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“How Princess Lana Developed Faith and Fortitude” is a Biblical fiction book full of magic and mystery. Each Christian fairytale can be read as a stand-alone story. Also, together, the three bedtime stories flow really well and take the reader from the begging to the end in just one breath. This Christian storybook offers many valuable lessons and provides original opportunities for pondering God’s wisdom and goodness.




Princess Lana fairytales is a unique collection of three autobiographical Christian stories for children filled with adventure and wisdom.

The story begins in the kingdom of Russnia (actual Russia) and ends in the kingdom of Amerun (actual America).

The main themes of the Princess Lana fairytale book are faith in God, fortitude in adversity, and forgiveness of people.

The feel-good fairytales are filled with difficulties of real life and love. The Princess who perseveres shares her life lessons learned.

“How Princess Lana Developed Faith and Fortitude”  is a collection of three Christian stories for children about Princess Lana, all based on the real-life story of author Anna Szabo who writes under the pin name of Anna Stevens. These three autobiographical fairytales for girls are organized in sequential order, as they took place in real life.

Encourage and empower your daughter, granddaughter, sister, or niece by reading her these Biblical stories full of magic and adventure. These bedtime stories are feel-good and soft yet also are real and grounded. They teach practical skills of applied faith and consistent fortitude. If you want to equip a girl with real-life knowledge and understanding of God’s goodness, these fairytales are perfect to teach her just that.

These bedtime stories teach faith and fortitude.

Main characters in Princess Lana fairytales:

  1. Princess Lana
  2. Mother Queen
  3. The Wicked Witch
  4. Prince Charming
  5. The Prince of Darkness
  6. The Evil Spirit
  7. God
  8. Jesus
  9. The Holy Spirit
  10. The Good People

A word from author Anna Szabo (Anna Stevens):


My goal with this Christian adventure book is to show girls in a form of a magical story that life is filled with both the good and the bad, disappointments will happen but we are never alone, God is always with us.

I want every girl reading these Christian stories for children to feel inspired to get to know God closer and to seek His guidance in all life’s circumstances. I want to encourage and empower every girl to push through her life’s trials because God has a good plan, and every girl’s life has a greater purpose.

When I was growing up, conventional bedtime stories taught me to place my hope in men, believe in a perfect husband, a perfect marriage, and a perfect life. That’s false hope and an unbiblical expectation. None of it prepared me for real life.

Throughout the pages of my books for girls, I demonstrate how important it is to place our hope in God, have faith when life turns out to be not what we expected, and show fortitude in order to be able to grow and fulfill God’s purpose.

I was born in Russia to a very abusive mother who hated me. I believed that one day Prince Charming would appear and take me away. We would live our happily ever after in a magic land where we’d love each other unconditionally and celebrate the good life.

That is exactly what happened: Prince Charming showed up and took me to America, except he was also abusive. I was a mail-ordered bride kept in the house for eight months without documents.

After he took me to America, he enslaved me and withheld my immigration papers, so I had no identity documentation, wasn’t able to work, and was kept in captivity. On the pages of these three Christian stories for children, I reveal my entire journey of adventure, discouragement, faith, doubt, love, fortitude, courage, and spiritual growth.

Help prepare your daughter for real life with this collection of original Christian stories to inspire!

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