his Narcissistic Supply he will experience deprival.

10/19/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

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Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Narcissistic abuse

The Narcissist Gaslights You

"The Narcissist Gaslights You" #PoemsFromGod

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse 
Used by the Narcissist in order to instill in you as his victim
An extreme sense of anxiety so you become completely confused,
To the point where you no longer trust your discerning mental system.

The emotional damage of Gaslighting is huge on the Narcissist's victim.
Gaslighting is truly the most powerful covert method of Narcissistic Control.
You are mentally manipulated to never be able to predict him,
And to make you feel crazy and brain-scattered is his primary goal. 

The Narcissist's agenda is to first kill your confidence.
He needs your energy and glow but also feels that he himself doesn't measure up.
That's why he meticulously sets out to make you doubt your own mental competence,
So that with self-doubt, sadness, and insecurity is filled your emotional cup.

He's very clever at making you doubt the reality of your own perception.
He's very intentional at persuading you to question the evidence of your own senses.
The facts are always twisted is the Narcissist's very believable deception
To make it seem as if he were a victim so that you pay his expenses.

The Narcissist constantly hides whatever makes him feel ashamed, 
But if he can't hide, he will just skillfully lie.
He is terrified if his actions create negative consequences to establish the truth aimed.
He will work over time to persuade anyone that you are crazy and he is just a good guy

10/20/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: Narcissistic Manipulation Techniques
Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Narcissistic gaslighting poems about abuse

The Narcissist Projects His Faults On You

"The Narcissist Projects His Faults On You" #PoemsFromGod

Projection is Narcissist's favorite trick.
It's his fine art of making you feel guilty forhisvices.
He exhausts you with his manipulation and makes you mentally weak.
Then, he starts Silent Treatment on you and to make sense of his cruelty you're left to your own devices.

You have been harmed by the evil Narcissist
Who once upon a time portrayed himself as a genuine person.
But nothing genuine or vulnerable in him even exists.
The more you believe the Narcissist, the more his mental cruelty will worsen.

The Narcissist doesn't see you for who you are.
In fact, he doesn't see you at all.
His relationship with you is so bizarre 
Because your only value is to praise and admiration supply to his ego-filled soul.

So, how is he so successful at projecting his faults on you?
Well, remember that relationship phase when he was cherishing and sweet?
That's when the Narcissist persuaded you
That he is wise and trustworthy and that his companionship you really need.

Later on, the Narcissist rendered you as his victim to emotional terror,
Which you had to deny for a while to simply survive.
This mental coping mechanism has been practiced by war prisoners forever.
It's when you stop trusting your own perception of reality to be able to stay alive. 

So, the Narcissist projects his faults on you easily,
Because you don't have any confidence from abuse and doubt your every thought.
With time, as the scope of his mental cruelty is increasing,
To project more and to gaslight you more the Narcissist ought. 

10/20/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Narcissistic Projection poems about abuse

The Narcissist’s Silent Treatment

"The Narcissist’s Silent Treatment" #PoemsFromGod

To control, punish, intimidate, and invalidate you,
The Narcissist uses Silent Treatment chronically.
With that, this Eternal Child intends to demonstrate to you
How worthless you are to him, ironically.

"Ironically" because he actually needs you to supply
Admiration, attention, money, and praise for him.
Yet, superbly the childish Narcissist will  apply
Silent Treatment until you with self-doubt and confusion he can brim.

The Narcissist is self-absorbed, moody, aloof, petulant, and egotistical.
He won't even blink abusing you and taking money from you at the same time.
And while to you this behavior appears to be erratic and mystical,
To the empathy-lacking, feelingless Narcissist doing it is no grime.

Narcissistic Silent Treatment is aimed to express
The Narcissist's disapproval of you and his anger and rage.
He's a never-grown Little Boy wanting you to impress,
While into productive conflict resolution you as an adult try him to engage.

The Silent Treatment is used by this Eternal Child to send you a message
Of how insignificant and worthless you are to him.
It's because the immature Narcissist can't a productive dialogue manage,
Since he has such a poor self-image and low esteem.

The Narcissist has such a fragile ego
That he needs your energy and eats you alive.
Constantly putting you down for him is very intriguing,
Because that's how he puffs-up his ego to survive. 

10/20/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

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Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Narcissistic Silent Treatment poems about abuse

The Narcissist’s Reptilian Stare

"The Narcissist’s Reptilian Stare" #PoemsFromGod

To look the Narcissist in the eye is the beginning of losing a part of yourself.
He takes so much. He takes everything you have.
He then leaves behind just a shell of you, while he himself
Goes on and just tells people lies on your behalf. 

Looking the Narcissist in the eye is dangerous.
His very goal is to suck your life out of you.
He often stares at you, which feels very mysterious,
But the reason why he does it is to intentionally intimidate you.

His Reptilian Stare is coupled with complete lack of empathy or remorse.
This nerve-racking stare is often accompanied by silent treatment.
Experiencing it, you feel intimidated and scared of course,
And that's the goal of the Narcissist who's to your feelings absolutely indifferent.

Trapped in his make-believe ego-puffing pathology, 
The Narcissist resembles an alien on drugs.
Being eaten alive by an alligator is a relevant to your life analogy,
Because with his Reptilian Stare the Narcissist meticulously into death you drags. 

10/20/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Narcissistic Reptilian Stare poems about abuse

The Antidote To Narcissistic Abuse

"The Antidote To Narcissistic Abuse" #PoemsFromGod

The antidote to Narcissistic Abuse is self-care. 
Self-care enables you to get back your sanity and power.
To heal your mind, daily meditation and devotionals headspace you need where
With biblical truth about who you are your your soul you empower.

Having endured Narcissistic Gaslighting, Silent Treatment, and Projection,
You're mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted and sick.
Your mind needs now very strong and solid protection.
You can only get it if Biblical truth you devotedly seek.

Meditate on Biblical affirmations every day:
"I am a child of God, "I'm special," "I'm valuable."
With passion out loud these affirmations say.
God's truth plants in your mind powerful seeds that are viable. 

Self-care is how you survive and thrive. 
Eat healthy, exercise, journal, and sleep eight hours.
If sleeping is troublesome, to use essential oils strive.
Also, to have quality sleep help warm bedtime showers.

Walk outside in the sun for some time.
It might be difficult to make yourself do it initially.
Go slowly and try just a few steps at a time,
Until 10000 steps a day you can claim officially.

Most importantly, spend quality time with God
Cry out to Him about your pain and confusion.
Ask Him to free you from all the mental mud 
The Narcissist instilled in you with his well-planned delusion.

must become your new daily habit.
Every time you endure cruelty from the Narc, meditate and pray.
You must also figure out how to no longer with him cohabit.
While you live in the same house, he will surely on you prey.

Ask God to show you His plan for your way out.
Fill your mind up regularly with the Gospel. 
Get to a safe place where you can heal from self-doubt
And where you can have peaceful environment and not hostile.

Self-care also means that you will intentionally refocus.
You do need to understand what happened to you to move on -
Just don't get stuck on why of the past and instead on the how of the future focus.
And make sure that on your journey you purposefully get closer to God drawn. 

10/20/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod poems about abuse and narcissist

Crying Out To God

"Crying Out To God" #PoemsFromGod

God, lead my walk,
Show me the way.
I’m at a crosswalk
And your will I want to obey.

The desire to fulfill your purpose
Is burning daily in my heart.
Being where I am in life, I feel nervous.
Facing so much adversity has been so hard.

I do trust that your plan is good.
I’m surrendered completely. Do as you wish.
I left behind my childish ways and entered into a Spiritual Adulthood.
I’m ready to serve you and to no longer be selfish.

God, Abba, Daddy, Father,
I know you can hear me.
Take charge of my life and lead me further.
Don’t let go of me and please near always be. 

10/25/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Poems about God by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals i abound in hope pink mug for Christian Women

Prayer for Prosperity

"Prayer for Prosperity" #PoemsFromGod

Dear God,

I thank you for meeting my every need.
Life is tough and weary at this time,
But I haven't gone without, indeed,
And I've learned to live abundantly on just a dime.

God, I've prayed to you for purpose and peace,
But today, I'm praying for opportunity and prosperity.
As I'm standing here, crying on my knees,
About how to make ends meet I have no clarity.

