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Have you been looking for some inspirational poetry? Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. Here are my 12 inspirational poems about life lessons to stimulate you to feel empowered, grateful, blessed, joyful, faithful, and purposeful.


My inspirational poems about life came from God. I was never a poet, I had never written anything even close to a poem in any language (I speak Russian and English), but then one morning I woke up with inspirational poems about life lessons dwelling in my headspace at 4 am in the morning.

It was odd to all of a sudden explode with inspirational poems on life, but ever since I embraced my poetic spiritual gift, I’ve created a collection of over 100 short inspirational poems, long Christian poems, and even Biblical declarations of faith. My poetry collection is Sripit-inspired, according to John 7:38.


Today, I want to share with you my 12 inspirational poems about life lessons I learned from my life experiences. What kind of experiences?

I was married three times, I’m divorced three times, and I’ve been living a single and celibate lifestyle for many years now.

I have recovered from sex addiction and alcoholism.

I survived rape twice and I am a two-times suicide survivor.

In 2008, I emigrated from Russia to America where I was abused by my first husband, rescued by the police, and taken to a shelter for battered women. I was homeless in a foreign country without speaking any English. I survived domestic violence, taught myself English in 18 months listening to Frank Sinatra, and graduated with an MBA from GA State University in 2013.

I’m an award-winning speaker and author of an award-winning book about SMART goals recognized in 2014 by Indie Excellence Awards and International Book Awards.

I survived narcissistic abuse and suicidal depression.

I graduated from four universities, three of them with high honors.

I dedicated my life to God through this ministry, Online Discipleship For Women, where I help alleviate suicide among women globally by sharing hope in Christ. How? I make the Gospel practical and applicable to your daily experiences. The word of God is practical. I show you that here.

How To Set Goals - Anna Szabo - SMART Goals Book

My Inspirational Life Story

Inspirational poems, short and long, in Russian and in English, Biblical and secular, all helped me go on when I needed to be uplifted, when I sought out wisdom, when I was looking for comfort in my trials, and when I just wanted to see what other people’s life was like.

Here’s what my life’s been like.

My inspirational poems about life lessons are very personal. I’m sharing them freely to uplift you, to reveal to you God’s goodness, to show you the strength of the human spirit, to encourage you to remain hopeful during trials and tribulations, and to help your faith grow. These are my goals.

Ann aSzabo Christian Speaker in Atlanta

My 12 Inspirational Poems for You

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Here are the 12 inspirational poems for today.

  1. Self-Care
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Gratitude
  4. Blessings
  5. Joy
  6. Perseverance
  7. Leadership
  8. Career
  9. Failure
  10. People
  11. Faith
  12. Kindness

If you buy my poems on Amazon, you’ll receive them framed in gorgeous white frames. They’ll come double-matted for the serene floating effect. Here’s what my poems look like on the wall in my home.

#PoemsFromGod Prayer Hallway by Anna Szabo

Inspirational Poems About Life with Stories

Before I share my inspirational poems about life lessons with you, let me tell you a little bit about each of them. You see, poems are never borns out of nothing. Typically, poetry is a product of suffering, heartbreak, or trauma. As you now know, I endured a lot of suffering, many heartbreaks, and a huge amount of trauma. Through those afflictions, I learned a lot.

God used each of the bad things in my life to fuel my wonder-power. What is my wonder-power? Faith, felicity, and fortitude. Purpose, perseverance, and productivity. Compassion, empathy, and kindness.

And the list expands as I grow.

May my inspirational poems about life lessons be a blessing to you and help fuel your unique wonder-power! If you have baggage, you have wonder-power. If you’ve struggled and suffered, you have wonder-power.

Now, let me share with you the story of my inspirational poems about life lessons. I want to give you a preview of why each specific poem was born.

If you’d like to understand my entire journey as a poet, read my blog post called Spoken Word Poetry. If you’d like to see my entire poetry collection, read my blog post called Poems From God. If you’re curious to read my poems about abuse, I have a blog post called Poems About Abuse. If you’re into love poetry, you may enjoy my collection called Love Poems. If encouragement is something you need, enjoy my collection called Encouraging Poetry.

