Love Poems - Anna Szabo and Michel Szabo Wedding 5-14-2016

Have you been searching for some unique and original love poems? Look no further! This collection of poetry about love will encourage and empower you, as well as offer you a fresh perspective on love, relationships, and how to love. All love poems authored by me.


When I was growing up, there was no access to entertainment, so I read books. Specifically, poetry books. Love poetry, to be exact. I described my entire experience and its impact on who I am today in a blog post called “Spoken Word Poetry,” which is one of my most popular articles.

Love poems were my escape from reality. Poetry about love gave me hope that one day I won’t be so lonely. If you don’t know my childhood story, read it here. Spoken word poetry was like fresh air to me, and I still maintain the same passion for books.

Actually, I’m doing a reading challenge 2020 if you’d like to join.

Poetry about deep love allowed me to travel (in my mind), meet new people, experience new things, and dream. Love poems enticed me to challenge myself by memorizing and reciting them with genuine passion.

Poems about love enabled me to develop the very speaking skills that make me a great Christin speaker today. Spoken word about love allowed me to grow, develop, and mature despite my situation at home.

Yet, I had never written love poems. Ever. Until I have.

How These Love Poems Were Born

To understand how my poetry about love was birthed, you must know my love story. Click here to learn my story of love described in detail.

On May 14th, 2016 I married an amazing Christian man (or so he portrayed himself before I said “I Do”). After our wedding, he wasn’t interested in me anymore. Four months later, he filed for divorce saying he didn’t want to be married anymore and wanted to be an IronMan instead.

I was heart-broken. Frankly, this was the most suffering I can ever recall in my life. He eventually manipulated me into suicidal depression and I almost killed myself. I didn’t want to live but I held on to God’s promises.

The morning before our divorce meditation, God woke me up at 4 am with a poem. That day, another poem was born. Then, my poetry about love started coming.

My love poems were all born like children: I felt pregnant and awkward because they were dwelling in me. At the beginning, I felt confused because I have a degree in Criminal Justice and business. I couldn’t understand where the poems about love were coming from.

They were coming from God.

That’s why my collection of 100+ spiritual poems is called #PoemsFromGod. John 7:38 explains how and why I exploded with poetry about love “all of a sudden.” My first poem was born in March of 2017, the day before our divorce mediation. In November, he asked to reconcile, and five weeks later, he filed for his second divorce in our first year of marriage.

“Unconditional Love” #PoemsFromGod

"Unconditional Love" #PoemsFromGod

Unconditional love is not easy.
Unconditional love is hard work.
Unconditional love is soul-cleansing.
Unconditional love is responsibility, not a perk.

Unconditional love is the opposite of ego,
Unconditional love is a selfless gift,
Unconditional love is exciting and intriguing,
I'm always curious to see what else God enables me to give.

To love unconditionally, we must practice,
We must remember Christ and His sacrifice,
We must choose kindness when ego attacks us,
We must give without expectations - ego is love’s price. 

And when we fail at it often or seldom,
We must reach out for God's grace,
And start all over, being intentional and not random,
And just remember why we decided to love in the first place

4/2/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Christian Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Unconditional Love framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

“How To Love” #PoemsFromGod

"How To Love" #PoemsFromGod

You asked us to love one another.
You taught us the details of love.
Instructions you gave us are thorough,
But knowing them isn't enough.

To love one another with kindness
Means dying to flesh every day
And also surrendering our blindness,
While choosing in Spirit to your word obey.

To love one another with patience 
Acceptance requires and yielding,
And selfless forgiving in all situations,
In prayer each other uplifting.

You told us that love is not proud,
Not arrogant, it's rather humble,
And so you requested each other we honor,
In hope persevere we, when stumble.

Your orders of love are high-maintenance,
But trusting in you, I surrender.
I'm learning to love with kindness and patience
To glorify you in your splendor. 

8/23/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Love Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod how To Love framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

“What Love Is” #PoemsFromGod

"What Love Is" #PoemsFromGod
Love is not a temporary feeling.
Love is a commitment and a behavior choice.
Love is a mindset of intentional healing.
Love is that kind and patient inner voice.

Love allows for acceptance and forgiveness.
Love allows for plenty of mistakes.
Love is an action, it's courageous and fearless.
Love never fails and never forsakes.

Love always honors and does good to others.
Love is selfless and expects nothing in return.
Love perseveres, even when it suffers.
Love is a skillset we perfect as we learn.

Love is a privilege for those who experience it.
Love is a journey and a special pursuit.
Love is challenging but it is resilient.
Love is the first and foremost of the Spirit fruit. 

8/23/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Love Poems by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod What Love Is framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

“Loving My Husband” #PoemsFromGod

"Loving My Husband" #PoemsFromGod

Dear God,

My husband is imperfect man -
With flaws and faults and failures.
While be like Christ he often can,
Mundane are his behaviors. 

He strives to do his very best,
Yet things don't always go as planned.
To have his love I'm very blessed.
His humanness I understand. 

While to be Christ-like, God, he's called,
My husband is not Jesus.
So when he has apparent fault,
I call on grace to seize us.

I love my husband as a whole -
His wickedness and goodness.
Accepting him is my main goal,
To show him grace in fullness.

9/15/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Love Poems about Marriage and Husband by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod Loving My Husband framed poetry for Prayer Hallway

What To Do With Poetry About Deep Love

If you enjoyed my poetry about deep love, you can purchase each of them on Amazon. I’ll ship them to you personally – framed in a double-matted white frame to create a floating effect.

Here’s my poetry on your wall.

#PoemsFromGod Prayer Hallway by Anna Szabo


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In this article, I shared with you my collection of poetry about deep love. I hope my four love poems helped you gain a new perspective on you, love, relationships, and God’s role when it comes to love.

My poetry about unconditional love was born in a time of pain, heartbreak, and identity crisis. The person I loved deeply had cruel intentions and purposefully distorted my identity to abuse me.

I help women see themselves the way God sees them. 

In the last few years, I’ve personally been on a quest to figuring out and conquering the negative voices in my head that distort my understanding of who I am. I call those voices the Shitty Committee, and each of us has that special committee in our headspace. 

I’ve specifically been focusing on my identity in Christ. 

From the Bible, I discovered 52 incredibly-positive things God says about us as His children. Those 52 precious discoveries turned into 52 Biblical affirmations I created to encourage and empower Christian women. 

To help share this life-changing information with you, I created an ebook called #52Devotionals. Download it now for free

My free ebook helps you understand who God says you are. Don’t be vulnerable to identity attacks from the mainstream media, relatives, coworkers, your boss, society, culture, and the voices in your head. 

Stand firm and know what God says about you.

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