God, I know your plan for me is to prosper.
I've lost everything and I wonder how to survive.
I'm so devastated in this financial disaster,
But my hope is in you, and you want me to thrive.

God, please help me and show me the way.
What is my next step to be able to make a good living? 
I'm not ashamed about money to pray.
In your promise of my prosperity I am believing. 

11/7/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Prayer for Prosperity

Anxiety Relief Prayer

"Anxiety Relief Prayer" #PoemsFromGod

God, you asked me not to fear.
To my heart, your word is dear.
But I’m scared of what’s ahead,
And anxiety is in my mind spread.

God, I know you and I trust you.
I rely on no one at all but you.
I am standing on your every promise.
Please give my mind some calmness.

I’m declaring here with confidence,
Trusting the Bible and not my cognizance:
I have peace in every way. It is perfect. It is sacred.
All the time my Lord is near. And by Him my life’s directed.

11/22/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Inspirational Poems about God by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals christian merch for women

God’s Presence Everywhere

"God's Presence Everywhere" #PoemsFromGod

God, I see your presence everywhere.
To hear your voice for me is not at all rare.
Once I finally quit being worldly and blind,
Now, in everything your glory I can find.

Anywhere I look, there you are!
In my suffering, you count my every scar.
My pain you turn from dust into beauty
As I follow your calling and fulfill my duty.

God, I don’t need any special presents.
All I want is to continue being in your presence.
I love leaning on you and having you near.
To my heart, your presence is very dear. 

11/26/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals I abound in hope - orange hoodie for Christian Women

Forgiveness Affirmations

"Forgiveness Affirmations" #PoemsFromGod

I forgive for the sake of my own peace of mind.
I want to be my best, be full of joy, and be  kind.
I forgive and let go so I myself can be free.
To forgive and be at peace today I decide and agree.

My health and peace are important to me.
Free from anger and bitterness I want to be.
Forgiveness is essential to set me free.
I forgive and let go of grudges wholeheartedly.

I forgive.
I am free.
I’m at peace.
I am a harmony.

1/26/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: How To Forgive
Inspirational Poems about God by Anna Szabo for Christian Women 352Devotionals Grey Flowy I Have Peace

Signs of Depression

"Signs of Depression” #PoemsFromGod

Signs of depression are not at first obvious:
Sadness and indifference can be confused for sloppiness.

Anxiety, apathy, loss of pleasure, and restlessness 
Can all be confused for life’s mere stressfulness.

Binge eating, fatigue, excessive crying, and lack of concentration 
Can all put you on a list for stress level consideration.

But all of those signs of depression become concerning
When hopelessness and suicidal thoughts your mind start controlling.

Add to the list also constant irritability and agitation 
And then you can understand my long-term social isolation.

My depression signs became completely unquestionable 
When I stopped washing my hair, taking showers, and being fashionable.

I stopped caring about what I looked like and even what I smelled like.
I stopped caring about the opinions of  whoever my appearance and mood might dislike.

Depression signs are all those individual signs of stress, only together combined, 
And multiplied by 1000 all compound in my body and mind.

I can’t get out of bed, but even when I can, I question WHY.
Life makes no sense and I’d rather today in my bed like this die. 

Nothing interests me and there’s no purpose in anything.
I don’t trust anyone and I question the why of everything. 

Depression signs are hopelessness and sadness,
Your thoughts are slow but they’re all mostly focused on suicide madness.

Depression is dark, big, black, deep hole.
I don’t wish depression on anyone ever at all. 

I fight my depression with Biblical scriptures every day.
I lean on God and to Him for healing I pray. 

I know that God loves me and Jesus gave His life for mine,
My hope comes from the Lord who heals from depression my mind. 
Are you depressed? Or do you know someone who is?
Share this poetry with them and spread the hope, please. 

2/5/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: Depression Signs and Symptoms Explained

Depression Symptoms

"Depression Symptoms" #PoemsFromGod

Trouble sleeping or just not going to bed at all
Is one of the first and most obvious depression symptoms.
You just lie with your eyes open all night or take around the house stroll, 
And from restlessness you quickly start getting facial pimples. 

Loss of interest in your favorite activities
Is next on the depression symptoms list.
I used to be excited about theater, dancing and movies,
But now to get me to go out you’d literally  my arm have to twist. 

And then, there’s also such a huge depression symptom as constant fatigue.
Decrease in energy and a long-lasting tiredness even after ten-hour sleep can easily anyone intrigue. 

And finally and most importantly, there are severe thoughts of hopelessness and death.
I’m suffering from them the most, trying to just be here for my next breath. 

Being so depressed makes me feel helpless and question why be here at all.
But I do know there’s hope, and while waiting to get better, I can’t run but I can crawl. 

So I crawl out of bed daily and I do only a few very simple things.
It’s important to understand your depression and the paralyzing slowness it brings. 

I’m not trying to hide it or snap out of it or dismiss it.
When you’re trapped in depression, you must recognize it, admit it, and with patience treat it. 

I treat my divorce-related depression with prayer instead of medication. 
And I give my mind a makeover every day with Biblical meditation. 

If you are currently depressed or know someone who is,
Share this poetry to help save their life, please.

2/5/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: an Overview of Depression Symptoms

Am I Depressed?

"Am I Depressed?"  #PoemsFromGod

Am I just sad or am I truly depressed? 
Maybe I’m just by the pace of life temporarily stressed? 

Am I always sleepless because I work too much?
Or am I stuck in the deep dark depression clutch?  

I know I’m depressed because I’ve lived like this for too long:
Not wanting to go anywhere and not interested in being strong.

I’m not excited about anything or anyone anymore at all.
I just feel like I live in a deep dark depression hole. 

I have no joy and nothing gives me genuine pleasure.
I don’t give a crap about the things I used to wholeheartedly treasure.

I’m moving from one day to another wishing that it would all just end.
I know I’m depressed because I live in the hopelessness and indifference land. 

But I’ve been saved by Jesus Christ and so I wholeheartedly lean on Him.
I stand firmly on God’s Promises waiting till with joy again my cup He can brim. 

I don’t trust my emotions and feelings, depression or suicidal thoughts.
I trust God’s Promises and I know He has in store for me blessings lots. 

If you are depressed right now, trust in Christ.
Your life is important - at His blood it was priced. 

Your life matters so much that He sacrificed His for yours.
As a precious child of God to you He refers.

You are special, you’re valuable, you matter, so stay alive.
And share your faith and this poetry with others to help ease their depression and possibly save their life! 

2/5/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: Depression Definition and Explanation


"Depression" #PoemsFromGod

Depression is the most fundamental human medical misery.
It’s crippling, it turned me into a suddenly-crying socially-isolated mystery. 

Depression comes without knocking and is incredibly pervasive.
It spreads quickly and takes over. It’s vigorous and abrasive. 

Depression dominates your mind and body authoritatively. 
When I decided to break free, I had to go about it very creatively.

I know Depression too well from personally experiencing its severe damage.
That’s how I can share this information with you. Experience gave me the so-called “advantage”

Depression takes away your ability to feel pleasure and joy.
Depression aims to completely your happiness destroy.

Depression is bad news and unfortunately, it’s very common.
Depression is debilitating and to help yourself, the cause of it you must examine.

What happened initially that forced you to feel at a loss and experience profound sadness?
That initial event - or a series of events - turned your mental health into a lasting depression madness.

What’s mine? Well.. I married an amazing Christian man.
After the wedding, he said he’s not interested in me and instead wants to become an IronMan.

He called his bicycle MY OTHER WIFE I CHEAT ON YOU WITH and it hurt so much,
Then, he filed for a divorce four months after the wedding
and that’s how I got into a depression clutch.

Depression paralyzed me with its well-known psychomotor retardation.
I had no energy to even do dishes or to take care of simple meal preparation.

Depression also takes your life over with its vegetative symptoms:
Inattention, insomnia, low energy - each simply your life cripples.

Depression is not something you can easily using willpower snap out of.
You need to do a root cause analysis and find out what initially triggered all those symptoms listed above.

Take depression seriously and analyze where it’s taking your life overall.
I was so handicapped by depression, I saw no purpose in living at all.

Then, I interviewed myself on paper, in writing, and realized
That I have a purpose and it’s too premature to have my life finalized.