If you want to become a poet, read my blog post called How To Be a Poet.

I write for you.

May my inspirational poems on life bless you and open the door for God to speak to your heart. Since 2019, I’ve shared my inspirational poetry at events and during my speeches and was recognized with the “Best Speaker” ribbons many times.

Anna Szabo Wonder Woman Speaker sharing inspirational poems about life lessons

“Self-Care” #PoemsFromGod

I’ve learned that I’m like a car: I need fuel and oil change to be able to function properly. Self-care is care provided “for you, by you.” It’s about identifying your own needs and taking steps to meet them. It is taking the time to do some of the activities that nurture you. Self-care is about taking proper care of yourself and treating yourself as kindly as you treat others. Self-care is the key to your mental health.

It’s key to my mental health.

It took time to learn what brings me joy but now I have those activities written out and posted in my office to remember to do them: “kayak, read a book, do a hair mask, meditate, eat on the river, walk 10K steps, visit an art gallery or a museum, paint, write poetry, sit on the floating dock and breathe, go swimming, do your nails, have tea with a friend, watch a movie, take a hike, explore new places, cook something plant-based and creative.”

My morning activities are taped to the side of my night table: “wake up and smile, remember who you are and recite Biblical Affirmations on identity, get up, drink water, make the bed, pray on your knees, workout, take a shower, eat a sit-down breakfast.” Self-care is essential to wellbeing.

"Self-Care" #PoemsFromGod

Practicing self-care brings inner peace
As trials and challenges you daily bear.
Your satisfaction with life to increase,
You for yourself must proactively care.

Intentional self-care includes healthy sleep,
Nutrition and fitness and time outside,
Practicing mindfulness and breathing deep,
Helping your mind in peace to abide.

Self-care requires also remembering
Who you are, whose you are, and why you are here.
When life gets too tough and when you are trembling,
Focus on prayer and God who is near. 

Self-care includes the things you love doing: 
Cooking and reading, applying a hair mask,
Writing and journaling, comedy viewing,
Or simply completing a homemaking task.

Going to church, talking with friends,
Getting your nails done, visiting spa,
Kayaking, hiking ... list never ends!
You deserve YOU-time to sharpen your saw.

You deserve quietness. You deserve peace.
You deserve space for mindful awareness.
Your overall health will surely increase
As your mental health has an impact tremendous.

Practicing self-care, you can recharge.
You can regroup and attend to your heart.
Of your mental health you are in charge.
Make a self-care plan and practicing start.

7/20/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

“Forgiveness” #PoemsFromGod

I’ve learned in life that forgiveness is both an event and a process. You forgive by making a decision to no longer hold on to old memories of hurt but then the new memories pop and you must forgive again.

I’ve been harmed severely. I’ve been hurt. Tremendous amounts of unbearable pain have been inflicted on me. I’ve been traumatized physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, sexually, and in all aspects of my being. People have done me wrong. Yet, I forgive people.

I forgive people not because of them but because of Jesus. Christ bled, suffered, and died on the cross to forgive me, and He asked me to forgive my enemies. I forgive people daily and process my pain with God.

Forgiveness is not reconciliation. It’s unwise to go back to those who abused me intentionally and cruelly, so I don’t do it. But I do forgive, meaning those people no longer owe me any debt.

I release them.

Forgiveness is your release of the burden of the debt the people who hurt you owe you. Forgiveness means you don’t hold on to the pain and all the wrongs done against you. Forgiveness liberates you from bitterness and resentment. You don’t need to go tell people you’re forgiving them. You don’t need to see them, call them, email them, none of that.

Forgive people in your 1:1 with God. Release yourself from the bondage with them by surrendering every debt they owe you to God and letting it all go so that your heart can be free. Forgive so that you can be set free.

