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Have you been looking for the best ring lights or the best travel tripod? My favorite is Socialite Lighting. Why? The quality of the product is outstanding. The customer support is quick and friendly. The pricing is reasonable. In this article, I will not only share Socialite Lighting reviews but also take you on a journey with me and reveal how to feel beautiful with Socialite Lighting.

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My story with Socialite Lighting begins way before I ever found this product. The reason why you are reading this is that you’re on the market for the best ring lights or the best travel tripod but that’s not all you need.

You have a story, you’re looking for something special to make you feel a certain way. Well… That’s where my story begins – with my feelings.

I felt ugly.

The best ring light was not all I needed.

I needed the kind of ring light that would help me feel beautiful.

Socialite Lighting Best Selfie Ring Light - Anna Szabo

In December of 2017, the last hearing in regards to my divorce was over, and I began my journey of healing and depression recovery. As you can imagine, I felt heartbroken and crushed.

I was cheated on, I was betrayed, I was abandoned.

I felt very ugly.

It was the time I founded this ministry, Online Discipleship For Women, and God called me to create content for YouTube. I wasn’t able to persuade myself to become serious about YouTube just because I felt so ugly. I didn’t like how I looked even in the mirror, so showing up on camera consistently was out of the question.

I know you can relate.

Many people feel the same way.

In my 11 years as a digital marketer, I’ve worked with 22 brands, and any time I talk to people about getting on camera, I hear how much they don’t like themselves and feel ugly or insecure.

I’ve photographed and filmed sales executives, CEOs, CTOs, designers, chefs, and the list goes on. I’ve worked with people of all genders, age categories, and professional backgrounds.

And what I’ve heard is common for all people: I don’t like myself on camera, I look ugly.

I felt that way, too.

That’s why I recommend Socialite Lighting.

This brand literally helped me propel my life to the next level and achieve my dreams! In my blog post called Tell Me How You Really Feel, I described very openly how I felt during that devastating season of suicidal depression, rejection, abandonment, and divorce.

Anna Szabo Wonder Woman

For Christmas 2017, I gave myself the gift of the Socialite Lighting 18″ LED Ring. It’s the ring you saw me use in the picture above. In January of 2018, it arrived. I loved the packaging, the product, and the light it produced.

I’m going to show you what the packaging looks like. The picture below is from my office and not from my home. However, it’s the same packaging, and it’s me who’s setting up the office organizers using the drill to put together boxes. As you can see, Socialite gave me lots of confidence in every aspect of life, that’s why I love the brand!

Socialite Lighting Packaging

The very day, when my Christmas gift arrived at my apartment, I did my first-ever unboxing video because I was so impressed with what was in the box, how everything was packaged, the detailed instructions included for someone who has no experience – everything.

I was impressed and very excited.

Below is that video for you. In the video, I show you the before and after, various light settings and their effect, and also the impact of the distance between you and the ring light on your skin color.

After that first experience with the Socialite Lighting product, I was hooked. It’s fair to say that I got obsessed. Literally, I went on their website and bought more products, and all of them turned out to be excellent.

It’s been over two years of me using these products, and I’m in love! I did become a YouTuber. Also, in my marketing career, working with various companies, I’ve been recommending Socialite Lighting products, and it’s been an excellent experience for my colleagues and clients.

Overall, for my own ministry and for the businesses I’ve worked with, I bought Socialite products five times.

I currently use the following products by this brand:

If you shop these, use my code ANNAS5.

Let me share with you my product experience.

Ten Things I Love About Socialite Lighting

  1. Durable products that withstand lots of travel
  2. Helpful products to film on the boat and in nature
  3. Wide variety of products for any content purpose
  4. Extraordinary customer service that’s quick and kind
  5. Personable packaging that’s well thought through
  6. Easy instructions that accompany each product
  7. Complete self-sufficiency, one creator can do everything
  8. Easy access to the brand on social media
  9. Quick and personable customer communications
  10. Lightweight large products that are easy to carry
Best Portable Lights - Socialite

Best Ring Lights

When I first searched for the best ring light out there, I wanted a solution to my problem of feeling ugly but what specifically I needed – as far as the size of the product – I had no idea. If you’re in a similar situation, let me help you out by showing you what products can be your best ring light depending on what you’re looking to accomplish.

