100 Squats a Day Challenge

Have you been considering the 100 squats a day 30-day challenge? I did 100 squats every day for a month and saw great results. Today, I’ll answer many questions, such as “How Long Does It Take To Do 100 Squats?” and “Where Can I Do 100 Squats Challenge?” Also, I’ll share my 100 squats a day before and after pictures. I want to invite you to do this self-care challenge for fitness and fun! It will have many benefits for both your physical wellbeing and mental health. I’ll share a few of my vlogs to demonstrate this.

Squats are great for you. They work some of the biggest muscles in your body, such as glutes, quads, hamstrings, abs, and back. All those muscles ensure your ability to perform daily tasks without aches and pain. Before getting started, I learned how to do a squat perfectly so that I could maximize my results from this self-care challenge. Then, I went for it – 100 squats a day for an entire month! My results were mind-blowing…

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The above picture of me is from just a few days ago. The picture below is from the time in my life when I felt the worst. I was depressed and suicidal. Why? The great Christian man, who asked me to marry him, abused, betrayed, and abandoned me after our wedding, which is discussed in my blog post about narcissistic relationship abuse.

From that experience of cruel rejection, I was deeply wounded. I felt disempowered and victimized. My deepest and truest feelings were expressed in such poems as The Narcissist Is a Chief Deceiver and Liar, The Narcissist Manipulates You Intentionally, Loving The Narcissist, and The Antidote To Narcissistic Abuse.

I felt devalued and discarded like a piece of trash. I felt like I did not matter. Why? The narcissist called his bicycle “my other wife I cheat on you with,” spent all the money and time on his IronMan addiction, and caused me a great deal of pain, which I explain in my blog post that provides some detailed narcissistic abuse examples.

The picture below was taken in my guest bedroom, aka office, right before I was about to start healing and thriving again. Yet, that was the time when I felt worthless and hopeless after all the tragic adversity imposed on me. I saw suicidal as a radical solution to my pain. So, I was ready to try anything radical to save my life.

What kinds of radical things did I do?

The picture below was taken when my neighbor Gabby came over for dinner and we talked. She cried when she heard how I felt about my life and how wounded I was. She looked me straight in the eye and with all her passion she began ministering to me.

It was definitely the voice of God. I explain this in greater detail in my blog post called How To Hear God’s Voice. When Gabby was finished talking, I got up, put a swimsuit on, set up my YouTube lights, and filmed my life-changing video, which I also share below.

That night, I decided to transform myself and my life. I knew that to change my emotion, I’d need to change my motion. So, walking, swimming, squatting – all became a part of my daily life. Soon, I had joy, became healthy, went back to working, and moved on from that divorce.

The 100 squats a day 30-day challenge was a part of my radical life-transforming program to mitigate the risks of suicide and to propel me through my depression recovery. Together with other lifestyle and mindset changes, it saved my life, optimized my health, and renewed my zeal for living.

Most importantly, this challenge helped me see that I am powerful and that I am beautiful. My confidence returned, and I re-engaged in new friendships, as well as social activities. And of course, this self-care challenge taught me how important it is for me to honor God with my body, as the Bible commands.

My body is not my own. It is a temple for the Holy Spirit. So, I’ve learned that diet, exercise, and sleep really matter to my ability to persevere and heal after setbacks. My life has never been the same since the night when the below picture was taken!

100 squats a day

My 100 Squats a Day 30 Day Challenge

We all come to the realization of the importance of self-care at some point. The events that shift our thinking might not be the same, yet the goal we all have is the same: we want to feel healthy, energized, and fully alive.

I started the 100 squats a day challenge to get myself out of depression as I was on my journey of narcissistic abuse recovery. I felt ugly because my ex-husband used to tell me how he didn’t want me, how I didn’t matter to him, and how excited he was about his IronMan bicycle even to the point of calling it “my other wife I cheat on you with!” which I described in my essay called IronMan vs Marriage.

Naturally, I wasn’t able to feel good about myself because I was so focused on what Michel said about me. I thought of myself as a woman who was traded in for an IronMan bicycle, so I isolated, didn’t go anywhere for months, didn’t even celebrate my birthday, and was just stuck at home in my pjs all the time. Eventually, learning what God says about me won over my headspace, and I regained my inner strength.

So, I recorded the video below and changed my life! I love living, I love being healthy, I love feeling energized, and I love honoring God with my body. I love being able to do things easily without aches or pain, and most importantly, I love waking up in the morning with a genuine desire to get up and live to the fullest.

That’s why I invite you to do the 100 squats a day 30-day challenge. I want you to experience all the benefits I was blessed with, and I want you to optimize your wellness by increasing your level of exercise as well as improving your overall balance.

