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Set goals: specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-bound. Christian coaching offers powerful accountability.
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I help women see themselves the way God sees them. That transformation leads to a genuinely joyful life. Allow me to empower you and help you create a joyful life by embracing God’s word. Are you ready for your mind and life transformation? Complete your Christian Coaching application now.

Client Testimonials

Alethea Tinkle

Alethea Tinkle

Christian Coaching Client
I’m very satisfied with the Christian Coaching provided by Anna. I gave myself this gift for my 39th Birthday. I set some habits and created a space and time for me. It’s been empowering and awesome to see how taking care of me first means I have more to give to others. On a scale from 1 to 10, Anna’s contribution to my discovery of my life’s purpose, my understanding of my feelings and decisions, my level of gratitude, and the overall impact of coaching on my body and mind are all at a 10. I consistently experienced increased levels of joy, peace, and self-acceptance as the benefits of our work together. I didn’t realize it was available to me OR so important! Anna, you are a naturally gifted mentor and because of your relationship with God, you have an outpouring of positivity and wisdom.

Investment Options


$ 500 per package

  • focus: one goal
  • duration: one week
  • personalization: custom content
  • phone engagement: two 15-min calls
  • email engagement: three emails, one assignment each
  • one assessment of progress at the end
  • text message availability: one a day
  • no refunds


$ 1250 per package

  • focus: one goal
  • duration: two weeks
  • personalization: custom content
  • phone engagement: four 30-min calls
  • email engagement: six emails, one assignment each
  • weekly assessment of progress, two total
  • text message availability: three a day
  • no refunds


$ 2500 per package

  • focus: one goal
  • duration: four weeks
  • personalization: custom content
  • phone engagement: ten 45-min calls
  • email engagement: ten emails, one assignment each
  • weekly assessment of progress, four total
  • text message availability: ten a day
  • no refunds


The goal of Christian Coaching with me is to transform your life by transforming your mind. Your mind controls your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and outcomes. I designed a unique coaching framework for you, which focuses on your fundamental identity, your thought process, and your application of God’s word in everyday life. My framework is called ITCEBO model. Incidents (I) that happen in your life lead to your specific Thoughts (T), which lead to your Choices (C), which in turn lead to your Emotions (E), which result in specific Behaviors (B), which ultimately lead to the Outcomes (O) of your life. That’s my ITCEBO model in a nutshell.

Now, let’s take a look at it backward: if you want to change your Outcomes (O), you must change your Behaviors (B), which requires for you to change your Emotions (E), which are controlled by your free will of Choice (C), which is determined by your Thoughts (T), which relate to a specific Incident (I). Are you with me? Take a look at the model I designed with scriptures: bit.ly/ITCEBOmodel

To change your outcomes in life, you must change your thoughts about your life incidents. The Bible calls us to take every thought captive and submit it to the truth of Christ. It teaches us what to think about: whatever is good, honorable, and praiseworthy. My Christian Coaching framework (ITCEBO) is based on Biblical scriptures about life incidents, your thoughts, your choices, your emotions, your behaviors driven by either spirit or flesh, and the outcomes of your life. I’m here to help you transform your mind. Are you up for it?

God placed this ministry, Online Discipleship For Women, in my heart when I was transforming the outcomes of my own life by optimizing my behaviors, which I did by changing my emotions, which was done by improving my thinking about specific life incidents. I used my ITCEBO coaching model to coach myself out of severely suicidal depression in 2017. Also, I lost 21 lb, paid off over $20K of debt in less than 12 months, and Online Discipleship For Women ministry was born. I committed my life to helping YOU, the woman who wants to create a joyful life by embracing God’s word and is ready for a radical transformation.

“Whoever believes in me, the scripture said, rivers of living water will flow from deep within her” – John 7:38. All the content of my Christian Coaching program, blog, podcast, my books, and the products I created for you was breathed into me by the Holy Spirit. That’s why I’m able to help my coaching clients. I don’t do it in my own power, I do it through the power of the Holy Spirit. God knows your heart. He helps me help YOU.