Best Ring Light for YouTube

I needed the best light for YouTube, as I had mentioned earlier. So, my questions were: how would the light attach to the phone or would the phone attach to the light? What would hold the phone in place? Would I be able to rotate the phone depending on the vertical or horizontal videos I’m making? As you can see, I was planning to film with my iPhone.

Also, when it comes to YouTube, I needed thumbnails but I live by myself. Who would be taking pictures of me for YouTube thumbnails? How would all the logistics workout to help me as a creator do it all by myself?

Socialite 18″ LED iPad Ring Light solved all these problems and answered all these questions. Here’s a picture of me filming a hair tutorial in my small bathroom. I took this picture by myself with a remote that comes with Socialite products. As you can see, my phone was able to capture high-quality still images and an incredible video, thanks to Socialite Lighting.

Cashmere Hair Extensions - Anna Szabo

In the last two years, I’ve filmed videos at home, carried this ring light as a Christian speaker to my speaking engagements, traveled with this device, and used it in brutal locations, such as busy streets, in the woods, and on the river. It survived!

That’s why I’m raving about this product.

Best Ring Light for Makeup

I love makeup. I’m a girly girl. When I get on video, everything is exposed, so I have to see very well what my face looks like. And the light from my Socialite ring allows me to see well and make myself look pretty. Here’s a picture of me using the 18″ Socialite as the best ring light for makeup.

I love the result.

Domestic Violence - 10 steps to safety by Anna Szabo

Keep in mind that the reason why this picture looks amazing is not only because I was able to do great makeup but also because of the exceptional quality of soft white light, which Socialite Lighting provides.

It makes a huge difference.

Best Ring Light for Video

When it comes to choosing the best ring light for video, I have great insights, thanks to my professional experience. I’ve worked with so many people using this same ring light from Socialite, I know it works.

And here’s why: all people want to look good on video.

I’ve worked with a woman who did not at all want to be on camera. It took multiple conversations to even relax her into the very idea of trying video. After she tried Socialite, which I purchased for our office, she was hooked. She filmed multiple videos: first, with my help, then, by herself.

Actually, this is a very important aspect for which I recommend this brand: self-sufficiency. All Socialite products enable the creator to do everything completely independently. No help needed.

Best Ring Light for YouTube

I’ve worked with a sales executive who under no circumstances whatsoever was willing to get in front of a camera. But once he saw his peers looking great on video, thanks to Socialite Lighting, he was all in, and he did such an amazing job! The quality of light helps creators relax and feel good about themselves. The camera shutter remote control allows for DIY video and pictures.

Best Ring Light for YouTube Videos

Socialite 18″ LED is the best ring light for video because it brings excellent lighting into dark environments, such as night clubs and restaurants. I’ve worked with plenty of restaurant owners, and this ring light saved me many times.

Here’s me working with clients on The Heart of Norcross campaign last Spring. Out of dozens of merchants, this one had the darkest restaurant. Yet, the video and images came out great, thanks to the Socialite 18″ LED ring light.

The Best Ring Light for YouTube

What makes this the best ring light is its flexibility and durability. Working with clients in various environments, all day long, I have to shrink and expand this ring light for video accordingly.

It fits on a small table, on the floor, at a restaurant, in your living room, in an art gallery, and everywhere I need help creating content.

Traveling with it, moving it all day long, expanding and shrinking it – nothing wears out this awesome product.

below is a picture where you can see it doing its job filming one of my clients who’s a world-renowned jewelry designer. That morning, we were in her gallery, and a few hours later, we were filming in her living room.

That’s a typical workday for this product in my world.

Yet, the product withstands all the pressure.