Here’s how I got started…

How Long Does It Take To Do 100 Squats?

Doing 100 squats requires less than10 minutes. Additionally, I provide here videos that show you my variations of squats that you can do in less than two minutes! To make this self-care challenge easy for you, I filmed many options. The first option is the longest. You can play the video and do the squats in real-time, together with me. Let’s try now!

When you’re asking “How long does it take to do 100 squats?” consider that you can be squatting while brushing your teeth, while waiting for your coffee to brew, while listening to a conference call or webinar, etc.

If you have strong enough reasons, you will find a way to fit your 100 squats challenge into your daily routine no matter what. I did, and it paid off! Kat Cole, the President of the Focus Brands, recently mentioned on her Instagram stories that she makes sure to squat ten times every time she goes to the bathroom. You can try that, too!

You deserve this self-care challenge.

Let’s try now!

Click “play” and see how great you’ll feel!

Where Can I Do the 100 Squats Challenge?

There’s no limit to where you can do the 100 squats challenge. If you have an electric toothbrush, it goes on for a set time. My teeth-brushing routine fits in 40 squats. I brush my teeth two-three times a day. That’s 80-120 squats.

You can do squats while waiting for your gas tank to fill up at a gas station. If you have a phone meeting, you only listen to the other people on call with your ears and not anything else, so why not do squats while listening to a phone call?

When you are waiting while your coffee is brewing, squat in the kitchen. Do squats also while waiting for your green smoothie, while in an elevator alone, while watching TV, when you just wake up, as well as right before bed.

If you’re wondering “Where can I do the 100 squats challenge?” the answer is “Anywhere!” Here’s a fun video that demonstrates how I found a way to squat throughout the day.

Benefits of Squats, Variations, and Muscles Worked

Squats work many muscles: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abdominals, calves, and back muscles. You need to have a proper posture if you want to experience the benefits of squatting. On the other hand, doing 100 squats a day while maintaining an improper form can cause pain and even result in injuries.

The video below shows you that you need to suck your belly in and activate your glutes before squatting in order to protect your low back. Keeping your abs tights will ensure your proper form. You also need to squat with the weight distribution on your heels and not toes. Finally, make sure you breathe out when going up and breathe in while going down.

Even the simple squat as shown above will improve your balance. However, if you really want to challenge your body, try the squat variation below. This variation forces you to balance, which has a positive impact on your brain’s hippocampus, heart health, muscle strength, and ability to recover from injuries faster. I was rear-ended in a car accident after I finished the 100 squats a day 30-day challenge. The muscles I built and the balance I developed helped me recover from injuries.

There’s another variation of 100 squats, which only takes 1 min 38 sec but causes a huge burn. You can try it with me real-time by playing the video below but get ready for a challenge!

This is an excellent cardio! It gets your heart rate up, helps you sweat, builds your muscles, and even more importantly – your mindset. You deserve self-care. You are valuable, worthy, and powerful!

The benefits of squats, which I personally experienced, were stronger muscles, improve flexibility, greater balance, significant weight loss, better sleep, higher energy, and a lot of joy! Also, doing this self-care challenge helped be feel empowered and regain my self-confidence.

I Did 100 Squats Every Day for a Month

As you already know, I did 100 squats every day for a month. In the video below, I show you how much fun I had and exactly what results I saw from this self-care challenge. I describe the impact of self-care on my skin, body, spirit, and mind.

Without a doubt, building positive self-care habits is the best gift anyone can give to themselves. I first had to believe that I deserved the gift. Once I realized that I am a Princess, a child of God – the king of the universe – I felt enticed to commit to self-care.

On this Christian blog for women, I share a lot about my human journey, struggles, joys, and breakthroughs. Also, I explain how self-care helps me stay grounded. Make sure to check out my entire section on self-care ideas.

Where you see me doing squats is where I live. I recommend doing this challenge at a convenient location and make sure you don’t have to drive far. Less obstacles means less excuses, so squat where you are to avoid procrastination!

My 100 Squats a Day Before and After Pictures

Everyone wants to see shocking, transformation-revealing pictures, always. I am sharing with you my 100 squats a day before and after pictures, as well as giving you a detailed video. But keep in mind that not all transformations are visible. This challenge helped shift my thinking. It improved my perspective on life. It enticed me to better myself and my health.

That’s what the video below talks about. It explains all of the benefits of 100 squats, not just the ones that are physically visible. Doing this challenge gave me a new body, more inner strength, and a much healthier mindset for the future. With all that positive energy exercise helped me create, I wrote over 100 Christian poems, published a book of Christian fairytales, and produced a collection of Christian apparel for women. Combined with other self-care tools, this challenge saved my life and restored my passion for living.