So, I decided that my life is well worth living,
As long as in God’s greater plan I keep believing.

So, I started training my brain, working out, and eating healthy again, 
I begun to walk 10000 steps daily and slowly I got off the crazy depression train.

I confronted every destructive, depressive, suicidal thought with a Biblical affirmation
And that’s how I was able to get my power back by giving my mind an intentional daily transformation. 

Are you depressed? Or do you know someone who is?
Share this poetry with them and spread the hope, please. 

2/6/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: Types of Depression


"Depressed" #PoemsFromGod

Depressed. Is it just a word or is it actually a very serious diagnosis?
Here’s my story of the suicidal depression and Narcissistic hypnosis.

I started experiencing an everyday fatigue and at first thought that  I was just too stressed out and tired.
I began to also feeling sad and stopped being interested in the things by which I used to be genuinely inspired. 

My appetite started changing and I began  binge eating to the point of making myself really sick.
That’s when the idea of being severely depressed started to actually finally click. 

Self-loathing was another depression symptom I began to experience.
I wrote a suicidal poem about how much my existence felt to me purposeless which  felt truly mysterious.

I am aware of the fact that I am well-educated, highly-creative, beautiful, and smart.
But none of it mattered when a Narcissist intentionally decided to mental cruelty on me exercising start. 

I went from being joyful, driven, clear-minded, and fully alive 
To experiencing complete numbness from emotional pain and I just stopped for anything to strive. 

My depression was driving me to suicidal thoughts with complete lack of joy and passion.
And I gave up on doing hair, dressing up, doing makeup, and caring about colors and fashion. 

Isolation and complete social disconnect became my best zone of emotional comfort.
Being alone all day long in pajamas helped me process and accept Narcissistic Abuse from which I so much suffered. 

And then, being weak, isolated, indifferent, sleepless, and mentally sick,
I asked myself where I was going with all this and how I let the Narcissist my brain so eloquently for so long trick. 

And so I decided to do everything I can to pull myself out of the deep depression pit.
I decided that I will never on my life and mental health so easily quit.

Yes, it’s unquestionable: severely traumatic events do happen to us in life.
But life is worth living and even after enduring unimaginable emotional pain we still can thrive.

I started lifting my emotional pain and depression in prayer up to God.
And slowly God pulled me out of the sticky and stinky depression mud. 

God gave me a new understanding of my identity in Christ.
He loved me so much, so I can live, His life He sacrificed. 

I have a new hope again, feel excited about my life, and look forward to what’s coming
As the person God created me to be I’m intentionally becoming. 

Are you depressed? Or do you know someone who is?
Share this video with them,  spread the hope and possibly even save their life please. 

2/7/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: Ten Lessons from My Suicidal Depression

What Causes Depression

"What Causes Depression" #PoemsFromGod

Depression is a much more complex disease 
Than just a simple brain chemical imbalance.
Stressful life events like a divorce or when a loved one deceased
Can throw your headspace completely out of balance.

Add to it faulty mood regulations and physical illness,
Genetic vulnerability and other biological forces,
And you will get an authentic depression realness -
All of those things together are depression causes.

Then, most importantly, there is exhausting overwhelm
From adversity when you can’t see passed your current pain.
I was overwhelmed by the Narcissistic Premeditated Deception realm,
Depressed and suicidal, unable to any new perspective gain. 

Add to that overwhelming pain lack of energy and disinterest in self-care,
Deep grief and living in reality that actually feels to you surreal -
And you get to a mental place where you just stop to dare,
You just have so much pain inside already that with nothing more you can deal. 

The biggest cause of long-lasting depression is sudden hopelessness.
That’s what I experienced after my husband of four months traded me in for a bicycle.
From pain and ache, my bleeding heart experienced unimaginable brokenness,
While he filed for a divorce saying he wants to make his IronMan dream possible

Depression is caused also by childhood losses and early trauma.
This includes losing a parent, having multiple caregivers, experiencing abuse, or being neglected.
Living in a home that’s unsafe exposes a child to constant drama,
By that experience the child who becomes a depressed adult is later affected.

On a list of depression causes are also lack of  vitamins and poor nutrition.
That’s why to fight my depression I completely changed my diet.
To protect myself from this dark disease I’m on a mission.
My body I protect with exercise and food and my mind with meditation by being quite.

And that is the most important depression cause on our list today:
Your mind, your brain, your thought life, and your headspace.
You need to make the time to sit in silence,  be mindful, meditate, and pray. 
Without it, depression will lead you quickly to a dead place. 

I personally lift my depression in my daily prayer up to God.
I ask Him for healing and He comforts me with His supernatural peace. 
He loves me and YOU, never think about your pain He forgot.
In fact, God wants us from our pain to completely release.

But you and I will have to each consciously make our own decision:
Do we want to live? And do we want to live ALIVE?
Depression turned me into a half-dead zombie, I had no future vision.
And then I decided that I don’t want to simply BE. I want to live and THRIVE.

What about you? Do you know that your life is important?
Jesus sacrificed His precious life for yours.
My mind was so completely by that Narcissist-related depression distorted,
Until I decided to want to be free from the depression curse.

You are special, you are valuable, you matter, so stay alive.
And share your faith and this poetry with others to help ease their depression pain and possibly even save their life! 

2/7/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

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Depression and Anxiety

"Depression and Anxiety" #PoemsFromGod

Both Anxiety and Depression are very commonly known, serious mental health problems.
Both have to deal with disruption of your brain’s ability to process information, be happy, and be present.
Depression is sadness which - by replaying your negative past - is disrupting your current mental models.
Anxiety has to do with feeling like your future has no expectations for being at all pleasant. 

Depression causes fatigue, indifference, hopelessness, and unstoppable sadness.
Anxiety causes shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, crying, and excessive fear. 
Depression is like a never-ending binge-watching Netflix madness, 
Only it’s your past life’s adversity replaying over and over on your mental screen. 

Anxiety is replaying all kinds of negative future variations you imagine possible.
Anxiety is chocking you with fear about what can in the future take place.
Anxiety causes you to believe that anything good ahead for you is impossible.
Anxiety with obsessive fear about future takes over your present headspace. 

Let me give you some real-life examples of both anxiety and depression.
I’ll share with you from my personal experience that was hard to explain at the time. 
I thought I was just consumed with a temporary marriage-related fixable obsession.
Until I found myself mentally out of balance, suicidal, and so back to normality I had to take a really hard climb. 

I got married in 2016 and my Christian husband changed into a cruel Narcissist without a warning.
He abused me with such mental cruelty techniques as Narcissistic Silent Treatment, Gaslighting, and Projection.
From anxiety he intentionally instilled in me I found myself hardly breathing and just crying out of fear every morning. 
And in addition to that, I started feeling sadness and grief from enduring his daily manipulation and rejection. 

Many months of that earthly hell with him - and here I was sitting on a witness stand in our 2017 divorce jury trial. 
Both depression and anxiety were running at a really high level in my body by that time.
Depression made me into a slow-thinking, slow-speaking, unable to process simple questions vegetable while
Anxiety had me publicly go through multiple panic attacks, unable to breathe or speak, and just publicly cry. 

The way I slowly conquered in 2018 both my anxiety and depression 
Was by focusing my mind only on my present each and every day.
I intentionally refocused my sad-past and scary-future thoughts obsession
On God’s eternal Promises from the Bible and I wholeheartedly started His word to obey.

I realized that I can’t fix my sad past or do anything if there’s sadness in my future.
But I have God’s vows of protection, wisdom, and peace right now to stand on. 
I realized that I can either the evil Narcissist or my good Father God on my mental screen every day feature.
It’s up to me what mental models I choose to daily and intentionally lean on. 

Are you depressed? Or do you know someone who is?
Share this poetry with them, spread the hope, and possibly save their life, please. 

2/9/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: My Depression Story

How To Deal With Depression

"How To Deal With Depression" #PoemsFromGod

How to deal with depression by taking action 
When action is exactly what you can’t take when you’re depressed
Was the very mystery I was trying to solve for my own inaction
Because my deep sadness got me to the point of suicidal thoughts stressed

The first thing I did that really helped me
Was admitting my depression and not avoiding it.
Refusing to accept I was depressed from healing kept me.
Accepting it empowered me to start intentionally every day destroying it. 