Best Ring Light for Video

The reason why Socialite 18 LED is the best ring light for video is its far reach. The light it produces can be adjusted significantly. In the video I shared earlier, you could see the scale of the light it’s able to produce.

Below is a picture of me filming a client at his restaurant. He’s far away but the video came out beautiful, thanks to the quality and intensity of the light this ring light puts out. I am absolutely confident, based on my experience, that it’s a perfect tool for any creator in any environment.

The Best Ring Light for Video

The final, and probably the most important thing about this product and all other Socialite products is this: they allow your content efforts to scale.

Life is fast-paced in the business world today. As the Director of Marketing reporting to this CEO, whom you see below, I had many responsibilities. It’s hard to be available to help film for all the people involved in content creation.

Having the best ring light for video, I was able to teach all the people I had ever worked with how to use the shutter remote control and film content in a self-sufficient manner.

The Best Ring Light for Video by Socialite Lighting

The first experience I had with this product, of course, was in my own business. I live by myself. So, no one is here to film or photograph me. Socialite products allowed me to create hundreds of videos and thousands of images – all by myself. It’s mind-blowing! I can’t imagine my life without Socialite Lighting. Seriously, I just can’t.

Best Ring Light Photography

I am an artist. My collection of Paintings With Tales consists of 21 pieces of art. How do I go about capturing my creative process? Take a guess! Yes, I have the best ring light photography kit: Socialite 18 LED.

Best Ring Light Photography

Can you see why my life would be different without Socialite? I wouldn’t be able to do my favorite things. Art, video, photography, poetry, speaking – I film, photograph, produce, edit, and publish everything all by myself using the equipment from this amazing brand.

What about you? What’s your passion?

Imagine what you could do if you had great portable lights with a remote camera shutter! I recommend the best ring light photography kit from Socialite.

Best Selfie Ring Light

There are creators who have to work alone. And there are Marketing Directors who must let their teams work alone. Not all people are comfortable doing videos in front of others.

But if you leave them alone, as I did with this sales executive in the picture below, those folks can produce great content. And this gentleman surely did a great job, with the camera shutter remote control and a little guidance, as soon as everyone left the room.

The 18 LED from Socialite is the best selfie ring light.

Best Selfie Ring Light

This Customer Success Director from the tech company where I led marketing wanted to first try video in my home, not in the office.

So, she came over, I set up my own YouTube lights.

You can see Socialight ring light right in front of her. And once I showed her the whole thing, she wanted to practice BUT without me being there.


It is very common.

And she did great!

The Best Selfie Ring Light

So, I told you that Socialight Lighting products offer the best selfie ring light solutions to help scale content production among your sales and executive teams. I’ve experienced the benefits over and over again: great light, simple camera shutter remote control, and boom – your whole company is producing helpful YouTube and LinkedIn content without you being there, driving lead-gen, allowing you to focus on other mission-critical priorities to grow the bottom line.

There are also situations when you need a great selfie ring light for a speaking engagement. Here’s a picture of me delivering a goal-setting workshop to women entrepreneurs. I used Socialite Lighting not only to film and photograph my workshop but also to brighten the dark venue.

It was such a difference-maker!

What would I do without these lights?

The Best Selfie Ring Light by Socialite

If you are a leader in business and you have a team, it is your duty to enable them to independently film their customer communications at their own convenience.

The sales executive below did just that. You can see him with the 18 LED Ring Light from Socialite filming conference follow-up emails for prospects to schedule demos. With these efforts, my team and I were named the RunnerUp in VidYard’s Video In Business Awards competition in 2018.

Thanks to Socialite Lighting.

The Best Selfie Ring Light by Socialite Lighting

I also worked with a very creative jewelry designer who learned how to use my best selfie ring light recommendation and went on to create videos on her own for her YouTube and blog.

It’s an honor to be able to recommend these durable and beautiful products to creators who have a message for the world out there. I’m privileged to write about my experiences and, from the bottom of my heart, brag about Socialite Lighting products, which opened so many doors for me and the business professionals I’ve worked with to help market their companies.