"Forgiveness" #PoemsFromGod 

Forgiveness is a lifelong journey.
It's a decision to set people free
From the debt of offense they owe you,
Issuing them an intentional debt-free decree.

The beneficiary of that decree though is not them -
It's your heart that experiences liberation
From anger and bitterness as you no longer condemn,
So issue people the forgiveness decree with no hesitation. 

Forgive people often or daily or even hourly.
Decide to quit taking the resentment poison.
Commit to letting go of grudges sincerely 
And move light-heartedly toward your new horizon. 

8/26/17 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

“Gratitude” #PoemsFromGod

I’ve learned that gratitude leads to fortitude. Counting my blessings is something I began doing when I was working as a teacher at a boarding school. For decades, I’ve continued my habit of counting blessings and dwelling on gratitude. My life has been far from perfect, and I endured many painful experiences, but this one habit helped me stay focused on the positive, have hope, and persevere with fortitude.

Every year, I publish my annual Gratitude Journal on my blog and podcast. In 2017, my Christian podcast The Anna Szabo Show was born. As I was going through two divorces in my first few months of marriage with Michel, depression, and even suicidal ideation, I was keeping my gratitude journal, writing in it daily, and it was the key to my survival.

"Gratitude" #PoemsFromGod

Life is an incredible journey of growth and learning.
Having realized it, I begin with gratitude every morning. 

Giving thanks for all my blessings is very healing.
This one habit changed completely the way I’m feeling. 

The fear I used to experience was replaced with calmness.
The anger I used to feel was replaced with warmness.

The depression I was suffering from was replaced with joy
As my mind to its full capacity I’ve learned to deploy. 

When my mind is filled with gratitude, I can’t feel fear.
Thoughts of gratitude prevent anxiety and keep my mind clear.

Dwelling on my blessings leads me to experiencing genuine joy.
Practicing gratitude every day, I can finally my life enjoy. 

5/5/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

p.s: Read My Annual Gratitude Journal

“Blessings” #PoemsFromGod

I’ve learned that blessings are often presented to us as curses. For example, what looked like a tragedy in 2016, when my Christian husband Michel filed for two divorces in our first few months of marriage, today, in 2020, looks like the best blessing from God who rescued me, saved me, and protected me from Satan. I wrote an entire blog post about this topic. It’s called How Satan Came at Me Looking Saint. In April of 2019, I was painting blessings.

My collection of paintings is called “Paintings With Tales” because each painting always comes with a story. Here’s the tale that came from God accompanied by that painting.


Once upon a time, there were Blessings. Sometimes, they were beautiful, bright, and colorful, it was easy to recognize, pinpoint, and appreciate them. Yet, other times, they had a tendency of hiding underneath Adversity, which was dull and ugly. There was also a Woman who experienced much Adversity in her life and had a hard time finding blessings in it. As her life journey evolved and she mastered the skills of recognizing Blessings even during long-lasting seasons of deep and dark adversity, the Woman gained an incredible ability to just trust that Blessings were simply there, though invisible at first sight. The end.

4/19/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA.

To see my painting called Blessings, click here.

Blessings in your expectations look like everything you ever wanted served to you on a silver platter while you’re sleeping or sipping a margarita in Bali. The actual human life sometimes rocks and sometimes sucks.

I’ve traveled to the most expensive exotic beaches around the world. And I’ve been homeless in a foreign country without any money, language skills, or family to help me. Here’s the thing: there weren’t any blessings on those exotic expensive beaches, but I discovered plenty of blessings in a homeless shelter where I stayed in 2009.

May my poem about blessings be a blessing to you!

"Blessings" #PoemsFromGod

Blessings are those special people, things, or events to be grateful for.
Some blessings help us get to a place that’s better than where we were before.

Some blessings are unnoticeable, like unlimited clean drinking water.
Others are very obvious because to us personally they truly matter.

There are also blessings that, at first sight, appear to be a curse.
Those are hard to recognize and wholeheartedly appreciate, of course.