The power of the depression grip on you is its deep sadness.
It eats your brain cells quickly and makes you feel helplessness and hopelessness. 
It’s a constantly playing in your head adversity from the past madness.
It paralyzes you, isolates you from people, relationships, and openness...

How to deal with depression is a great question of hope
Asking  it shows your intentionality about getting yourself mentally to a better place.
You are in control of actions you take with depression to cope.
Sad thoughts of the past with exciting thoughts of the future you CAN replace. 

Dealing with depression requires a healthy daily routine:
Exercise, walk 10000 steps, eat healthy, and sleep till that 8th hour,
Meditate, journal, take a warm shower to feel clean,
And most importantly, take actions to intentionally your mind empower.

Every time your thoughts drift unattended into your sad past,
Refocus your mind gently on your bright future.
With your brain working its way out, depression won’t last, 
Hold your future-focused thoughts tight and with hope intentionally them suture. 

My own brain was turned into a vegetable by a severe depression very recently.
My thoughts ran wild - all focused on my sad past and the idea of suicide.
Then, I let myself imagine the worst vividly,
And my own self screamed out NO! I do want to be alive!

I want to be here, I want to be present, I want to make a difference!
I want to share my story and the fact that there is hope!
I am refusing to live in a zombie mental state and feel complete indifference!
I know my future’s bright, no need to read a horoscope!

I know my Father God created me on purpose!
He made me perfect in His image and He is leading my walk.
I know His infinite intelligence can help me solve whatever problems surface.
I know with Him through prayer I can always talk. 

So, here I am today: excited and mentally strong,
Recording this experience for you to honestly, from the bottom of my heart, tell you
That there is no shame in feeling depressed, nothing with you is wrong!
I am here to empower you and to take action I want to compel you.

Do what I suggested in this video. Invest in you.
Have hope, trust God, lean not on your own understanding.
Practice healthy routines I shared with you.
Stop submitting to depression and start your own mind commanding.

You are special, you’re valuable, you matter, so stay healthy and live ALIVE.
And share this poetry with others to help ease their depression pain and possibly even save their life! 

2/9/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: Depression Treatment and Help

How To Help Someone With Depression

"How To Help Someone With Depression" #PoemsFromGod

Helping someone with depression requires humility, open mind, and patience.
They can’t help you understand them because they themselves don’t understand.
A depressed person can be mentally in all kinds of unusual situations: 
Not taking showers, now cleaning up, or having dirty dishes everywhere for weeks stand. 

Don’t offer for them to snap out of depression ever.
Don’t say this is unfair and they should not feel they way they do. 
If you try to push them, you’ll just force them to isolate even more forever.
They experience profound sadness about the past which  they can’t undo.

You want to help? Just be there quietly.
Bring vitamins, food, and drinks, and don’t expect from them much.
Be their supporter, very often silently,
And don’t point out their NOT being with reality in touch.

Provide compassion and your meaningful companionship
And listen not to judge but to genuinely understand.
Don’t offer in their home organization your uninvited leadership.
Instead, ensure they know you’re there for them and nothing will demand. 

Ensure they know that in their dirty home with them unshowered 
You want to be there and by depression you’re not scared.
They will be comforted by you and feel empowered
And open up to you instead of getting out of their life, like everyone, YOU banned.

Depression takes some time to realize and process.
It’s not your job to speed it up for them.
What you can do to help ensure their progress
Is offer hope and love. Accept and don’t condemn.

Their mind is in the past and needs to see some brightness in the future.
If you insist and push, they simply will avoid you.
But stitch by stitch, you can their broken hope with patience suture. 
And you’ll see eventually that in the future-focused thinking they’ll join you. 

Help grow their faith and talk about God’s eternal promises.
Encourage them with scriptures and remind them how David was depressed.
Elijah’s suicidal thoughts share as this only hope encompasses. 
Depression is not sinful, it is common and it’s biblical instead.

To help someone who knows someone with depression, share this video.
Tell them the things you’ve learned and encourage them to be patient.
At first, sharing my personal depression experience through my poetry with you I felt like an idiot,
But then I decided to step out of my head and speak out to help your situation.

Thanks for watching. Thanks for sharing. Thanks to all.
I hope this video will help you help someone out of a deep dark depression hole. 

2/9/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: Psychomotor Retardation as the Consequence of Depression

Natural Remedies for Depression

"Natural Remedies for Depression" #PoemsFromGod

Natural remedies for helping eliminate depression
Are essential to know, use, and understand
If you don’t want to start on prescription drugs obsession 
And count on pills to simply on your 2 feet every morning stand.

The first natural remedy I found helpful for my depression is having a routine.
Depression strips away the structure from your daily life completely. 
One day melts into the next and you just stay in bed, don’t eat, you don’t clean...
So, setting a simple routine helps you get up, brush your teeth, eat, and make your bed neatly.

Exercise is the next natural remedies recommendation for depression on my list. 
It temporarily boosts in your body the feel-good chemicals called endorphins.
It clears your head and brings up your self-confidence, a little bit at least. 
It grounds you in the present moment instead of your past mistakes, sadness,  and failed performance. 

The next tip that’s been essential to my own depression healing is eat healthy.
Depressed, I suffered from binge eating, making myself with food every night sick. 
Not eating or overeating are two depression symptoms that are very unhealthy.
So, make a plan, prepare your meals, buy only healthy snacks, and to your healthy eating commitment no matter what stick. 

Sleep is next for us to talk about as that’s when your brain recharges and heals.
Depression makes it hard to sleep but lack of sleep worsens depression.
To help yourself sleep well, stop eating late-night meals.
Instead, have a bedtime routine with electronics off and a mint tea nightly session. 

To help yourself sleep better and also to generally clear your headspace,
You need to battle depression with regular meditation.
Choose to have for yourself uninterrupted quiet time in a comfortable place. 
Through peaceful mindfulness choose to  heal your mind’s with sadness agitation. 

To help yourself with sleep, I also recommend a warm bedtime shower.
Essential oils, especially lavender are on my top-ten natural remedies list.
Warm tea with mint, and ginger, and organic raw honey will reduce your depression’s power.
And if you take 10000 steps daily, you’ll not only sleep better but feel incredible, to say the least. 

Make sure to include walnuts for omega 3 fatty acids into your daily nutrition.
They not only help fight depression but offer hearth-healthy benefits as well.
Getting out of depression and preventing your brain from relapsing is a life-long mission.
DHEA supplements and fish oil are also essential natural remedies to help you get well. 

Vitamin D, Magnesium, Iron, and Vitamin B complex are also needed.
Zinc that helps control inflammation and boosts your immune system is also essential.
Nuts, whole grains (whole oats, brown rice, pearl barley, buckwheat), dairy - to eat all I pleaded,
And with these natural remedies I experienced from my suicidal depression release eventual.

Most importantly, remember that depression is prolong sadness about the things of the past.
Confront your negative thoughts from the past with something positive you envision for yourself in the future.
If you develop a healthy routine, sleep, eat well, and rewire your brain, depression won’t last.
Make sure that on your mental always-on TV screen exciting something you intentionally feature. 

Are you currently depressed? Or do you know someone who is?
Share this poetry with them, spread the hope, and possibly even save their life, please. 

2/10/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

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How To Not Be Depressed

"How To Not Be Depressed" #PoemsFromGod

How to not be depressed? Depression is actually way more complex than just a quick list of five simple tips!
I was depressed and suicidal due to Narcissistic Abuse and can tell you honestly that of energy and power depression your brain strips. 

To not be depressed you first need to understand what depression is and how one gets depressed.
If you already know, great, so here are my six ways to avoid depression from personal experience confessed.

First, decide to stay committed to focusing on the future and not your sad past.
Sadness is ok to feel of course, we are humans, but don’t let sadness for too long in your mind and body last.

The second most important tip is you must whatever whoever did to you in the past  forgive.
I know you’re angry at me now for saying this but trust me, bitterness will always a red carpet to your depression give. 

So if you want to stay mentally healthy and out of depression, forgive and let go.
Confront your thoughts of intense sadness and ask is this about the past? Forgiveness is the only solution I know. 

The third tip for you is exercise, eat healthy, take vitamins, and sleep 8 hours.
A healthy routine like this will disempower depression and give your brain all its powers. 

