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I help women see themselves the way God sees them. Allow me to empower your community with my story of transformation. Invite me to share a message of hope.

Anna Szabo - Christian Speaker for Women

I help women see themselves the way God sees them. My mission is to help alleviate suicide among women globally by sharing hope in Christ. I am a TEDx speaker 2020 for TEDx Marietta Square and also I am called "a Wonder Woman speaker." My wonder power is my baggage: suicide attempts, divorces, addictions, and so much more. If you have baggage, you have wonder power, too!

I was born in Kursk, Russia to a single mother who didn’t want me. She shared with me how she got pregnant accidentally, went to abort me, but for the sake of her health, she couldn't undergo the abortion. She dressed me up as a boy and called me a boy's name "Anton." The rejection I endured and my identity confusion led to devastating emotional pain, multiple addictions, two suicide attempts, two sexual assaults, three failed marriages, four successful college graduations, one award-winning book published, suicidal depression, and this ministry.

Growing up, I didn't know who I was and whose I was. My mom never failed to remind me how she didn't want me. Seeking acceptance and being confused led me to some bad decisions. In 2008, I came to America as a mail-ordered bride (no, I'm not kidding). That marriage resulted in domestic violence. After Prince Charming abused me four times, three Dunwoody police officers took me away. In 2009, I lived in a shelter for victims of domestic violence called International Women's House. In a foreign country, without speaking the language, I was homeless, hopeless, and helpless. Listening to Frank Sinatra, I taught myself English in 1.5 years and passed the academic English test (IELTS) on January 24th, 2011 at Southern Polytechnic College. After that, I was accepted to Georgia State University Professional MBA. In 2013, I published a book about my life story called "Turn Your Dreams And Wants Into Achievable SMART Goals!" which was recognized by Indie Excellence Awards and International Book Awards. That same year, I graduated with an MBA from Georgia State University.

Ever since I gave my life to Christ in 2014, my baggage became my wonder power. Today, I share my story and give God all the glory. Invite me to speak at your next event, and I will encourage and empower your audience.

Christian Speaker Anna Szabo - Wonder Woman Speaker








I just finished attending Anna’s workshop and it was a tremendous experience! The power of Anna’s workshop is her ability to, through her own experiences, have the group open up and share, which makes the workshop so meaningful.

Tom Hayes

Safeguard Self Storage

The difference between Anna and other speakers is wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to relate knowledge to your own life and the lives of others. Anna has a good way of doing that!

Deborah Daniel

eWomen Network

Anna’s presentation was thought-provoking and got my mind working. It was very interesting and very well presented.

Bill Ford

British-American Business Group

Anna taught us how we can improve our lives, how to set goals, and how to be more positive. She offered interactive templates that helped people because when you write it down, you make it real. I recommend Anna highly. This was one of the best seminars I’ve been to!

Ann Keys-Spencer

eWomen Network

I’ve learned how to manage emotions in business, especially decision-making. Anna was very engaging, kept the crowd involved for all 60 minutes, and I got a lot out of it.

Adam Soffe

British-American Business Group

The power of Anna’s presentation isn’t necessarily the material, although that is very powerful. It’s in herself. Her ability to draw people out, get them to participate, engage, to think about what they want - that’s what makes this entire seminar so powerful.

David Curtis

Safeguard Self Storage


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Online Discipleship for Women by Anna Szabo - a ministry for Christian women

About Online Discipleship For Women

John 16:33 says in this world we will have trouble

When we come to Jesus, we get excited about going to heaven, being sanctified, loved, and accepted. Yet, we don’t get excited about the trouble in our lives. I was excited to follow Christ and enjoy His unconditional love, but when unimaginable trouble broke my world, I was devastated. And I was confused: “God, didn’t you say that you’ll protect and defend me? Didn’t you promise me lots of good things and beauty? This, what I’m going through, can’t possibly be good or beautiful. So, are you even real, God? Are you there?! Hello? Can you hear me?”