That’s where faith comes into play: in wonderful blessings we must believe!
If we train our mind to seek blessings, a joyful life we can live. 

Blessings are everywhere - all we need is to intentionally look. 
Finding blessings in everything is not a skill taught at school, from a book.

Finding blessings on purpose has to be our own habit every day.
It will become easier with time, the more attention to blessings we intentionally pay. 

Count your blessings, appreciate how unique they are!
Feel grateful, and you will undoubtedly reach for your special star. 

5/5/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

“Joy” #PoemsFromGod

I’ve learned to stop chasing happiness and choose joy. I’ve always thought that happiness was it, I had to be happy, which I tried so hard all the time, and ended up an alcoholic and a sex addict. Why? Because we as humans were given many feelings to feel. Who gave us those feels? God who created us perfect in His image. What are the feelings God gave us?

Here’s a List of Feelings for you to check out.

Not feeling my feelings and pretending to be happy all the time caused me to avoid dealing with my heart and soul, which of course always leads to addictions. But once I embraced my humanness and learned to feel a range of emotions, I was able to experience genuine joy. Here’s a tale that came to me from God as I was painting “Joy” which you can see here on Etsy.


Once upon a time, there was Joy. It was really tricky and nearly unattainable as long as it was expected to appear pure and exist in isolation in order to protect its purity and definiteness. Typically, Joy accompanied Pain, Confusion, and Adversity. Together, they were on a bumpy journey of emotional evolution and maturity. And whoever was open to seeing Joy while it was surrounded by Pain, Confusion, and Adversity, was wise. The end. 

4/29/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA.

To see my painting called Joy, click here.

Don’t expect genuine joy to be found in partying or drinking. Pure joy, the joy of the Lord, is available to you 24/7 if you ponder God and your faith, if you reflect on your life and witness how God has always been there for you, if you open up your eyes to the things unseen, and if you invite God to reveal Himself to you. That’s how you can experience true genuine joy.

"Joy" #PoemsFromGod

Joy is a feeling different than the feeling of happiness.
Happiness is temporary and is driven by external circumstances.
Joy is internal and is not defined by either power or helplessness.
Joy does not depend on our luck, health, career, love, or finances.

Joy is a mental and emotional state of complete contentment.
It’s a consistent acceptance of what is and what is to come. 
Joy exists in the heart and mind that are free of resentment.
Joy brings our whole being back to life from being dead or numb. 

9/19/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

“Perseverance” #PoemsFromGod

I’ve learned that there’s always a battle within: one part of me wants to go on while there’s also a part of me that wants to give up. When I was depressed and suicidal, enduring abuse from the narcissist who manipulated my mind, my world, and my reality with intentional cruelty, there was a day when I just felt like that was pretty much it. Now, the next paragraph is not for everyone, so here’s your warning. You don’t have to continue reading this blog chapter. You can skip (you’ve been warned).

So, it was the day I was ready to kill myself.

I was in agony. I was tortured. I was ready to call it quits.

My method was chosen and I had read up enough to make sure I was successful at it. Then, I thought: let me see how and why people decide to commit suicide. I was in my bed, ready to go, when a YouTube video popped from Stanford University explaining exactly what leads people to suicide. This professor explained and drew a diagram of adversity: shit hits the fan too many times and people can’t take it anymore. That’s me being real and uncensored with you. The professor said the magic words which made me pause, think, choose life, and start this Christian ministry, Online Discipleship For Women, which is committed to helping alleviate suicide among women globally by sharing hope in Christ.

What did the guy say? He said that at some point, the amount of adversity a person endures and has endured already simply becomes too much.

Too much???

I am a graduate of two business schools and a law school. I have an MBA and a JD, so “too much” isn’t a metric in my universe of numbers and benchmarks. I started dwelling on it: what is too much? Who decides?

There are people who are prisoners of wars, who were beaten, their freinds were burned alive, their families were taken away from them, and they faced death eye-to-eye, yet, they chose life. Was their adversity too much? For whom? It wasn’t too much for them because they survived and went on to thrive and help inspire others. So, who says the amount of shit that hit my fan over and over and over in life is too much? Me.

