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Have questions for me? This page is where I add some Frequently Asked Questions. They may appear completely random to you. Yet, these represent what people ask me repeatedly, so I thought that having this FAQ will help you get to know me easily. Ask me anything in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Anna Szabo?

I am Anna Szabo. It is the name I received after I married Michel Szabo on May 14th, 2016. I was Anna Stevens before our wedding. After our divorce, I kept this name.

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Who Is Anna Stevens?

Anna Stevens is me. This is the name I had before May 14th, 2016 when I married Michel Szabo who insisted that I accept his last name. My first book “Turn Your Dreams And Wants Into Achievable SMART Goals!” was authored by Anna Stevens. My baptism video is that of Anna Stevens, as well.

Anna Stevens and Michel Szabo engagement pictures at Piedmont Park in Atlanta in 2016

Why Did You Keep Michel’s Last Name After The Divorce?

I did not want to have Michel’s last name. When Michel was courting me for marriage and asked me to accept Szabo as my last name, I refused. I enjoyed being Anna Stevens, and “Szabo” was a new last name to Michel himself. Just before we met, he changed his real name, Michel Blanco, to Michel Szabo, explaining it by family circumstances. After Michel insisted that I accept his last name, I agreed to honor his wish. During our short marriage, the conflict between Anna Stevens and Anna Szabo was unbearable when it became apparent that the entire marriage was a well-premeditated deception. Michel abandoned our marriage and filed for divorce right after our wedding saying all he wanted was to be an IronMan and compete in Kona. I had to write a letter of acceptance from Anna Stevens to Anna Szabo to settle my mental turmoil. During that time, God revealed #52Devotionals to me and I learned the truth about who I am in Christ. When asked during our divorce trial if I wanted to drop Szabo out of my name, I said I will keep it because last names do not define my identity. Jesus does.

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Why Are You Using Your Wedding Pictures After The Divorce?

For a long time, I couldn’t look at my wedding pictures without weeping. I felt deep sorrow and grief after Michel abandoned our marriage and filed for divorce twice within eight months from our wedding. The truth is that while our marriage was fake to Michel, it was very real to me. I began thinking about the wedding pictures not as “ours” but “mine.” My wedding wasn’t fake. I entered a covenant with Michel with an open heart and was genuinely committed to our unity until he dissolved it. I learned to look at my wedding pictures with honor and gratitude for what God delivered me from. I do not cry when I look at my wedding pictures. I smile and rejoice because God gave me beauty for ashes. My wedding pictures represent a story of God’s glory.

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Is Michel Szabo The Same Guy As Michel Blanco?

Yes, Michel Szabo is the same person as Michel Blanco. I found out about Michel’s name change on Christmas 2015. He explained his change of identity with some family circumstances, which I accepted because I loved him and did not consider this a red flag at the time.

Michel Szabo and Anna Szabo Engagement - What Is Love

How Is Michel Doing Now?

I do not keep in-touch with Michel. When he invited me to meet after our divorce by sending me an email in November of 2017, I responded by telling him that he is prohibited from contacting me. Michel told many people during our short marriage that he wanted to divorce me to date me again. This might be a romantic idea to Michel but I consider this a mental health problem and took it as a threat of stalking. I know absolutely nothing about Michel and how he is doing. My local police department and my community have Michel’s picture on file with an explanation of the situation.

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Are You Really A Mail-Ordered Bride?

Yes, I am a mail-ordered bride from Russia. Watch my story here. I lived in Russia, and in my 20s, I posted my dating profile online. I met an amazing American Prince Charming and we fell in love. At the time, I was finishing two university degrees. A couple of years later, when I got my doctorate in Criminal Justice and bachelor’s in Business, I moved to America. It was July 31st, 2008 when I landed in Atlanta and have lived here ever since. Things changed quickly after Prince Charming and I got married. I wasn’t allowed to speak to people or go anywhere. I endured regular violence. On April 9th, 2009 I was rescued by Dunwoody Police and taken to a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Stone Mountain, GA. In 1.5 years, I taught myself English, was accepted to Georgia State University MBA, published a goalsetting book, and came to Christ. I am a recipient of The Violence Against Women Act immigration protection (VAWA). In 2016, American citizenship was awarded to me, which I consider an honor.

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Will You Ever Get Married Again?

Despite the general mindset of the Christian Church in general that all women need to get married, Jesus Himself taught in Matthew 19:12 that marriage is not for everyone and He encouraged celibacy. I live a celibate life and enjoy it for kingdom reasons.

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Why Are You Posting Swimsuit Pictures If You’re A Christian?

God asked us to honor Him with our bodies. Typically, when Christians talk about this topic, they focus on sexuality and celibacy. When I was recovering from sexual addiction, sexuality was also my main focus of the command to honor God with my body. However, the Bible teaches us that The Holy Spirit is whom our bodies are for as a temple. God’s Word teaches us in 3 John 1:2 that we must maintain good health. It tells us to avoid gluttony (habitual excessive eating) as well. So, I’ve learned that honoring God with my body is a command that implies way more than just my sexuality; it implies that I eat well, work out, sleep at night, drink water, and train my brain, as well as live a celibate lifestyle. The closer I grew to Christ and the more I learned about the mind-body connection, the more of a priority food and fitness became to me because these are two of the six pillars of joyful living. I was overweight and suicidally depressed when I decided to walk in my identity in Christ, eat the Daniel diet (plant-based vegan), not consume the flesh of dead animals anymore, and work out every day. I did 100 squats a day challenge. I lost 21 lb, recovered from suicidal depression, and rebuilt my life after divorce. To show you that I walk my own talk, when encouraging you to reconsider YOUR food and fitness habits, I have pictures of me wearing a swimsuit to humbly show you that I do walk my own talk. All things are possible with Christ, including weight loss and healthy lifestyle. I know it from my own body and mind transformation. Now I want to encourage YOU to experience the same.

Anna Szabo of Online Discipleship for Women is doing 100 squats challenge at The Lodge of The Chattahoochee

How Can You Be An Introvert When You’re Always Enthusiastic and So Confident?

An introvert is a person who recharges alone. Extroverts recharge around people. I recharge alone. How can I be introverted and confident? I am not naturally confident. I work on my confidence and it doesn’t come easily, though it appears as a talent, no, it’s a skill I’m developing. How can I be introverted and enthusiastic around people? I love people genuinely and have heartfelt curiosity about their lives. That’s why I’m enthusiastic around people. I feel peopled out easily and can go for many days not talking to anyone, being alone and silent. I need a lot of quiet time with God. My favorite hobbies are reading, painting, poetry writing, blogging, cooking, cleaning, kayaking, and practicing an underwater handstand. When I’m head-down in the water 5-6 ft deep, I feel peaceful from complete silence and aloneness. Discovering these things about myself for the first time after I turned 35, I can now finally see that I am an introvert who was just conditioned to live a lifestyle of an extravert.

Anna Szabo practicing underwater handstand

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