My fourth tip for you is to have lasting, solid, meaningful relationships. 
Having wise people who also love you and invest in your growth, you can ask for support and helpful tips. 

My fifth tip for you is journal and process life events in writing to make sense of everything.
Depression is sneaky and it starts with your mind dwelling on what you can’t understand in life and boom - you’ve made into depression an unnoticed swing.

And final tip from me for you is have faith in Christ.
Remember that God loves you and for you His only Son He sacrificed.

Depression is Spiritual Warfare between the powers and forces and spirits of darkness: that is between Satan and you.
He wants to  suffocate you with sadness, and sin, and doubt, and insecurity, he wants to make you ineffective and to paralyze you. 

Say I’m loved by God 
Unconditionally for eternity 
For my salvation and life His Son He sacrificed 
Nothing can take away from me 
This certainty 
I am inseparable from the love
Of Jesus Christ

Say I have faith in God my Father
I have faith in His great plan
I have faith that He will honor
All His promises in my lifespan

Say I have peace in every way
It is perfect. It is sacred
All the time my Lord is bear
And by Him my life’s directed

Say I am a Princess 
A daughter of the King
Loved and accepted
Sanctified and redeemed

Are you depressed? Or do you know someone who is?
Share this poetry with them, spread the hope, and possibly save their life, please. 

2/10/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: Seven Tips for How To Not Be Depressed

Scriptures for Depression

"Scriptures for Depression" #PoemsFromGod

Scriptures for depression are so many.
Let’s start with Psalm 34:17 for example:
“When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles” it’s saying 
In just this one verse, there is comfort ample.

And then there’s self-examining verse, like a self-interview,
Psalm 42:11 which shares with us this:
“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will praise him, my Savior and my God” and it offers an optimistic view!
Even in the midst of depression we can focus on eternal bliss.

And of course, there’s one of my favorites - Romans 8:38-39.
It says “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” 
I used this verse to create a Biblical affirmation to Scripture and mind tools combine.
I also created canvas wall art to promote God’s Word.

I’m loved by God unconditionally for eternity.
For my salvation and life His Son He sacrificed.
Nothing can take away from me this certainty:
I am inseparable from the love of Jesus Christ.

And the next scripture I love is Psalm 37:23-24:
“The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.”
I was anxious, depressed, and suicidal before
But now I have peace as on God’s eternal Promises I firmly stand.

I have peace in every way.
It is perfect. It is sacred.
All the time my Lord is near.
And by Him my life’s directed.

Are you currently depressed? Or do you know someone who is?
Share this poetry with them, spread the hope, and possibly even save their life, please. 

2/10/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: Scriptutes for Depression - Blog

Dear Emily

"Dear Emily" #PoemsFromGod

You are my beautiful sister in Christ.
To meet you, took my sanity to sacrifice.

I’m glad it happened though. I really am,
Otherwise, I would have lived out a Satan’s scam.

You stepped into my life, when I was the most broken.
You genuinely cared about my heart and pain that was still mostly not even realized and unspoken.

So, I know from my personal experience with you
That God uniquely equipped and qualified you...

To help women who are lost and confused - with your ability to handle the topics I wanted to discuss I was genuinely amused!

God prepared you for such a special time as this.
The Book of Esther
please read and its applicability to your skills do not miss.

I wanted to tell you these things so you know
That my mind with your leadership skills you every week blow.

You are amazing, Emily, you truly are!
From God’s glory in you I am in genuine awe.

2/26/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

Christian Poems by Anna Szabo i'm Loved By God #52Devotionals Pink Shirt for Christian Women

No Aspiration, No Motivation

"No Aspiration, No Motivation, aka Suicidal Ideation" #PoemsFromGod

I feel stuck in life and I don’t care about the future.
I have no desires of any kind, I’m numb, and I feel no motivation.
I searched inside myself, but my broken heart I can’t seem to suture.
I just don’t care and for nothing do I have any aspiration. 

Why can’t I strive for something great and aim to be important?
Why don’t I have at least some kind of meaningful goals?
Why are my hope, my drive, my aim all completely distorted?
Why am I not interested is playing any social roles?

I want to want to want some kind of wanting.
I want to want to live, and matter, and achieve.
Only I don’t. And knowing this is daunting.
I’m being honest: all I do is grieve. 

My life is not at all like everybody else’s:
They have their past, their present, and their future.
I am my past. And all I am is helpless. 
My heart is broken. Can it I ever suture?

3/12/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA


"Gratitude" #PoemsFromGod

Life is an incredible journey of growth and learning.
Having realized it, I begin with gratitude every morning. 

Giving thanks for all my blessings is very healing.
This one habit changed completely the way I’m feeling. 

The fear I used to experience was replaced with calmness.
The anger I used to feel was replaced with warmness.

The depression I was suffering from was replaced with joy
As my mind to its full capacity I’ve learned to deploy. 

When my mind is filled with gratitude, I can’t feel fear.
Thoughts of gratitude prevent anxiety and keep my mind clear.

Dwelling on my blessings leads me to experiencing genuine joy.
Practicing gratitude every day, I can finally my life enjoy. 

5/5/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: Read My Annual Gratitude Journal
Spiritual Poems by Anna Szabo for Christian Living #52Devotionals Pink Mug I'm Loved by God


"Blessings" #PoemsFromGod

Blessings are those special people, things, or events to be grateful for.
Some blessings help us get to a place that’s better than where we were before.

Some blessings are unnoticeable, like unlimited clean drinking water.
Others are very obvious because to us personally they truly matter.

There are also blessings that, at first sight, appear to be a curse.
Those are hard to recognize and wholeheartedly appreciate, of course.

That’s where faith comes into play: in wonderful blessings we must believe!
If we train our mind to seek blessings, a joyful life we can live. 

Blessings are everywhere - all we need is to intentionally look. 
Finding blessings in everything is not a skill taught at school, from a book.

Finding blessings on purpose has to be our own habit every day.
It will become easier with time, the more attention to blessings we intentionally pay. 

Count your blessings, appreciate how unique they are!
Feel grateful, and you will undoubtedly reach for your special star. 

5/5/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals Blue Pillow Christian Home Decor

Mind Over Matter

"Mind Over Matter" #PoemsFromGod

Your thoughts create your future.
It happens every moment.
Your pain and wounds you suture
With every thought and comment. 

You choose your thoughts with free will.
You are in charge of choosing.
Defeating thoughts your dreams kill.
Don’t be your thoughts misusing!

Decide to think of greatness.
Decide to think of joy.
Decide that you with gladness 
Your thought life will enjoy!

No matter circumstances.
No matter wounds and pain.
Your thoughts are your advances.
They make or break your brain.

With healthy thoughts, you’re healing.
With harmful thoughts, you’re sick. 
Bad thoughts can joy be stealing -
To cause you harm they’re quick.

So, choose to think of blessings,
And choose to think of grace.
Start gratitude expressing 
With thoughts of joy and praise.

Your thoughts create your future.
It happens every moment.
Your pain and wounds you suture
With every thought and comment. 

9/18/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA


 "Joy" #PoemsFromGod

Joy is a feeling different than the feeling of happiness.
Happiness is temporary and is driven by external circumstances.
Joy is internal and is not defined by either power or helplessness.
Joy does not depend on our luck, health, career, love, or finances.

Joy is a mental and emotional state of complete contentment.
It’s a consistent acceptance of what is and what is to come. 
Joy exists in the heart and mind that are free of resentment.
Joy brings our whole being back to life from being dead or numb. 

9/19/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA


"Perseverance" #PoemsFromGod

Perseverance is about never ever giving up.
Every time you fall, you must quickly get up. 

Perseverance takes courage and requires you to act in-spite of your fear. 
When you choose faith over fear, you courageously persevere. 

Perseverance is a cure for failure because there’s always that next chance to succeed.
If you commit to persevering no matter what, a victorious life you can lead. 

9/21/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
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Narcissistic Mother

"Narcissistic Mother" #PoemsFromGod

A Narcissistic Mother is egotistical and incapable of love or compassion.
She is self-centered and only for herself does she experience any genuine passion. 

She is a caregiver who treats her daughter as if the child’s aim were to be of service.
She deliberately persuades her daughter that she’s unloved, undeserving, unwanted, and worthless.

