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Christian Podcast

The Anna Szabo Show is a Christian podcast for women available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google Play, YouTube,, and anywhere you enjoy listening to your shows.

The Anna Szabo Show was born in 2017 when I was struggling with severely suicidal depression. God grew my faith and hope and asked me to share the Gospel with you.

My mission is to alleviate suicide among women by encouraging YOU to grow in faith and hope. My vision is to help YOU live a joyful life by embracing God's word. My goal is to make the Gospel practical and applicable to YOUR daily experiences.

This Christian podcast for women offers not only talk-show style content, but also Christian spoken word poems, prayers, and Biblical meditations. In 2019, I published my first book of Christian bedtime stories called "How Princess Lana Developed Faith and Fortitude" and I will be sharing those magical fairy tales packed with Biblical wisdom on The Anna Szabo Show. My audience is global. Currently, listeners tune in to enjoy this Christian podcast from the United States of America, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Vietnam, Brazil, Australia, Ireland, India, Iceland, Japan, Israel, Spain, France, and many other countries.

The Anna Szabo Show podcast is not a place where I tell you how to have an Instagram-picture-perfect life or to be Facebook-perfect. In fact, my life isn't perfect at all. I struggle like everyone else, and that's why I need Jesus daily. My platform is for sharing out of a place of genuine caring. Sometimes my life rocks and sometimes it sucks. If your life is no fairytale, I want you to know that you're not alone. Let's follow Jesus together!

Through God's grace, I am still here, still going, finding blessings, and feeling joy. Joy is what I want for you. My podcast for Christian women is the kind of atmosphere you'd experience during a sleepover at a girlfriend's house. I tell you everything and I don't hold back.

You see, it's important to talk about this truth: life is seasonal. My life isn't filled with pink glitter, rainbows, and unicorns. But God's grace is sufficient for me. I've gone through many seasons of adversity. I've experienced childhood abuse, two suicide attempts, teen pregnancy, miscarriage, domestic violence, homelessness, divorce, anxiety, depression, weight issues, addictions, narcissistic abuse, and the list goes on...

And I experienced God's amazing grace. I share about it from the heart to encourage and empower you through The Anna Szabo Show. I hope you can add it to your list of best Christian podcasts.

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Podcast Series

Anna Szabo's Christian Podcast on Online Discipleship For Women - The Anna Szabo Show

Talk Show Format

Enjoy thought-provoking content about God, Gospel, and everyday life.
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Christian Meditation for women by Anna Szabo

Biblical Meditations

Relax your mind and revive your soul with my Christian guided meditation.
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Christian Spoken Word performed by Atlanta Poet Anna Szabo at an Open Mic Night at Urban Grind

Christian Poems

Explore my Christian poems on the topics of love, faith, identity, and joy.
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Biblical Prayers by Anna Szabo of Online Discipleship for Women

Biblical Prayers

Get comforted by Biblical Prayers based on conversations with God.
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Anna Szabo invites you to listen to The Anna Szabo Show podcast

What Listeners Say

"Your beautiful, strong, and healing words have come at a perfect time. Thank you, Anna. I found and listened to your content at a perfect moment." - Pamela

"I really enjoy how many of your affirmations are focused on just how much we are loved just the way we are and that we are special and have gifts to offer." - Toni

"Anna's podcast on forgiveness has really helped me to refocus on God's truth during a hard time in my life. I'm so thankful that Anna is willing to share her struggles so that others can know they aren't alone, take practical steps to forgive, and be reminded of the importance of forgiveness." - PanaMaineian

"Anna, you truly are helping me mend my relationship with God. I love this podcast and I wish I could meet you and give you a big hug! Thank you for your experience and wisdom." - Madisonursemom

Podcast for Women

Biblical Devotionals for Women by Anna Szabo of Online Discipleship for Women

Biblical Devotionals

Enjoy Biblical Affirmations that helped thousands of women to discover their identity in Christ.
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Anna Szabo of Online Discipleship for Women explains how to feel emotions again

Feeling Emotions

Let's talk about such human emotions as anger, sadness, and anxiety, which Jesus Himself felt.
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Anna Szabo of Online Discipleship for Women explains how to talk to God

Conversations with God

Listen to my real-life conversations with God and explore how to talk to your Creator about anything.
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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery story told by Anna Szabo of Online Discipleship for Women

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Hear my story of Narcissistic Abuse recovery, which helps victims of Narcissistic Abuse move on.
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Self-Care Ideas

Self-Care Ideas

Try my 30 self-care ideas. These self-care strategies will help you feel rejuvenated.
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How to Forgive someone who hurt you - Anna Szabo

How to Forgive

Discover the Biblical tools and strategies I created and practice daily to help me learn how to forgive.
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How to Pray to God by Anna Szabo of Online Discipleship for Women

How to Pray to God

Find out how to pray to God about anything, anywhere, any time. He cares about you.
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How to deal with Rejection by Anna Szabo of Online Discipleship for Women

Dealing with Rejection

Hear me share how to deal with rejection based on my own experiences of feeling rejected.
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Anna Szabo of Online Discipleship for Women explains God's Promises

God's Promises

Understand and believe in God's promises. Learn to wholeheartedly trust God during hard times.
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Who Am I In Christ? 52 Biblical Affirmations by Anna Szabo

Who Am I In Christ?

Learn 52 answers to questions "Who Am I In Christ?" and "What Does God Say About Me?" as well as "Who Does The Bible Say I Am?" Enjoy my 52 Biblical Affirmations from God!

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Why Do Bad Things Happen? 

Explore with me this sensitive and important topic: "Why do bad things happen to good people?" I'll share my keynote speech from the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs.

Gratitude Journal by Anna Szabo - Annual Thanksgiving Journal

Thanksgiving Journal

Enjoy this annual Thanksgiving Journal, which shares the heart-felt records from my personal gratitude journal. It's updated every year, so bookmark it to come back often!