I say that?


Who gave me the authority to say this?

You see, I don’t know the past, the present, or the future. I have no big eternal plan, but God does. I am a little skinny fragile thing wanting to give up because some shit hit my fan and I am authorized to decide what’s too much for a human spirit to endure?

I don’t think so.

Me, myself, and I had an honest conversation and decided to stand on God’s promises and persevere. The poem was born later during my reflections.

I hope you’ll be inspired by my poem called “Perseverance,” especially if you’re in the season of life that currently sucks and you’ve had a ton of shit hit your fan all at once. Persevere, do not give up. God would never give you something you can’t handle. If He gave you this enormous amount of shit, He will bless you with enormous amounts of His special grace, which is sufficient for your exact life circumstances.

"Perseverance" #PoemsFromGod

Perseverance is about never ever giving up.
Every time you fall, you must quickly get up. 

Perseverance takes courage and requires you to act in-spite of your fear. 
When you choose faith over fear, you courageously persevere. 

Perseverance is a cure for failure because there’s always that next chance to succeed.
If you commit to persevering no matter what, a victorious life you can lead. 

9/21/18 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

“Leadership” #PoemsFromGod

I’ve learned that true leadership is all about integrity, vulnerability, and congruency. When I was married to the narcissist who claimed to be a seminary graduate and a follower of Christ, he used to call himself a leader and demand my submission to his authority. At the time, I also worked at a healthcare giant here in Georgia where my manipulative and incompetent manager would write to me in an email saying: “As your leader…” He was not my leader, he was my manager.

Later, I worked at two tech startups where leadership changed in a blink of an eye, those in positions of power had not even the slightest clue what they were doing, and lies reigned. Both companies failed big time.

This poem was born as I was at a restaurant by myself eating dinner reflecting on the few recent years of my career. Two weeks later, I quit my job as the Director of Marketing in tech and here I am, blogging to inspire you, almost a year later, more confident than ever in God’s perfect plan, His 3573 promises, my strong and unwavering faith, and everything I’ve learned in regards to leadership.

"Leadership" #PoemsFromGod

Leadership is a big commitment and a heavy responsibility.
It takes more than just a natural talent or an inborn ability.

Leadership requires consistent internal work and ongoing evolution 
In order to gain self-awareness and experience transformational revolution. 

Leadership demands genuine humility and intentional meekness.
These behaviors are a discipline of internal strength and not a weakness.

Leadership dies from an inflamed ego, delusions of grandeur, and pride.
Leadership thrives on kindness, compassion, and empathy if applied.

2/12/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

“Career” #PoemsFromGod

I’ve learned from my work experience the difference between a career and a job. I’ve had an incredible career in marketing, across 12 different industries, and I’ve helped over 20 brands. I’ve worked at small and large, local and global companies. Some of them were well-run companies while other ones were sinking ships.

I’ve worked as a team of one and as a part of a large team. I’ve collaborated cross-functionally and served as an individual contributor.

I’ve been so blessed to wake up in the morning and jump out of bed with excitement: marketing was my true passion, profession, and obsession.

View my Director of Marketing with 10 Years of Experience resume.

In February of 2019, exactly a year ago, I launched a SaaS technology brand as its Director of Marketing. Here I was, eating my dinner reflecting on my talents, skills, abilities, and incredible bottom-line contributions, yet, I wanted to puke. Why?

My passion now was to use all my skills, talents, and abilities for God. I wanted to do ministry. I had realized what a privilege it was to build my kind of an amazing marketing career…

But my heart was now pulling me apart: marketing vs ministry.

That night, I didn’t sleep after my introspection-filled dinner. The next morning, I started a journal called Abiding In Christ vs Living In My Own Power.

Two weeks later, I quit my job.

Today, I am on fire for God!