A Narcissistic Mother is one moment raging and next moment she is smiling.
She behaves unpredictably; her goal is to win people’s compliments and admiring. 

She has an enmeshed relationship with her daughter where her child’s needs don’t even exist.
If she decides to appear nice, she is pleasant, but in a split of a second, she’s violent and pissed. 

She uses her daughter to fuel her ego or get some money;  that’s pretty much it.
And of course, her true motives she would never openly to anyone admit.

A Narcissistic Mother sucks the life out her daughter and says straightforwardly: “I just want you dead!”
Her daughter ends up with a long-lasting emotional trauma and a life of deep healing ahead.  

10/6/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: The Trauma of The Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers
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Drive Safely

"Drive Safely" #PoemsFromGod

Drive safely, for operating a moving vehicle is a big responsibility.
It requires your full attention and it takes a supreme focusing ability

Drive safely because after I was rear-ended, my whole life went down the hill.
I’ve suffered for months, and the doctors are still trying hard to help me heal. 

Drive safely because car accident injuries took away my independence and health.
It left me with a debilitating concussion and with of physical issues wealth.

Drive safely because these are humans on the road, their lives really matter.
Pay attention to them, pay attention right now, while driving, and not sometime later.

Drive safely because being attentive and careful saves you and others from harm.
Become cautious now, don’t wait to cause people to lose their leg or arm. 

Drive safely for the sake of your own family, future, and health.
Being a bad driver can rob someone of their wellness and you - of your wealth.

10/12/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
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The Lodge

"The Lodge" #PoemsFromGod

Living at the Lodge is like being on  vacation every day.
After busyness at work, you get to enjoy the river and at the pool play.

It is beautiful, peaceful, safe, relaxing, and  clean.
And anywhere you look, there is a breath-taking peaceful scene. 

The most beautiful aspect of living at the Lodge is its people and dogs.
Ok, there’s one more thing I love and it’s the comforting smell of burning logs. 

This place is unique. The neighbors are kind and loving here.
And the most incredible thing is that  Chattahoochee River is so near.  

12/14/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
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"Leadership" #PoemsFromGod 

Leadership is a big commitment and a heavy responsibility.
It takes more than just a natural talent or an inborn ability.

Leadership requires consistent internal work and ongoing evolution 
In order to gain self-awareness and experience transformational revolution. 

Leadership demands genuine humility and intentional meekness.
These behaviors are a discipline of internal strength and not a weakness.

Leadership dies from an inflamed ego, delusions of grandeur, and pride.
Leadership thrives on kindness, compassion, and empathy if applied.

2/12/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals Green Pillow for Christian Women


 "Career" #PoemsFromGod

Career is more than just a job or a sequence of jobs.
It’s an intentional combination of passion, obsession, and dedication lots!

Career must be where our heart is, otherwise, we turn into walking dead.
Without passion, we have no career, but merely a job instead.

Having a career is a privilege and a very special blessing.
You get to apply your heart and Intellect instead of just merely a paycheck chasing.

Pursuing a career activates your internal resources and sets you on fire.
Having a career, not just a job, is everyone’s burning desire. 

2/12/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Inspirational Poems by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals Blue Tank Top for Christian Women

Sophisticated Marketer

"Sophisticated Marketer" #PoemsFromGod

As a marketer, you’re charged with the most important responsibility of delivering leads.
YOU’re required to meet organizational growth goals and sales team’s revenue needs.

A sophisticated marketer can’t do this job alone, the effort must be simplified.
It takes a team to share your precious content and get your funnel amplified.

The only solution is to build personalized Lead-Hubs for your team.
They help every key member deliver quality leads increasing revenue stream.

2/12/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Inspirational Poems by Anna Szabo #52Devotionals Green Pillow


"Failure" #PoemsFromGod

To live life means to be willing to fail.
Often, we try something great to no avail.

And it’s ok - not everything in life is a success.
Life is a journey, so from one stage to the next we must progress.

Failure is a part of such a journey, promoting growth.
Living life requires not either failure or success, but both!

Failure is a normal part of life we must accept,
Yet, our faith in success and our fortitude must be kept...

4/23/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod red Flowy God Created Me


“People” #PoemsFromGod

Why do people hurt each other? 
Why the anger? Why blowups? 
Why the flipping? Why the smother? 
Why stonewalling? Why setups? 

Are they really so aggressive?
Are they actually very bad? 
With their way are they obsessive?
Or are they just simply sad? 

Let’s be patient, let’s be friendly!
Let’s be tolerant and kind!
Let’s be loving, let’s speak gently
People’s hearts let’s bear in mind! 

4/24/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Inspirational Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod I am a Child of God purple Hoodie for Christian Women

Domestic Violence

"Domestic Violence" #PoemsFromGod

Domestic Violence was my substitute for marriage.
Domestic Violence was what I received as love.
Domestic Violence was why I endured disparage.
Domestic Violence has to end. Today! ENOUGH!

Domestic Violence crushed my happily-ever-after.
Domestic Violence caused my homelessness and pain.
Domestic Violence stole my joy and killed my laughter.
Domestic Violence has to stop. It can’t remain!

Domestic Violence was the reason I sought safety.
Domestic Violence made me victim of abuse.
Domestic Violence is quite ugly and quite nasty.
Domestic Violence is what we MUST all refuse. 

4-26-19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA


"Identity" #PoemsFromGod

When I was five years old, my mama told me
That I was born to be a mother and a wife.
I was taught how to make men want me
And that sex was the best key to my best life. 

When at six years old I strived to study,
Mama told me that instead I needed men,
That their focus of attention was my body
And I’d better master sex to live in zen.

When at 15, graduating with high honors,
I left school to go to college and to work,
Mama told me that my wasteful life her bothers,
That my oddity and fancy were a quirk.

When at 19, graduating with high honors, 
After college, I went on to Busines School,
Mama told me I was crazy and went bonkers,
She was hateful, she was violent, she was cruel.

At 24 I graduated with high honors 
From two good schools with two degrees in law and business. 
I mastered also sex and men to meet my mothers
Expectations and demands for my life’s richness.

I got married to Prince Charming and left Russia.
And I strived to be a mother and a wife.
Domestic Violence was my marriage daily crushing.
I had to run away to save my life.

When police took me away to homeless shelter,
I was crushed, I was confused, I was in pain.
In a foreign country I life entered.
To survive, I had to daily use my brain.

Within 18 months, I learned the language
And I passed the Academic English Test.
As an immigrant, I had a disadvantage, 
So I went to school to prove my best.

MBA from GSU was good decision,
Only mama was still living in my head.
She continued my identity collision:
To be mother, to be wife, or stay unwed?

Mama’s voice remained the strongest, so I married.
He was doctor. I was student. We had kids.
Her ideas of myself I always carried:
I’m for men and I’m for sex. Mom’s voice mine beats. 

When I got my MBA and started working,
That second marriage quickly also got dissolved.
As I was hustling a lot and money earning,
My identity and purpose both evolved.

But Mama’s voice was surely ever-lasting: 
You’re for men, you are for sex, you must be wife.
In confusion and in pain my purpose wasting,
I went on to live a very furtive life.

Slept around, drank like crazy, I was sinking.
My identity collision was a burden.
To avoid my pain and life, I was just drinking,
Who I was and whose I was, I was uncertain.

It was April, it was dark, and I was crying.
There was carpet, there were stars, and I was kneeling. 
I was praying - to surrender I was trying.
And that night I did experience deep healing.

I asked Jesus: change my mind and my head’s voices.
I asked Him to lead my life, to guide my journey. 
Ever since my soul is healed and it rejoices.
Mom’s and mine beliefs on life no longer tourney. 

Jesus taught me that I am, in fact, a royal.
Child of God, I am, in fact, King’s Princess.
Ever since, to Him I’m being loyal.
Trusting Him, I am becoming fearless.

Mom’s beliefs and my beliefs no longer matter.
Jesus tells me my life’s purpose and desire.
Single life for me, He says, is better.
His commands today my life inspire.  

4/27/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

Anna Szabo Art

"Anna Szabo Art"  #PoemsFromGod

In this world of busyness and separateness, we’re starving for connection.
We desire to have certainty, feel loved, and experience genuine affection.

Faith gives us certainty that all things together will work for good.
Hope helps us believe in an exciting future where everything come together should. 