Best Selfie Ring Light by Socialite Lighting

As you have already witnessed, I have plenty of hands-on experience with the Socialite Lighting product portfolio. For years, I’ve been using these tools. It’s the first time I am writing a product review on my Christian blog, and the reason why I’m spending time, energy, and effort sharing about these great products is that Socialite transformed my life from suicidal depression to creative flourishing.

I love being able to create content.

I use the following additional selfie ring lights:

If you shop these, use my code ANNAS5.

Below is the mini LED ring light clipped to my iPhone.

The Mini LED Ring Light can be carried in even a very small purse to networking events for great selfies and quick videos. If you’re in the corporate world and work with sales or customer success teams in SaaS, the Mini LED Ring Light can help you enable your teams to produce personalized customer communications on the go. It’s so easy!

Here it is clipped to my phone.

Of course, there’s the third product I recommend as the best selfie ring light, and that product is Clamp Phone Holder with Ring Light. Let me tell you about it in the next chapter. I hope that this information and the pictures I shared inspire you to trust this brand with your creative pursuits.

Whether you’re a solo-creator or work in the corporate world, Socialite has everything you need to create beautiful content in a scalable way and make everyone involved feel beautiful.

Best Clamp Phone Holder with Light

The best Clamp Phone Holder with Ring Light is made by Socialite. What’s a clamp? It’s a clip lamp, aka a lamp with a clip. It’s a lamp that has a phone holder, and the whole thing clips to your kayak, boat, kitchen counter, desk, shelf, etc. It has a USB plug to charge the light. Here’s what the box looks like. Below, you can also watch my Instagram video demonstrating the use of this innovative product while kayaking.

The light has various settings.

You can also hand-hold it.

Here’s me delivering my Wonder Woman speech at Toastmaster. You can see my friend Jeff holding the clamp. Where is it plugged? Into my USB charging device. How long can it last? For an entire kayak trip or three speeches at Toastmasters! In other words, a long time.

Selfie Ring Light by Socialite Lighting

When I first saw this clamp light, I dreamed of having it. I wanted to film my devotionals about identity in Christ on my boat while kayaking. I tried tripods but they fell several times. So, I was excited to try this new invention. And I can tell you: Socialite Clamp Light is the best!

Here’s me kayaking and filming. Love it!

Best Clamp Phone Holder with Light

What’s unique about this simple clamp light is the variety of light options it offers. From daylight to soft white light, from bright to dim light – it has the settings you need to feel beautiful. Here’s the video to show you the quality and intensity of the light. It’s been filmed by a drone.

I love the Clamp Phone Holder with Ring Light!

If you are an active creator wanting to film in unusual environments, such as a boat, this product enables you to do so. Even holding it by hand reduces the shaking on the output video, so this product has multiple applications in your daily life as a creator.

I recommend it highly.

Best Tripod for Travel

When I’m running around town, I always have in my backpack or purse the Bendable Tripod with Rotating Mount – the best tripod for travel. Here is a picture of me doing video while waiting for my car service. This device can bend in any way you want. And it doesn’t break. It’s very durable.

Best Tripod for Travel

Of course, I also travel all over Atlanta and the state of Georgia to film for clients, so I recommend the 18″ LED iPad Ring as a tripod for travel if you need good lighting and various hight settings.

This device can be short or tall, and it allows for great flexibility when working with both adults and children.

Sometimes, you have to travel from room to room. That’s what I experienced a lot of, in the corporate world. One office is busy, and to film, the equipment must be moved to a different office.

What makes the 18″ LED iPad Ring the best travel tripod for the room-to-room corporate travelers, such as marketers, customer success and sales teams, and executives is that the light is easy to set up and take apart. It’s also lightweight, and anyone can carry it around with very little effort.