Christian Coaching with me is designed for women who are ready for radical transformation. The first step is yours. If you understand who I am, what I do, and how I do it, and you believe that I can help you, scroll down and purchase one of the three coaching packages I offer: Basic, Advanced, or Premium. No refunds are offered, so make sure you’re certain and committed. Once you have purchased your chosen coaching package, you must complete the application for Christian Coaching with me. The application is an interview about YOU. The more I know about you, the better equipped I’ll be for coaching you toward your ambitious goals.

The second step, consequently, is to purchase your desired coaching package and complete the application as thoroughly as possible. After that, you and I will have our initial call where we will define one goal to work toward. Where focus goes, energy flows. So, focus is very important if we want to accomplish great results for you.

The third step, as you can see, is for you to focus. I will provide coaching and accountability but it’s YOU who must take consistent specific actions toward your goal in order to experience positive transformation. That’s the only way to succeed. And I want you to succeed. That’s why in your Christian Coaching application I ask you to define success and set a goal. With success clearly defined and your focus on that one goal, we get to work. You reap what you sow. If you work with me and follow our Christian Coaching program consistently, you will accomplish your goal and experience a positive transformation.

The fourth step is for you to have faith and trust in the Lord with all your heart. Did you know that God wants you to succeed? Here’s what Psalm 20:4 says: “May God give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” Christian Coaching with me can help you identify and overcome any obstacles in your way to success.

The fifth step is for you to continue staying dedicated and, with the help of Christian Coaching from me, run your own special race in life because God created you for a divine purpose. You have a purpose. Yes! There are people, circumstances, memories, and afflictions that may weigh you down right now. I understand because I myself have been through a lot in life. Christian Coaching with me will help you navigate your current situation and leave behind all the weight so that you can step into your purpose and power, transform your mind and lifestyle, and run your own divine race toward the desired success.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him, he endured the cross”
Hebrews 12:1-2.

You’ve endured a lot. Now, let’s create a joyful life for you by embracing God’s word.


You can benefit from Christian Coaching with me if you are a Christian woman, know what you want, need help conquering some of your obstacles, one at a time, and you’re ready to take action consistently. You want to work with me because you like my style and intensity. You’re willing to do what it takes to experience positive transformation. You know I will keep you accountable and offer solutions to your specific problems. You want to work with me now.

You will not enjoy working with me if you’re looking for a soft, sweet Southern Belle. I’m intense, serious, and I mean business. My role is to keep you accountable and help you accomplish your ambitious goals. Your success is my bottom line. Let’s focus on getting you to where you want to be.

You will have to complete a Christian Coaching application I designed for you. There, you’ll need to write out what you know about me and why you believe I can help you. If you don’t know much about me, do yourself a favor and take a look at my videos and podcasts, read my blog, get my free book here, and see if we are a good match before you hire me as your Christian Coach. I’m eager to help you but be ready for serious intensity and accountability.

My personal experiences of overcoming adversity equipped and prepared me to help women who have gone through some similar things. So, to help you decide if we’re a good match, here’s a list of just some difficult life circumstances I was able to deal with in my life: Childhood Abuse, Bullying, Narcissistic Mother, Suicide Attempts, Sexual Assaults, Teen Pregnancy, Sex Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Food Addiction, Emotional Eating, Domestic Violence, Homelessness, Divorce, Narcissistic Abuse in Marriage, Depression, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, OCD, C-PTSD, Social Anxiety, Fear of Public Speaking, and many more trials in life.

I’m originally from Russia and came to America as a mail-ordered bride in 2008. I spoke no English and taught myself in 18 months listening to Frank Sinatra. I also graduated from four universities, one of which is Georgia State University Professional MBA (2013). In addition to my MBA, I have a doctorate in Criminal Justice (JD). I gave my life to Christ in 2014 and was called to ministry by Him who had prepared good works in advance for me to do before He even made me in His image. If you think I’m your cup of tea, I’m here to help you transform your mindset, optimize your life, and achieve your goals. I am the award-winning author of a goal-setting book called “Turn Your Dreams And Wants Into Achievable SMART Goals!”


Discover your life’s purpose. Accept your Princess identity as a child of God. Transform your mindset. Get rid of your ANTs: automatic negative thoughts. Optimize your habits and lifestyle. Achieve your goals. Design the life you enjoy. The benefits of hiring me as your Christian Coach have to do with five things: my experience, my wisdom, my calling, my personality, and your needs.

