Buy Christian gifts by Anna Szabo of Online Discipleship For Women. Enjoy Christian shirts, Christian home decor, Christian art, Christian books, and Christian poetry.

This collection of unique gifts for women was created to encourage and empower you. Create a joyful life by embracing God’s word!

These Christian gifts will make a lasting positive impact. Whether Christian apparel, Christian poems, Christian affirmations, or books, these gems will help you focus on God, His promises, His goodness, and His plan for you.

Included here are such collections as #PoemsFromGod, #52Devotionals, and #PaintingsWithTales.

#PaintingsWithTales collection of original acrylic art was born in 2019 as Anna Szabo began expressing her life experiences and faith in God through painting.

#PoemsFromGod collection of framed poetry was born in 2017 and is aimed to become a part of your prayer hallway at home to encourage and empower you with God’s word.

#52Devotionals canvas wall art is based on Anna’s original Christian Affirmations and is a great Christian gift for women who want to create a joyful life by embracing God’s word.

Enjoy these unique Christian gifts for women!

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