"Career" #PoemsFromGod

Career is more than just a job or a sequence of jobs.
It’s an intentional combination of passion, obsession, and dedication lots!

Career must be where our heart is, otherwise, we turn into walking dead.
Without passion, we have no career, but merely a job instead.

Having a career is a privilege and a very special blessing.
You get to apply your heart and Intellect instead of just merely a paycheck chasing.

Pursuing a career activates your internal resources and sets you on fire.
Having a career, not just a job, is everyone’s burning desire. 

2/12/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

“Failure” #PoemsFromGod

I’ve learned from my first poem about failure in 2017, which was given to me by God during my divorce with the narcissist, that I was actually failing forward. Failure wasn’t something to be afraid of, it was a part of my growth and learning, always.

Now, it was two years later.

I quit my marketing job to focus on my ministry.

Amazing things happened when I quit my job at FunnelAmplified. I was making my own profits, I was sharing my poetry, I published a book of autobiographical Christian fairytales called How Princess Lana Developed Faith and Fortitude, and I began painting.

Life felt exciting, and I felt so joyful, grateful, liberated, free, blessed, and purpose-driven! I appreciated everything that happened. Let me make it clearer: I appreciated every thing that happened, and I could see God’s perfect plan for my life.

What seemed like failure two years prior was a definite blessing in 2019 when this ministry began to grow. I could finally witness and say from the other side: God’s plan is good.

"Failure" #PoemsFromGod

To live life means to be willing to fail.
Often, we try something great to no avail.

And it’s ok - not everything in life is a success.
Life is a journey, so from one stage to the next we must progress.

Failure is a part of such a journey, promoting growth.
Living life requires not either failure or success, but both!

Failure is a normal part of life we must accept,
Yet, our faith in success and our fortitude must be kept...

4/23/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

“People” #PoemsFromGod

I’ve learned from experience that angry people are sad people. How? Because I’ve always had a lot of anger and a really really bad temper. When I went to therapy, the therapist told me my anger was a coverup for unprocessed sadness. Ever since I make sure I feel sad often, I grieve, cry, weep, and process my feeling timely and appropriately. Actually, I wrote an entire blog about this.

It’s called Lessons Learned from Being Depressed.

At the time when this poem about people was born, I was working with a large group of entrepreneurs on marketing their city in Georgia. One day, a nice yoga teacher from the team of those 33 merchants calls me up, I answer the phone, and she blows up. She went on and on to tell me how I didn’t do a good job and didn’t do enough for her, and how I was not communicating properly and didn’t even fulfill my promises for all the videos I told her I’d do for her, etc. I listened in shock.

I asked her if she had a moment for me to respond to her accusations. She said there was no reason for her to listen to me but I took over the conversation at that point.

I walked her through every piece of communication I sent to her, which contained all the deliverables promised: ready, published, and live. In fact, I created a special YouTube playlist with just her videos – all optimized and already watched by a bunch of people. As I walked her through, she said she did receive all my communication but never looked at it.

I was waiting for her much appropriate and timely apology. It never came. I was working on forgiving her and realized that she was simply sad and overwhelmed with technology. She wanted to grow her business but she didn’t look at my deliverables, which she hired me to produce, which I did.

I asked myself: did her attitude have anything to do with me? No. I moved on. The truth is this: many times, many people gave me the same kind of grace when I was angry from simply being sad and overwhelmed. If someone screamed at you today or if you screamed at someone, may this poem about people inspire you to be kind, patient, and understanding.

“People” #PoemsFromGod

Why do people hurt each other? 
Why the anger? Why blowups? 
Why the flipping? Why the smother? 
Why stonewalling? Why setups? 

Are they really so aggressive?
Are they actually very bad? 
With their way are they obsessive?
Or are they just simply sad? 

Let’s be patient, let’s be friendly!
Let’s be tolerant and kind!
Let’s be loving, let’s speak gently
People’s hearts let’s bear in mind! 

4/24/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

“Faith” #PoemsFromGod

I’ve learned through my reflections and regular introspection that the reason for my life, perseverance, joy, and peace is my faith.