Sometimes, for the same client, I have to travel shop to shop, such as the example below. I worked with dozens of merchants for the Historic Norcross Business Association on a marketing project. I’d come to town early, get my light out of the car, and walk from merchant to merchant filming and photographing them and their products.

I’m 5’10” and I weigh 120 lb. I personally carried the 18″ LED iPad Ring all day long, day after day, with no issues. That’s why I recommend it as the best tripod for travel.

Best Portable Lighting Kit for Photography

Sometimes, you have to travel floor to floor. For example, last year, as the Director of Marketing at a startup, I was working in a coworking space where my employer rented an actual office upstairs.

However, we liked filming downstairs.

There was no elevator, so we had to carry the 18″ LED iPad Ring up and down. It was easy. To go through the stair door, we shrank it, then, to film, we expanded its length.

It only takes seconds. Very easy!

So, those were my recommendations for the best travel tripod. I hope you can see how many applications there are for the great Socialite products I mentioned here. As a creator, you need to look good and feel good. I know from my personal experience. The quality of the light these products produced showed me that I can look good and feel good and express my creativity on YouTube.

Let me show you more real-life examples.

Best Tripod for iPhone

I am a poet. When I perform my poetry, I need someone in the audience to help me film, and typically that someone is a stranger. So, the best tripod for iPhone is Bendable Tripod with Rotating Mount because it’s so easy to use for an inexperienced stranger. Anybody can do it!

I attend many spoken word poetry open mic events in Atlanta. Here’s a picture from one recent event where I wore a dress and carried a small purse, so the tripod was bent and hidden inside my little purse.

How convenient! I love love love this product!

You can see it in the picture below.

I recommend Bendable Tripod with Rotating Mount as the best tripod for iPhone because it can be easily bent and hidden in a woman’s purse, it’s easy to use, it’s easy to quickly show strangers how to use it so they can film you, it’s affordable, and it’s very durable.

Best Tripod for Video

I’ve filmed videos of chefs, designers, CEOs, CTOs, sales teams, customer success managers, educational videos, videos for my own Christian YouTube channel, training videos for my teams in the corporate world of digital marketing, and the long list of my filming experiences continues.

From my personal and professional experience, I can tell you that the best tripod for video is the 18″ LED iPad Ring. Here’s a picture of me filming a chef on a very rainy afternoon. I was afraid to be in the rain with my ring light but I had to carry it from my car parked outside into the venue.

The rain did not hurt this durable product.

The Best Portable Lighting Kit for Photography

The next image shows you me working with a fashion store, filming outside on a windy day. At some point, my 18″ LED iPad Ring was knocked down by the strong wind, and I almost had a heart attack.

I checked on my device, and guess what?

The wind did not hurt this durable product.

The Best Portable Lighting Kit for Photography by Socialite

I’ve had to film inside a coffee shop, as you can see below, and it was pretty busy. At some point, a person passing by almost knocked down my ring light, but it’s so sturdy and durable, I don’t have to be afraid that something happens to it. I invested $225, and the investment paid for itself, many times.

You can purchase the best tripod for video, 18″ LED iPad Ring, for less than $225, which was what I paid in 2018. It’s a good product that makes me and my clients feel beautiful. I trust its quality and durability. And I love it.

The Best Portable Lighting Kit for Photography by Socialite Lighting

What’s also important is that it takes very little space. This small tea house, where I was filming last Spring, hardly had any room for lighting. But, as you can see in the picture below, the 18″ LED iPad Ring is a powerful yet compact device, so it worked out perfectly.

Best Portable Lighting Kit for Photography by Socialite Lighting

From my personal hands-on experience working inside, outside, in coffee shops, restaurants, tea houses, people’s homes, business offices, fashion stores, in the rain, in the wind, in the sun… I tell you this.: no matter the environment, the 18″ LED iPad Ring can withstand anything. That’s why I recommend it as the best tripod for video.

Socialite Lighting Reviews

We talked a lot about video.

As an artist, I also have to photograph my artwork.

I need my equipment to be portable, and that’s why next, we will talk about the best portable lighting kit for photography.