Though it appears to be that four things have to do with me and only one thing has to do with you, the reality is that all five of these benefits have to do with you because Christian Coaching is about you and what you want to accomplish. You decide if the benefits I’m sharing here are of value to you. You’re the ultimate authority here to determine whether or not my help is what you want.

My life experience is incredible. Many people say I’ve lived multiple lives in one lifetime. It’s true. I know this because of my involvement with women in discipleship groups and the letters I receive from my podcast listeners, as well as the testimonials from those who hear me speak publicly. I have had incredible life experiences that equipped and prepared me to help women in various situations.

In addition to life experience, I’ve had extremely unusual professional experience working full-time jobs and contracts, which allowed me to help 20 businesses in the last decade across 12 industries. My international business experience has prepared me to coach entrepreneurs and professional women with strong ambitions. Combined, my outstanding, unique life and professional experiences are what differentiates me from other coaches. But add to this powerful mix my relationship with God, and what you get is my secret sauce! There’s no one like me, so if you want the insights from MY life, professional, and spiritual experiences, let’s work together on your transformation! My experience is benefit number one.

The second benefit of hiring me as your Christian Coach is my wisdom. I haven’t just been living through everything I shared here – I’ve been processing it and gaining insights through introspection, prayer, writing, and speaking about the life experiences I’ve had. You get to benefit from my wisdom. Proverbs 13:20 says: “Walk with the wise and become wise.” Hiring me as your Christian Coach will allow you to “walk” with me and together we will get you to a good place. You just need to decide if wisdom is what you want. Living the life of wisdom focusing on God’s word is not for everyone. If it for you?

The third benefit of working with me is my calling. If you read the content on my blog and listen to my podcast, you’ll see that God called me to helping women, He equipped and prepared me for ministry, and if you want to be helped through my calling, great! I’m here for you, as long as you’re an ambitious professional woman willing to commit to your own success. That’s whom my specific ministry is for, that is my unique calling.

The fourth benefit of Christian Coaching with me is my personality. If you love intense, no-BS women who get stuff done, I’m a great fit for you. My personality helped me accomplish great things in life, and it can be a blessing to you, too, unless, of course, you like soft and sweet women, then you should find a different coach. If you like small talk, my personality is not for you. If you like a matter-of-fact bottom-line personality who will keep you accountable and provide you with sophisticated helpful resources, I’m a great fit for you. You are the ultimate decision-maker. Pray about your needs.

The fifth benefit of working with me is your needs. If you need help figuring out how to get you from where you are to where you want to be, if you need a success roadmap and some serious accountability, I’m an incredible resource for you. If you need to talk but you really aren’t planning to take consistent, dedicated, intentional action toward your goals, I am not a good fit for you. As your coach, I am here to help you achieve your desired goals. That’s the bottom-line.

Anna Szabo invites Christian women to her blog Online Discipleship for Women

About Anna Szabo

John 7:38 says the rivers of living water are flowing from deep within me because the Holy Spirit dwells in me.

I have been coaching women since 2011, and it’s been a fulfilling journey. My passion for helping you comes from several revelations I had throughout my life. First, when I was 12 years old, I attempted suicide for the second time. I survived and was challenged by the nice gentleman on the ambulance to never do it again. That was the year when I realized there must be some kind of God who created me for a purpose. My life growing up was filled with suffering but I was determined to survive and use my experiences to help others. In 2008, I migrated to America to live my happily-ever-after with my American Prince Charming. He beat the life out of me, and I ended up being taken by the police to a shelter for battered women. There, I saw a blue banner with 300 names: the women who lost their lives to Domestic Violence. I decided then and there that I would survive and thrive. I vowed to teach myself English and help women survive and succeed. So, I taught myself English in 18 months, was accepted to Georgia State University, graduated with an MBA, wrote a goal-setting book that was recognized by International Book Awards and Indie Excellence Awards, and I gave my life to Christ. There is God. He is good. I’m now serving Him, helping you create a joyful life by embracing God’s word.


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