#52Devotionals by Anna Szabo represent a collection of Christian products, such as Christian shirts, hoodies, tank tops, v-neck shirts, coffee mugs, pillows, and canvas wall art for Christian women.

This Christian gift collection was created to encourage and empower women with Biblical affirmations from Anna Szabo’s free ebook published in 2017 and available at http://bit.ly/52DEVOTIONALS

Included here are TeeSpring, Amazon, and Etsy products by Anna Szabo.

This collection of spiritual gifts offers the following designs: I Am a Princess, I Have Peace, I’m Loved by God, I Have Faith, I Am God’s Masterpiece, I Am Powerful, I Am a Difference Maker, I Am Hopeful, I Am Thoughtful, and I Am a Child of God.

Anna Szabo created #52Devotionals Christian sweatshirts for women collection in 2017 as she was battling severe suicidal depression going through a divorce and enduring narcissistic abuse in her marriage. Biblical affirmations from her conversations with God, 52 devotionals helped Anna survive and thrive.

Today, she uses those special spiritual messages to encourage and empower women through her #52Devotionals Christian gifts collection. Purchase your gift today and give a blessing of the lasting gift to a woman whose spirit needs to be uplifted right now.

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