We’re told life is about happiness and if we just ask, we shall receive.
We’re expected to always look perfect and feel perfect, and have no chance to grieve.

The truth is that life is seasonal, and bad things do happen to us sometimes.
How do we make sense of life when it isn’t fitting our expected rhymes?

That’s where faith comes into play: life’s bigger purpose we must respect.
There are trials and pain, yes, but seasons of joy we can expect. 

I’m Anna Szabo, the artist who wants to encourage you to believe
And persevere from season to season till your purpose you achieve.

I create art from my own experience - I’ve been abandoned, abused, raped, divorced, and suicidally depressed... 
But I found God, grew in my faith, developed hope, and I’m now living blessed.

To get to this season of joy, I had to open up to my many feelings and to grieve.
I had to realize and embrace who I am, whose I am, why I’m here, and what purpose I must achieve. 

Welcome to AnnaSzaboArt, enjoy my Spiritual Home Decor!
My purpose is to empower you and to ultimately help you soar!

5/29/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA 
Anna Szabo Art - WOMAN - Paintings with Tales

Prayer for Organized Thinking and Personal Initiative

"Prayer for Organized Thinking and Personal Initiative" #PoemsFromGod

God, I’m praying for independent thinking, self-discipline, and productivity. 
My days are filled with busyness, but my future depends on meaningful activity.

Sometimes I confuse busyness for business and I drift quickly nowhere.
I reflect back on my life and, instead of being fulfilling, it feels like a nightmare.

There are so many distractions but I’m ready to do exactly what I need to do.
I’m regretting time wasted in procrastination but my past I can't undo.

From here where I am, God, lead me right now to where I need to go.
Take me to where I will make a difference and help people I don’t even yet know.

Guide me, show me the way, help me be productive and stay organized.
Help me maintain spiritual clarity, physical strength, mental focus, and feel energized. 

I want to serve you with my life but distracted and confused I’ve been.
Change me now. Use me, God! In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 

6/6/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod I Am a Difference Maker Orange Tank Top for Christian Women #52Devotionals

Prayer for Relief from The Past

"Prayer for Relief from the Past" #PoemsFromGod

Dear God,

I’m held by past pain hostage.
Release me from the bondage!

I’m suffering. I’m tortured 
But you my soul have nurtured.

So I believe you’re gracious.
My faith makes me vivacious.

With hope I face my trouble.
For you, I know, I struggle.

You’re pruning me and growing.
Your plan to me you’re showing

Of which my past is portion.
Prevent, God, its distortion!

My past is not my present.
Yes, surely it’s unpleasant

But magnifying heartache,
My past my present I make.

It’s time for moving forward!
My course of life is onward!

Your grace is liberating.
No longer I am waiting!

I’m free, relieved, unburdened!
To serve you I’m determined!

I thank you for my healing.
Redeemed and free I'm feeling.  

6/6/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod I have Peace white sweatshirt for Christian Women #52Devotionals

No One Can Define You

"No One Can Define You" #PoemsFromGod 

Who has ever defined your identity?
What gave that person the power to define YOU?
To think that they know your potential and future is insanity.
Every day you’re growing, changing, evolving, and becoming new.

No one can define you. Ever. 
Except one person on earth. You.
Commit to exploring who you are. Forever.
Allow your SELF to be different from what others ever knew. 

6/13/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod no one Can Define You


“Faith” #PoemsFromGod

Faith is a state of human being.
Without it, we can’t survive for long.
It’s when we’re future clearly seeing, 
To greater plan when we belong.

Faith is a state of human soul,
Which has to feel eternal hope.
Without hope, there is an aimless hole, 
Without it, with life we cannot cope.

Faith is a state of human heart,
Which longs for love and for affection.
Without faith, we quickly fall apart.
Without it, there is no genuine connection. 

Faith is a state of human mind,
Which thrives on certainty and clarity.
Faith gives us promises of every kind:
Forgiveness, freedom, and prosperity...

Faith is the key to joy and peace.
Faith is essential to salvation.
Faith helps our fortitude increase.
Faith is life’s solid foundation. 

7/13/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Spiritual Poems to God by Anna Szabo for Christian Women - heather Grey Shirts for Women I have faith in God #52Devotionals

Prayer for Ministry

 "Prayer for Ministry" #PoemsFromGod

Dear God, I’m committed to leading people to Christ.
I want everyone to know why Jesus was sacrificed.

But I’m also insecure, afraid, anxious, and apprehensive.
I feel, perhaps, I’m not good enough. Maybe ministry is too comprehensive?

But your calling on my life is apparent every time I speak:
I encourage people to follow Jesus and your grace to genuinely seek.

God, remove my insecurities and doubts. Help me walk in my purpose.
I’m here to encourage people to get saved. Why am I so nervous?

Can you liberate me from this affliction or is this a lesson to learn,
Teaching me how between Spirit and Flesh to intentionally and effectively discern?

God, I’m praying for my ministry and, though it’s not easy, I’m all in!
I want to guide people to trust your promises and on the Lord to lean. 

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ for faith, felicity, and fortitude,
And, though I’m insecure and scared, I pray for confidence and fearless attitude. 

7/16/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Spiritual Poems about God by Anna Szabo for Christian Women - I am a Difference Maker Orange Hoodie #52Devotionals

Narcissistic Mother Hates Her Daughter

"Narcissistic Mother Hates Her Daughter" #PoemsFromGod

Narcissistic mother inherently hates her daughter’s guts.
She sees her as another woman, of whom she’s envious and jealous.
She might be nice to people, even kissing others’ butts,
But to her daughter she is never good or  kind or simply zealous. 

Her only goal is to destroy her daughter permanently.
She’s filled with hatred, animosity, and ill will.
She says “I want you dead!” to her descendant personally.
She tries tenaciously her child to harm or kill. 

7/17/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: The Trauma of The Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers
Poems about God by Anna Szabo for Christian Women - I am loved and accepted by God Pink Hoodie #52Devotionals

I’m a Poet

"I’m a Poet" #PoemsFromGod

I’m a poet.

I spent 22 years in school, got 4 university degrees from 2 countries,
And no one even noticed:

I’m a poet.

Never did I think about this, never did I want it, 
But poetry did want me.

I’m a poet.

How did you start writing? Where did you learn it? They ask me.
I didn’t. Poetry learned me.

I’m a poet. 

God has placed His word in my heart and mouth. 
This is not my doing. This is His work through me.

I’m a poet.

The morning before my divorce, He woke me up at 4 am and gave me a poem.
God revealed my identity in Christ to me in the form of a poem. 

I’m a poet.

In the midst of a broken marriage, broken heart, and broken life, God gave me a poem.
The rivers of living water will flow from deep within you - God said.
And He made me a poet.

So... I’m a poet. 

7/17/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Poems about God by Anna Szabo for Christian Women - a Purple Mug with Spiritual Poems #52Devotionals

To My Spiritual Sister

"To My Spiritual Sister" #PoemsFromGod

You look and talk so different,
Yet, we are much alike.
In Russia raised you weren’t,
Yet, you I really like.

We have the same perspective.
We help each other out.
Our friendship is effective - 
Hard things we figure out.

We influence each other.
We help each other heal.
Though we don’t have same mother,
My sister you’re for real!

Our sisterhood is sacred.
It’s spiritual, divine.
With you, I can get “naked” -
With truth, we both align. 

7/24/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Poems for God by Anna Szabo - I am a Princess Hoodie for Christian Women #52Devotionals

Abiding In Christ vs Living In My Own Power

"Abiding In Christ vs Living In My Own Power" #PoemsFromGod

Lord, you’re my eternal leader and guide.
In you every day I wholeheartedly abide.
I obtain, observe, and obey your Word.
It’s my heavenly strength and my spiritual sword. 

Lord, on my own, I feel wicked and weak.
I get selfish and drift: worldly comfort I seek.
But in you, I feel purposeful and Spirit-driven.
I use wisely the talents in advance to me given.

Lord, you’re my vine and I am your branch.
I want to bear fruit but my journey is strange.
I don’t understand it and frankly resent it.
I can’t comprehend it. So, I condemn it.

Lord, do I trust you? I trust you, indeed!
You’ve always been near and fulfilled my each need.
But my future is foggy. It is unknown.
I want for my future to me to be shown.