The following definitions of the word “faith” are the first to pop in Google:

  • Complete trust or confidence in someone or something
  • Firm belief in something for which there is no proof
  • Unconditional belief in anything
  • High degree of trust or confidence in something or someone
  • Very substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

I agree with all of those definitions.

Yet, I must add to the list.

Faith in God is the unshakable, steady faith in all 3573 of His promises, in His goodness, kindness, and unconditional love for me personally, not just for humanity in general. It’s not religion. Religion is about pretending to be perfect and happy, it’s focused on others’ perceptions of you and has to do with you pretending and playing games. Faith is a state of your being, heart, mind, soul. It’s God-focused and it entices you to be genuine and real.

“Faith” #PoemsFromGod

Faith is a state of human being.
Without it, we can’t survive for long.
It’s when we’re future clearly seeing, 
To greater plan when we belong.

Faith is a state of human soul,
Which has to feel eternal hope.
Without hope, there is an aimless hole, 
Without it, with life we cannot cope.

Faith is a state of human heart,
Which longs for love and for affection.
Without faith, we quickly fall apart.
Without it, there is no genuine connection. 

Faith is a state of human mind,
Which thrives on certainty and clarity.
Faith gives us promises of every kind:
Forgiveness, freedom, and prosperity...

Faith is the key to joy and peace.
Faith is essential to salvation.
Faith helps our fortitude increase.
Faith is life’s solid foundation. 

7/13/19 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA

“Kindness” #PoemsFromGod

I’ve learned the value of kindness from being a beneficiary of other people’s kindness. Also, I’ve been praying for more kindness in my own heart, and God answered the prayer when I saw a homeless pregnant African-American teen sitting on the side of the road. I pulled over and helped her.

The story went viral on the news, and you can read about it in my blog post called How To Be Kind. Last month, I was chosen to be a TEDx speaker at TEDx Marietta Square to share my perspective on the topic of kindness.

I believe that kindness is not just the miracle-power of saints. It’s the miracle-power each of us has. Yes, all of us, the imperfect people, can practice kindness toward one another.

Kindness is our wonder-power.

The wonder-power of kindness that others shared with me when I was abused, homeless, and desperate, did wonders to me. I’m committed to giving away my wonder-power of kindness. Join me!

"Kindness" #PoemsFromGod

Kindness is not a virtue of saints.
All of us have the potential for kindness
When our ego essentially faints,
When we give up our childish blindness.

Kindness is strength. Kindness is power.
Kindness requires compassion and empathy.
Your genuine kindness can people empower,
Uniting our world in harmonious sympathy.

2/1/2020 © Anna Szabo, JD, MBA


In this article, I shared with you my 12 inspirational poems about life lessons. My goals were to uplift you, to reveal to you God’s goodness, to show you the strength of the human spirit, to encourage you to remain hopeful during trials and tribulations, and to help your faith grow.

Throughout my life, I faced many bad situations and felt dispirited plenty of times. It was because I allowed the world, the people, and the culture to impact my identity, which was unstable.

Today, through my inspirational poems about life lessons, I help women see themselves the way God sees them. 

In the last few years, I’ve personally been on a quest to figuring out and conquering the negative voices in my head that distort my understanding of who I am. I call those voices the Shitty Committee, and each of us has that special committee in our headspace. 

I’ve specifically been focusing on my identity in Christ. 

From the Bible, I discovered 52 incredibly-positive things God says about us as His children. Those 52 precious discoveries turned into 52 Biblical affirmations I created to encourage and empower Christian women. 

To help share this life-changing information with you, I created an ebook called #52Devotionals. Download it now for free

My free ebook helps you understand who God says you are. Don’t be vulnerable to identity attacks from the mainstream media, relatives, coworkers, your boss, society, culture, and the voices in your head. 

Stand firm and know what God says about you.

Anna Szabo Ebook Devotionals for Women #52Devotionals inspirational poems about life lessons

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