Online Discipleship For Women was founded in 2017. I was struggling with severely suicidal depression. God grew my faith and hope. He asked me to share the Gospel with you. My mission is to alleviate suicide among women by encouraging YOU to grow in faith and hope. My vision is to help YOU live a joyful life by embracing God's word. My goal is to make the Gospel practical and applicable to YOUR daily experiences.

Share this message with a woman who needs to hear God's truth right now.


Troubles in my world were what aspired me to build Online Discipleship For Women. Through those worldly troubles, I grew closer to Jesus - the real God, not the Santa Claus kind of God, but the risen savior who has a special plan to use my story for His glory. I never had imagined starting a ministry for Christian women. Not only because I myself wasn’t even a Christian but also because something like this would be the last thing on my mind. The typical things I was excited about for most of my adult life were sex, alcohol, travel, night clubs, hairdos, and shopping.

How And Why I Gave My Life To Christ

I came to Christ in 2014, and He’s been working in my heart ever since, drawing me closer one day at a time. In the beginning, I did believe in the Santa Claus kind of God though: I’ll check the boxes for being nice and He’ll give me a fairytale kind of perfect life. Well, that’s not how things turned out for me.

I discovered the depths of the Gospel listening to the teachings of Randy Pope at Perimeter Church and reading the book of Laura Story called “When God Doesn’t Fix It.” Interestingly enough, the book was a gift for graduation from premarital counseling in 2016. And as I walked down the aisle a few months later, I was wondering why such a book would be given to me because my marriage - I was confident - was going to be God-glorifying and perfect since all the proper boxes were checked and I was marrying a good Christian man.

How My Faith Matured Through Trials

See, I had a performance-based view of God. However, He wanted me to be in an intimate relationship with Him and be completely dependent on Him. That fantasy ended as my new husband filed for divorce four months after our wedding. That’s when I read Laura’s book. I read the Bible, too. I dove deep into the Gospel and found hope and healing. And I finally accepted the “troubles in this world” realizing that God’s plan is good.

Just a few months after my wedding, I was divorced and discovered that there’s no Santa Claus God.

I also discovered that I have a sovereign, loving, kind, and understanding Heavenly Father who has a perfect plan I can’t see since I'm too close to my life circumstances. I don’t have His infinite intelligence and can’t comprehend how divorce, depression, and other “troubles” can possibly be used for good. Yet, I must trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own limited understanding.

Becoming A Christian Motivational Speaker

God placed this ministry in my heart. Online Discipleship For Women was born.

The desire to share the Gospel has been burning on the inside every day ever since. I launched my Christian podcast and started speaking openly about my story giving God all the glory. The feedback was so encouraging, and after the podcast was downloaded 30K times, I decided to also publish Christian videos on YouTube. My channel grew fast, and women were sharing how encouraging my content was and how it helped their life situations. I started speaking at events as well, and Johns 7:38 was the best explanation of what was happening:

"Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them" - John 7:38

Uniquely Equipped And Prepared

I do see how God uniquely equipped and prepared me to minister to women just like me: those who didn't grow up in church but do want to follow Christ, yet feel unworthy because of their past mistakes. I did fight God for a long time as I felt extremely insecure about my heart's desire for ministry. God won the battle with me, so welcome to Online Discipleship For Women!

I am here to be your community: to pray for you, to encourage you, and to follow Jesus together with you.

Please don’t think I’m perfect. I’m still a human with flesh fighting the Spirit daily. But I do love Christ and I want to share His good news with YOU. Jesus is my strength and guide. He inspires all this content. Enjoy my Christian podcast, watch my YouTube videos, explore my Biblical wall art, check out my collection of Christian apparel, download the free book of the devotionals I wrote for you, and send me your prayer requests.

Welcome to my community!

p.s: if you're looking for top Christian speakers, invite me to speak at your next event and make it unforgettable!

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