Best Portable Lighting Kit for Photography

Different art textures and colors require different light settings, and my favorite 18″ LED iPad Ring has it all! Here’s me photographing my paintings outside my apartment using my favorite device.

This is how I get all the images needed for my Etsy shop. The head of the ring light and very flexible as you can see in this image. It can be moved down (or up as the next image shows).

Socialite Lighting Review

Moving the head up allows for interesting light reflections. I love how flexible yet durable this product is and how many uses there are for it in the everyday life of a busy creator. You need to try the 18″ LED iPad Ring.

Socialite Lighting Review by Anna Szabo

I showed you that the best ring lights are these:

If you shop at Socialite, use my code ANNAS5.

Let me summarize my reviews of these products.

Socialite Lighting Reviews

I am very grateful to share with you how Socialite Lighting changed my life. This brand and its awesome inventions helped me feel beautiful and show other people – through video and images captured with the 18″ LED iPad Ring – that they are also beautiful.

Recently, I felt empowered to start speaking about my story of depression recovery. In the picture below, you see me with the Best Speaker ribbon and 18″ LED iPad Ring right behind me on the table.

That’s where and how all the YouTube videos of my various speeches were filmed. And that helped my biggest dream come true: this year, I was chosen to be a TEDx speaker.

Socialite Lighting Reviews by Anna Szabo

Socialite Lighting products have also helped me advance my marketing career and, together with my SaaS team, even be recognized as the RunnerUp in VidYard’s Video In Business Awards competition in 2018.

I’ve used 18″ LED iPad Ring for self-recorded videos, for team videos, and, as you can see below, even interviews. Here’s the ring light in the middle of filming an interview in my office in 2018. Can you tell that Socialite Lighting is great for every business environment?

The Best Ring Light for YouTube by Socialite

My church is another place where I leveraged the 18″ LED iPad Ring. At the careers ministry where I volunteered last year, I filmed some speakers. I believe that any church will benefit from purchasing Socialite Lighting products to help their message reach their congregations on a more personable level with an intimate talking-head video using 18″ LED Ring.

Anna Szabo - Socialite Lighting Review

I recommend Socialite Lighting products for their durability, flexibility, ease of use, the various setting options for the quality and intensity of light, beautiful user interface, secure packaging, excellent customer service, and affordable pricing. You’ll love these products. And you will feel beautiful!


In this article, I shared with you about the brand and the products I love. These incredible products helped me feel beautiful again and empowered me to recover from depression, become a YouTube creator, grow my blog, and heal after divorce.

Outside of this ministry blog and YouTube, I also have a secular career as a marketing executive. In 2018, Socialite Lighting helped me and my team at a tech company become the RunnerUp in the Video In Business Awards by VidYard.

If you shop this brand, use my code ANNAS5.

I have many products from Socialite.

All of them have provided outstanding customer experience to both me and all my colleagues as well as clients. The products are extremely durable, especially given that I film on the water while kayaking, I film in the woods, inside the pool, and I transport my equipment a lot since I work not only for myself but also with marketing clients and film others often, which in many cases takes place outside.

Socialite Lighting products are incredibly durable.

The Best Ring Light for YouTube

Beware! Don’t shop copycats.

Any great brand always faces copycats. Three times in the last year, I saw copycat products from fake brands who even went as far as stealing the video content the Social Lighting team created to promote its products.

Shop authentic Socialite Lighting products.

This article is brought to you by the Socialite Lighting brand.

I am now honored to be its affiliate. If you click on my links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. If you shop at Socialite, you support my ministry, so thank you for that. I love all the products I purchased at Socialite Lighting for both myself and my marketing clients.

I recommend you shop there too.

Thanks for reading today! I hope the products I recommended will help you feel beautiful and create great content, which can make a positive difference in the world. If you do try Socialite Lighting, please let me know in the comments below. I want to cheer you on. Good luck!

p.s: If you shop these, use my code ANNAS5

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