Lord, I am scared of what future might hold.
What if my life will as tragic unfold?
I want to know future. I want to control it.
I want to impact it. I want to uncoil it.

Lord, it’s impossible for me to be you.
So, I surrender whatever I knew!
You give me peace, joy, and contentment.
You take away my childish resentment.

Lord, I abide in you. I abandon my own power.
I discover your plan daily. Your Word I devour.
You reveal yourself to me, Lord, undoubtedly.
I surrender my control to you and live astoundingly. 

7/29/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Poems To God by Anna Szabo - i Abound in Hope Christian Apparel for Women #52Devotionals


"Kindness" #PoemsFromGod

Kindness is not a virtue of saints.
All of us have the potential for kindness
When our ego essentially faints,
When we give up our childish blindness.

Kindness is strength. Kindness is power.
Kindness requires compassion and empathy.
Your genuine kindness can people empower,
Uniting our world in harmonious sympathy.

2/1/2020 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
ITCEBO model by Anna Szabo - How to think about thinking

Answered Prayers

"Answered Prayers" #PoemsFromGod

God, I asked you for a women’s ministry, and you gave me an abusive spouse.
I prayed for less anger and more patience,  and you gave me a flooded house. 

I was so confused at first but having reviewed my life, I understood you.
I examined my prayers and your answers and finally I got the divine clue.

I wanted a women’s ministry, so you had to equip me with fortitude and endurance.
You gave me a cruel husband to reveal your wisdom and bless me with reassurance...

That my life is guided by you and that your plan for me is truly good.
Facing my flooded home without any anger today, your ways I understood. 

God, thank you for answering my prayers in your unconventional and divine way.
I surrender to you, I follow you, your will and guidance with gratitude I obey. 

4/13/2020 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
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A Poem About Water Fasting

“A Poem About Waster Fasting” #PoemsFromGod

Water fasting is a difficult journey to optimal health.
Health is a very unique, rare, and special type of wealth.

It’s not something you can inherit from relatives or go buy.
You must earn health by sleeping, exercising, and eating to live - not to die. 

The obstacles to optimal health surround you everywhere:
Ice cream, burger, pizza, fries, chocolates, and soda are found anywhere. 

These are addictive drugs, which are stronger than cocaine.
They trick, addict, damage, and destroy your one and only precious brain.
These drugs are specifically designed by food scientists to get you hooked,
To get you overeat, crave crap, and to make your wellness overlooked. 

They are ought to make you fat, miserable, sick, and nearly dead.
They aim to give you diseases so that you’re permanently stuck on your bed.

The only way to get unhooked from all the food crap is to do a water fast.
It helps restore your brain, your stomach, your arteries, and heals you best.

Though fasting on water won’t make you feel good.
It will however mobilize and cleanse all kinds of crap and get your body to reboot. 

After your water fast, eat healthy plants, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.
That way fasting on water meets your health goals and even exceeds. 

Don’t put crappy food into your mouth, avoid getting crap-hooked. 
Eat raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, as well as whole grains cooked. 

When you achieve optimal health and people try to get you off track,
When they offer you deep-fried chicken, cheesy mushed potatoes, and other crap... 

Learn to say "no thank you" and stay true to your values and health priority.
Exercise boundaries and refuse crappy food with determination and authority.

5/3/20 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA 
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Water Fasting vs Gluttony

“Water Fasting vs Gluttony” #PoemsFromGod

Water fasting is a tough test for your discipline, fortitude, commitment, and spiritual maturity. 
It rids your body of addictive food crap, chemicals, and fat. And it helps you achieve spiritual purity.

Without food, day after day, you feel deprived, trapped, physically weak, and emotionally unstable.
Only God can help get you through. He gives you strength. God is of divine comforting able. 

Water fasting journey tests your thinking, wisdom, and your willingness to abide in Christ.
Jesus gave up His life to set you free. The least you can do is just a few meals to sacrifice. 

Sacrificing food, your temptations, salt and fat addictions, and mental focus isn’t easy at all.
That’s why to be able to fast on water only, you must every day wholeheartedly on God call. 

You must have strong reasons to fast on water only, not just weight loss, that goal is too vain. 
You must set your eyes on the Lord and desire Him more than food, that’s how you can stay sane. 

During your water fast, you’ll be tested plenty: your faith, your body, your priorities, your will, your strength, your habits, and your mind.
At the end of your water fast, you’ll be renewed physically, mentally, and spiritually: you’ll no longer be weak and blind.

You’ll be able to see clearly that food is no longer your master, it can’t control you, you have one master, you belong to God.
You’ll understand what the Bible means in saying: put a knife to your throat if the sin of gluttony the best of you got. 

You’ll be able to honor God with your body, eat like Daniel did, and flee from the food addiction gluttony sin.
You’ll be able to focus on building mental, emotional, and spiritual strength, abide in Christ, and stay lean. 

5/4/20 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
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All Lives Matter

"All Lives Matter" #PoemsFromGod

I grew up among the people who looked in every way exactly like me.
It would take years before my trip to Jamaica where it would ultimately strike me
That people come in different colors, sizes, ethnic backgrounds, and shapes;
That there are black people, Hispanic people, Asian people - I’ve experienced international handshakes! 

What I’ve learned is that skin color or eye shape are not something I want to see.
Identifying people as blacks or whites is something from which I must flee!
The color of the skin, the shape of the body, the size of the person, or their hair
Are all the things I personally don’t value, in other words, I genuinely don’t care! 

What matters to me are a person’s life story, what’s in their head and heart.
What I value is that the person is honest, kind, respectful, inclusive, and works hard. 
What I appreciate is the person’s dreams, goals, aspirations, and passion.
What I want to see it that the person has true empathy, goodwill, and compassion. 

All lives matter, and the only way to embrace the truth is to become colorblind.
We need to stop dividing people to blacks and whites. Let’s be together! Let’s bind! 
We are all in this together, as humans, as children of God, we matter all the same! 
Separating people to blacks and whites yet advocating for inclusivity is insane! 

If you are against racism, then right now you must choose to become colorblind!
You must promote unity, not division, you must help our country to peace find. 
If you continue to speak of people with the emphasis on the same old black and white,
Nothing will ever change, we will remain divided, we will continue to fight.

So, ask yourself right now what it is that you really truly genuinely want. 
Be honest with yourself, be bold, be straightforward, and be upfront. 
If you are a heart-driven activist advocating that black lives matter, 
Become a colorblind humanitarian bringing all people together because all lives matter. 

6/12/20 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

There you have it – my entire collection of spiritual poems called “Poems from God” shared right here, for the first time ever. The journey, which led me to become a Christian speaker and poet, has been filled with adversity. These poems were born as I was going through the valley of the shadow of death. But as you’ve witnessed, God is good all the time, and He gave me beauty for my ashes. All glory to Him.

If you want to support what I’m doing in the world, if you want me to continue creating helpful content that encourages and empowers women, if you value my work, donate to my ministry now.

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You’ve just read my entire collection of poems about God, poems to God, inspirational poems, depression poems, love poems, Christian poems, spiritual poems, mental health poems, poems about domestic violence, poems about abuse, and forgiveness poems.

“Poems from God” is a collection by me, Anna Szabo, consisting of 100+ Christian spoken word pieces, each born during my conversations with God during a difficult season of life where I dealt with a lot of adversity.

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These poems reflect my suffering in a broken marriage, the heartbreaks from the abuse I endured, my depression and suicidal ideation, my time of prayer for my now ex-husband Michel, the wrestling with my identity, and the transformation to who I am today: a child of God who stands firmly on God’s eternal promises and has joy from embracing God’s word every day.

I help women see themselves the way God sees them. 

In the last few years, I’ve personally been on a quest to figuring out and conquering the negative voices in my head that distort my understanding of who I am. I call those voices the Shitty Committee, and each of us has that special committee in our headspace. 

I’ve specifically been focusing on my identity in Christ. 

From the Bible, I discovered 52 incredibly-positive things God says about us as His children. Those 52 precious discoveries turned into 52 Biblical affirmations I created to encourage and empower Christian women. 

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Stand firm and know what God says about you.

Which of my poems resonated with your heart? Let me know in the comments below. If YOU are a poet, share your spiritual poems here as well, I would love to hear from you today.

God bless!

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