FAQs About the 100 Squats Self-Care Challenge

Will 100 squats a day do anything?

Taking the 100 squats a day 30-day challenge will improve your physical wellness, mental health, self-confidence, and life satisfaction. You might lose weight, build muscles, and experience an overall transformation.

Can I lose weight by doing 100 squats a day?

Yes, the 100 squats a day 30-day challenge can help you lose weight if you eat well, sleep well, and exercise beyond just squats. Weight loss requires a lot of cardio and also it requires you to be in a state of a caloric deficit. I lost 21 lb after starting the 100 squats challenge.

How many calories does 100 squats burn?

Typically, 5 minutes of high-intensity squats burn 52.5 calories for an average person. However, this largely is a generalization. How many calories you can burn doing 100 squats a day will hugely depend on your body fat percentage, your other fitness activities, your diet, your sleep, your water intake, your age, and your metabolism. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Do squats burn belly fat?

Doing squats engages your belly and helps build your abs. To see your abs, you need to lose weight, because fat can’t be spot-reduced but requires an overall body weight loss. To ensure that squats help you burn fat, eat a plant-based diet, exercise in a fasted state, don’t overeat, and create a caloric deficit so that your body will tap into its stored fat.

Do squats reduce thigh fat?

Doing squats helps build your thigh muscles. To see your thigh fat melt away, you need to lose weight because fat can’t be spot-reduced but requires an overall body weight loss. To ensure that squats help you burn fat, including thigh fat, eat a plant-based diet, exercise in a fasted state, and create a caloric deficit so that your body will tap into fat.

Do squats make you lose weight?

Below is a picture of me wearing a pink swimsuit and running on the Siesta Key Beach in FL four days ago. I am 37 years old, and my size is zero. I am completely healthy, not on any meds, and don’t go to doctors. From my personal experience of gaining and losing extra-20 lb, I can tell you this. Squats alone can not help you lose weight. To lose weight, you must eat a plant-based diet, fast on water, sleep better, and exercise your entire body, in addition to doing squats. If you do 100 squats a day as a part of your overall holistic and comprehensive wellness program, yes, you’ll lose weight. I did!

Self-Care: 12 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself


In this blog post, I shared with you my personal life-transformation journey: from feeling ugly, worthless, depressed, and suicidal to feeling fully alive, joyful, strong, and beautiful! This journey began with one simple decision: to take on the 100 squats a day 30-day challenge. From there, other decisions followed: to do a water fast, to become plant-based, to walk 10000 steps a day, to journal about my gratitude, and all that led to my empowerment, better health, and greater life!

After that self-care challenge, I started a 10000 squats a month self-care challenge. You can see me do it live while talking about life, work, faith, and my new identity as a daughter of God almighty. Here’s the video for you.

Then, I was rear-ended in a car accident, sandwiched in my little black Prius between two huge cars: an SUV Ford and a Jeep that ran into me in standstill traffic. I suffered a concussion, knee, and foot injuries, and it was a hustle for a while because the accident impact hijacked my health, work, and habits.

That being said, having strong core, back, and leg muscles prevented me from any life-altering injuries. I recovered within months, and the only long-term issue left was my foot. Yet, today, two years later, my foot is 99% better. I attribute my excellent recovery to my history of doing self-care challenges and building my body up with plant-based eating.

After the accident, I saw how the 100 squats a day challenge helped build my thigh muscles, however, I actually like my thighs to be thin. So I never went back to doing squats and replaced that workout activity with thigh-thinning exercises, standing leg raises to practice balance, and other exercise options that don’t bulk my thighs.

In this article, you learned how hard it was for me to start self-care habits because of my identity confusion due to narcissistic abuse. When I stopped focusing on what my abuser said about me, I was able to focus on what God said about me: I discovered, understood, and wholeheartedly embraced who I am in Christ.

That led to my recovery through self-care.

Today, I help women see themselves the way God sees them. I’ve specifically been focusing on identity in Christ. From the Bible, I discovered 52 incredibly-positive things God says about us as His daughters. Those 52 precious discoveries turned into 52 Biblical affirmations I created to encourage and empower Christian women. 

To help share this life-changing information with you, I created an ebook called #52Devotionals. Download it now for free

My free ebook helps you understand who God says you are. Don’t be vulnerable to identity attacks from the mainstream media, relatives, coworkers, your boss, society, culture, and the voices in your head. 

Stand firm and know what God says about you.

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